Put the adverb in the correct place: I have read any stories by Jack London (never )

a. I have never read any stories by Jack London

31. Use the necessary tense form: She says that she ... already ...the book

a. has/found

32.use the necessary tense form : the tourists were told that the guide … in five minutes

e. would come

33.choose the correct tense form: last week she … a funny story about her pet

e. wrote

34.choose the correct tense form: our volleyball team … a lot of games last year

e. won

35.what does the word “loan” mean

b. a borrowed word

36.what is not standard English

e. the regional dialect of London

37.endocentric and exocentric may be compound

b. nouns

38.the basic unit of a language is

e. word

39.find the antonym of the word “definite”

d. indefinite

40.the American word “apartament” is the synonym of

e. flat

41.choose the correct word : the person telling the story

d. narrator

42.choose the suitable word: music of all kinds is an important part of british cultural

a. life

43.eliminate the extra word : act, balcony, cast, seasickness, pit

d. seasickness

44.choose English equivalent to the word: жалықтырғыш

a. boring

45.choose English equivalent to the word : шығыс

e. the east

46.choose English equivalent to the word : дания

c. Denmark

47.choose the proper variant: what public holiday do Kazakh people celebrate on the 16-th of December

e. independence day

48. choose the correct preposition: help yourself … some pastry

e. to

49. choose the word close in meaning : education

e. schooling

50. choose the correct translation of the word: engineering

d. машина жасау

51. choose the correct word: the act of travelling esp. a long one in distant or foreign places

e. travel

52. choose the correct translation : вагон-ресторан

e. dinning-car

53. the climate is more severe in

d. Scotland

54. the residence of the prime minister is in this street

a. in downing street

55. the river taff flows into

c. the Bristol channel

56. mps have to catch the speaker`s … when they want to speak

e. eye

57. junior school begins when children are … years of age

c. 7

58. it was the greatest engineering cunning of christopher wren

a. spires

59. complete the following sentence : the next day Guy and Ralph were in the post-office … (mind the text “letter in the mail” e. Caldwell)

e. at 4 o`clock

60. complete the following sentence: olive`s daughter was born … (mind the text “footprints in the jungle” w.s.maugham)

b. four months later

61. complete the following sentence: I was a young man and I lived in a modest apartment in … ( mind the text “the happy man” w.s.maugham)

e. London

62. her small hands clasped themselves together , and she gazed at jack. The main character of the text is … ( mind the text “the mystery of the blue jar” by a.christie)

d. felise

63. the city of London suffered the great fire in

e. 1666

64. the collapse of the imperialist colonial system began

b. after world war II

65. according to statistical study the first 100 most frequent words make up ….% of any text

e. 60%

66. in writing the most frequent word is

e. the

67. complete the following sentence: once we were in need of … (mind the text “a dog and three dollars” by m.twain)

d. three dollars

68. complete the following sentence: … … ago I was a young artist and came to france where I was traveling from place to place making the sketches. (mind the text “is he leaving or is he dead?” by m.twain)

e. a long time

69. complete the following sentence: he picked up his cases and walked to the barrier at the far and of the platform where the ticket collector impatiently … (mind the text “return” by p.abrahams)

e. waited for him

70. complete the following sentence: Ainsley knew that the sender was dicky soames, his … (mind the text “ lost in the post” by a.phillips)

e. wife`s cousin

71. choose the right tense form : my sister … the piano from 5 till 6 yesterday

d. was playing

72. choose the correct preposition: let us buy this shirt … your son

d. for

73. choose the correct verb : I don’t like it when i`m … about

d. ordered

74. choose the correct verb : he … to stay at home

e. was told

75. choose the correct verb: I wish he … me that before

e. could have told

76. choose the correct participle we like … tennis

e. playing

77. define what tense is used in the sentence : look at the sky: the sun ( is appearing ) from behind the clouds

a. present continuous

78. find the correct sentence in indirect speech : mother says to me: “are you listening to me?”

c. mother asks me if I am listening to her

79. fill in the correct article : how much did you pay for … dinner?

e. the

80. choose the right form of participle 2: this is a church … many years ago

e. building

81. put the adverb in the right place : the lecture has not begun . (yet)

e. the lecture has not begun yet

82. choose the correct form of the verb: I … go to my relatives last year because I couldn’t afford it

e. did not

83. choose the right indefinite pronoun: is there … else you would like me to explain to you?

c. anything

84. choose the correct variant of the sentences: the news, yesterday, saw, television, I , on,

b. yesterday I saw the news on tv

85. choose the right modal verb: her grandma … knit very well

b. can

86. use the right pronoun: I am delighted. Tom has made … mistakes in the test

c. few

87. fill in the correct article : … UK consists of Eng, Scotland, wales and northern Ireland

a. the

88. fill the correct article winter knitted clothes id usually made of … wool

d. –

89. choose the correct form of the complex object: I must have my hair … tomorrow


90. fill in the correct phrase: …hot today , let`s have a swim in the river

a. it is

91. find the correct form of the edjective: what was … moment in your life

a. the happiest.

92. choose the correct form of the possessive case: I often consult … dictionary

e. jones`s

93. fill in the correct form of the verb “to have’ : does your mother … breakfast at 7 or 8 o`clock?

e. have

94. fill in the correct form of the verb “to have” : my friend does not … a computer


95. choose the correct tense form: where … she … last summer?


96. use the correct form of the passive voice : … the letters … by secretary yet

c. have/been typed

97. find the correct variant of indirect question: pete said to his friends: “when are you leaving Moscow?”

e. peter asked his friends when they were leaving Moscow

98. find the correct variant of indirect question: I said to kate: “did anybody meet you at the station?”

c. I asked kate if somebody had met her at the station

99.choose the correct form of the complex object: we stood on deck and watched the sun … down

e. going

100. choose the correct form of the complex object: she did not want her child … to hospital




1, шет тілін үйренудегі негізгі қиындықтар

С. Фонетикалық

2.грамматикалық жаттығудың түрін атаңыз

Е. Тану жаттығуы

3. балабақшада шет тілін үйретудің нәтижесі

Е. Қысқа әңгімелер айтып , шет тілінде айтылған өтініштерді , бұйрықтарды түсіну

4. оқушылар үшін ең оңай жаттығулар

А. Тану жаттығулары

5. тілдік дағды мен біліктілерін қалыптастыру оқытудың мазмұнының мына компонентіне жатады

Е. Психологиялық

6. бағдарлама дегеніміз

Е. Мемлекеттік құжат

7. ағылшын тілі естістіктерінің шақтарын айыра алмау

А. Грамматикалық кедергі

8. заттық бейнелік көрнекі құралы

С. Фото суреттер

9. тура әдіске қарама қарсы әдіс

D. грамматикалық аударма әдісі

10. оқи білу дегеніміз

Е. Оқу техникасын игеру

11. фонетикалық тақпақ сабақтың мына кезеңінде ұйымдастырылады

А. Ұйымдастыру

12. орта мектепте байқау машығынан өту мақсаты

С. Білім дағдыларын қалыптастыру

13. 45 минутқа арналған жұмыс жоспары

А. Сабақ жоспары

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