Master Programmes in Business, Management and Finance 

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Master Programmes in Business, Management and Finance

If you are interested in pursuing a successful career in the world of business, management and finance then a master's degree in a business-related subject could be for you, giving you the chance to really soar ahead of the rest!

Europe is one of the most popular places to study a postgraduate course in Business and Management, it has increasingly become a ‘hot spot’ for both foreign and European students; while many cities in Europe can be described as the world’s financial centers, it is only logical that business students travel in droves to get their master’s degrees in Europe. However, you needn’t put a magnifying glass against the European continent, to clearly observe that there are significant economic differences between the Eastern and Western parts.

In light of this, many of the sought after business and management postgraduate programs are predominantly in the West in countries such as United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland to mention a few. A postgraduate business and management degree from a European university is very appealing to employers especially in the student’s original country; it allows the student to pick up a number of skills including learning a new language. Being bilingual and even multilingual, not only looks attractive on the CV, it’s an asset that allows you to stand out from the plethora of other jobseekers and can also help facilitate many multinational jobs.

Studying your postgraduate Business and Management course in Europe is now easily attainable and enjoyable as many of the courses are now taught in English such as the MSc Management course offered in Barcelona School of Management, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona); “The European Commission has recognized the Department of Economics and Business of the UPF as one of the main Centers of economic research in Europe”. Also another astounding Business and Management course is the Master’s in Business and Management offered in the University of St.Gallen (Switzerland), a leading business school in Europe.

It is important to note some universities are best for business students who want to study part-time/distance learning. The part-time study option is a great way to fit work and other commitments around your postgraduate degree. Similarly, the distance learning option allows for virtual learning, with 100% of the taught modules done online. There are many institutions offering Business and Management courses part time, including MA/PG Dip/PGCert International Business Management at the University of Middlesex (UK) and Aston Business School (Birmingham). The part-time option is usually two years in length. The distance learning can be studied from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world. Benefits of studying your Business and Management postgraduate course by distance learning include: gaining a recognized qualification while combining full-time employment with study, any time and any place you choose.

The full-time study mode is also available, this usually takes less time to complete (one year), and many universities offering a full time Master’s in Business and Management also come with accreditation. Business and Management programs may be accredited by external bodies and third parties i.e. EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System), this provides students and employers with the quality and standard of the Business and Management program administered, and indicate that the school's educational curriculum meets specific quality standards. Accredited programs can be gained from Kingston University (London, UK) International Business Management Masters (MSc); “This course is accredited by the Brussels-based European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). Its EFMD Program Accreditation System (EPAS) award means that you can be confident that this degree is of a high standard compared to similar programs around the world”.

A Master’s of Business Administration or MBA is an ideal choice for those wishing to develop an overview of the business world as it is intended to introduce students to all elements of business – accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, and so forth. Although invented in the United States, this type of Master’s degree program is now readily available in Europe and is perhaps the most well known postgraduate business program.


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