Complete the sentences by translating the words and word combinations in brackets. Translate the passage in writing. 

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Complete the sentences by translating the words and word combinations in brackets. Translate the passage in writing.


Among the duties of the restaurant steward is (вести учет)and to count all items (на складе). Inventories kept on a regular basis help con­trol (расточительное использование) of food, supplies, and equipment and (обнаруживать недостачу). Inventories also help (предотвратить мелкие кражи) from the restaurant's supplies. Another way to organize the work in the storeroom is to use (товарная накладная) indicating the date and issued quantity. The individual who (забирает товар) and (кладовщик) who issues it both sign the document.


Translate into English.


1. Многие рестораны имеют два помещения для хранения продуктов: сухой склад и холодильную камеру, которая иногда вмещает морозильную камеру.

2. Помещения для хранения продуктов следует содержать в чистоте.

3. Холодильная камера оборудована полками для хранения скоропортящихся продуктов питания.

4. Одна из основных обязанностей кладовщика заключается в ведении учета на складе и выдаче накладных.

5. Следует ограничить доступ на склад и выдать ключи только ограниченному количеству рабочих.


Speech Exercises.

Match the storage areas on the left with their main characteristics on the right.

Dry storage is equipped with hooks for meat cuts.
contains shelves for perishable foods.
contains shelves for grocery and canned foods.
Refrigerator-freezer has a temperature just above the freezing point.
should be cool to prevent spoilage.
has easy-to-clean floors with a drain.

Agree or disagree to the following. Correct wrong statements.


1. Most restaurants have several storage areas for keeping foods.

2. The dry storeroom is equipped with shelves for foods, cleaning supplies and poisons.

3. The dry storeroom should be kept locked to prevent pilferage.

4. A refrigerated room con­tains shelves for perishable products and special ice-filled boxes for fish and seafood.

5. A refrigerator may include a freezer.

6. Regular inventory rarely help con­trol wasteful use of food, supplies, and equipment.


Answer the questions on the text.


1. What are the main characteristics of a restaurant dry storeroom?

2. Where should cleaning supplies and poisons be kept?

3. What are the usual features of a large restaurant refrigerator?

4. What is one of the main duties of a steward?

5. Why should the steward take a regular inventory?

6. What is an issue form used for?


Arrange the sentences according to the text.


1. This storeroom should be kept locked and only a few employees should have an access.

2. The usual temperature here is just above the freezing point.

3. This helps con­trol wasteful use of food, supplies, and equipment, reveal short­ages and prevent pilfer­age.

4. There are two kinds of food storage areas in a restaurant.

5. A refrigerated room sometimes contains hooks for meat cuts and shelves for perishable products.

6. They are dry storage and refrigerator-freezer.

7. It is necessary to maintain regular inventories in the storage areas and to use an issue form when items are withdrawn.

8. The first one is usually cool and equipped with shelves on which the items most frequently used are the easiest to reach.

9. Cleaning supplies and poisons for insects or ro­dents should be stored in a separate place, often in or near the dishwashing area.


Formulate the theme of each paragraph and make up a plan of the text.

12. Say what you have learnt about:


1. Dry storeroom.

2. Refrigerated storeroom.

3. Methods of effective control in the storerooms.

Task on the Unit.

Using the plan below describe the system of purchasing and storage in the foodservice industry:

1. The duties of a purchasing agent.

2. A need for a purchase order form.

3. Three forms of purchasing.

4. Three types of foodstuffs that must be purchased for a restaurant.

5. The system of storage.



Unit 6. Principles of Menu Planning.


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