Unit 3. Restaurant Dining Room. 

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Unit 3. Restaurant Dining Room.

Text A. The Principles of Dining Room Arrangements.

Match the word combinations on the left with the correct translation on the right.

the number of people количество столов
larger groups of clients количество людей
a number of tables большое количество свободных мест
a large number of tables большое количество столов
a smaller number of tables меньшее количество столов
a large number of vacant places бόльшие группы клиентов

Translate the word combinations with participles. State their functions.


The space provided for each guest; the space offered for each client; an expected in­come; the number of people coming in a group.

Find in the text sentences with modal verbs and translate them into Russian.

4. Read and translate the text.


The Principles of Dining Room Arrangements.


Every restaurant, regardless what type it is, has the front part which the customer sees, and the back part, which only the staff sees. The back of the establishment is comprised of a kitchen, a storage, and of­fice areas; the front part includes a dining room, waiting areas, and lounges.

The front part gives the customer a first impression of the restaurant and is therefore an important merchan­dising factor. Practical furniture with easy-to-clean plastics probably indicates a fast food café; plain, modern decor often points out a family-style restaurant. Design with a national motif usually shows a specialty restaurant while more luxurious surrounding is a sign of a gourmet establishment.

The owner or manager of a restaurant must not only consider how the dining room looks but he also has to think about the public image of the restaurant and the kinds of customers he wants to attract. Much depends on the space provided for each guest, the rate of turnover, and the average amount of checks.

One of the most important considerations is the space offered for each client. In American restaurants, twelve square feet per person is the average; some restaurants allow only ten square feet which is considered crowded, but others give fifteen square feet which is spacious. It is also important to provide enough space for the staff to work safely and ef­fectively.

The turnover in a restaurant depends on the length of time the average customer occupies a place at a table. It may vary according to the kind of restaurant: from a few minutes at a fast food establish­ment to two hours or more at a luxury restaurant. There is a formula that can help the owner or manager obtain an expected in­come for a serving period:

Number of Seats x Average Check x Turnover

90 x $5 x 2 =$900


The number of people coming in a group varies according to the restaurant category. Family-type restaurants usually attract larger groups of clients while specialty and gourmet places are visited by smaller ones. One study estimates that fifty percent of the customers will come as pairs, thirty percent as singles, and twenty percent in groups of three or more visitors. Therefore a restaurant that has only tables for four persons will always have a large number of vacant places. The usual practice is to provide a large number of deuces for the pairs and singles, a smaller number of tables for four, and still fewer tables for larger groups. One common and satisfactory arrange­ment is to have a number of deuces that can be moved together for large groups or separated for small ones.


Vocabulary on the text.


Ø deuce, n – столик на двоих

foot, n (pl. feet) – фут (= 30,48 см)

lounge, n - холл

space, n – место, площадь

storage, n - склад

turnover, n - оборот


Ø crowded, a – переполненный, битком набитый

easy-to-clean, a – легко моющийся

spacious, a - просторный


Ø attract, v - привлекать

provide, v – предоставлять


Ø per person – на человека


Vocabulary Exercises.

Give English equivalents.

Неважно, какого он типа; состоит из кухни, склада и офисных помещений; первое впечатление от чего-либо; важный фактор, влияющий на продажи; практичная мебель; легко моющийся пластик; простой современный декор; более изысканная обстановка; общественные мнение о ресторане; площадь, предоставляемая каждому посетителю; объем товарооборота; средняя сумма чеков; занимать место за столиком; получать ожидаемую прибыль; количество мест; приходить парами; иметь большое количество свободных мест; столики на двоих; можно сдвинуть вместе.

Give Russian equivalents.


To give a first impression of; an important merchan­dising factor; practical easy-to-clean furniture; plain, modern décor; to point out; luxurious surrounding; the public image of the restaurant; to attract clients; the space provided for each guest; the rate of turnover; twelve square feet per person; to be crowded/spacious; to work safely and ef­fectively; to obtain an expected in­come; for a serving period; to have vacant places; to be moved together; to be separated.



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