Eliminate the extra word: father, sister, lamp, son, daughter

Eliminate the extra word: father, sister, lamp, son, daughter

c. lamp

36.morphemes are subdivided into … according to the role they play in constructing words

d. roots and affixes

What is American English? It is

e. the variety of English spoken in the USA

38. compound words consist of … stems which occur in the language as free forms


Various lexical units of lexicology are

e. morphemes , words, word combination

First bilingual dictionaries began to appear

e. in the 12th century

Choose English equivalent to the word: балет

a. ballet

Express in one word: a box in which money may be placed

e.poor box

Express in one word : the “observation period” for junior students and block-teaching practice for senior students

e. school-based experience teaching practice

Choose English equivalent to the word: Жапония

d. japan

Eliminate the extra word: sofia, Tokyo, hindi, Athens, Hanoi

e. hindi

Choose the word opposite in meaning: to put questions

e. to answer

47. choose the correct prepositions: shall I put butter … your bread

e. on

48. choose the correct preposition: the teacher pointed … our mistakes


49. choose the proper word: сөйлесу

d. to have a talk

Express in one word: an area of open waste land

a. moors

Choose the correct translation of the word : electronic equipment

e. электрондық қондырғы

52. choose English equivalent to the word: классикалық әуен

c. classical music

Choose the word or the word-combination opposite in meaning : indoors

c. out-of-doors

Choose the proper kazakh equivalent to: to take smth. Easy

d. бір нәрсеге байсалды қарау

55, choose the proper prepositions or adverbs: what is your … occupation

d. –

Choose the proper word corresponding to that in bracets: I cant say I feel any sharp (ауыру) in some definite place. I just ache all over

e. pain

Choose the word opposite in meaning : to be angry with smb

a.to be glad with smb

58. choose the correct definition of the word: the greengrocer`s

e. a place where we buy carrots

59. complete the following sentence : suddenly I saw a letter pushed… (mind the text “mr.Know-all” w.s.maugham)

e. under the door

60. like most students he needed money. Doctor caswell kept his promise . the main character of the text is … (mind the text “art for heart`s sake “ r.r.goldberg)

e. frank swain

61. he ran in the direction of the sound. The main character of the text is … (mind the text “the mystery of the blue jar” by A. Christie)

d. jack

The nation education act of 1944 provided some stages of education

c. primary, secondary and further

Children start schooling in Britain at the age of

b. 5

64. choose the correct modal verb : can I see the Dean? … he is busy

e. i`m afraid not

65. complete the following sentence : I didn’t want to sell the 30th section and … (mind the text “lautisse Paints again” h.a. smith)

a. its hanging now in our living room

66. complete the following sentence : she took them … (mind the ttext “fair of face” c. hare)

e. out of her handbag

67. finish the following sentence : there`s nothing better than a blackout for a man who really wants to know … (mind the text “he tv blackout” by art Buchwald)

e. his family

Choose the correct variant of the sentence : to, came, the office, he, yesterday, taxi, by

E. he came to the office by taxi yesterday

Put the adverb in the correct place: the storm has stopped but the snow was falling (still)

d. the storm has stopped but the snow still falling

31. fill in the necessary tense form in the following conditional sentence: if the weather … fine we … to the country

C. is/shall go

32. choose the correct tense form of the verb: the tourists were sure that they … to the camp by sunset

c. should return

33. choose the correct tense form: … they … themselves at the symphony yesterday evening

c. did/enjoy

34. find the correct sentence in indirect speech : jane said to us : “please , tell me all you know about it”

e. jane asked us to tell her all we knew about it

35. fill in the correct preposition : japan is a country … the western part … the pacific ocean

e. in, of

Indo-european elements are

c. native

Тілді білу дегеніміз

Е. Тілдің құрылымы мен сөздерді білу, тілді меңгеру

9. аударма мына сыныпта көбірек қолданылады

А. Бастауыш сыныптарда

10. тілге, сөйлеуге үйрету оқыту мазмұнының мына компонентіне жатады

С. Лингвистикалық

11. құзіреттілікке жеткізетін шет тілі сабағының мақсат-міндеттері

Е. Ақпараттық, коммунткативтік , проблеманы шешу

12. машықкерге қажет көмек

Е. Әдістемелік нұсқау

13. шет тілі сабағында оқушылардың саны 25-тен асқан кезде ... топқа бөлінеді

Е. 2

29. choose the necessary indefinite pronoun : they have … really good friends

e. some

30. choose the correct verb: the book … by him

e. was written

31. choose the correct modal verb: they … have this picture , I guess I saw it in their living room

d. must

32. choose the correct modal verb: I … say what she looks like

c. cannot

33. choose the correct infinitive: I want you … the subject

d. to change

34. choose the correct infinitive: he is said … chess in the plane

e. to have been playing

I was up at seven – thirty the next morning and I remembered that I had a job to do. Our vegetable garden had a fence around it which needed a coat of paint. I look out a bucket half full of white paint and a brush and an old kitchen chair.” These sentences are from the text

e. “lautisse paints again”

74. complete the following sentence : the boy looked for a place to hide … (mind the text “the Filipino and the druncard” w. saroyan)

c. and rushed into the lavaratory

75. complete the following sentence : she got married …, just about the time you were watching the world series. (mind the text “the tv blackout” by art buchwald )

c. two years ago

76. complete the following sentence : on the … Clifford reached his study, turned on the light over the table and dropped into the chair before it. (mind the text “then in triumph” by f.l.parke)

e. second floor

77. complete the following sentence : we walked side by side through the quite village … (mind the text “the scholarship”)

a. to the lake

78. complete the following sentence : gavin was the only person on earth to whom I … (mind the text “the scholarship” )

a. could tell the truth

79. complete the following sentence : at last I came … (mind the text “a dog and three dollars” by m.twain)

e. to a big hotel

80. complete the following sentence : I waited for it to be time to give (mind the text “a day`s wait” by e. hemingway)

c. another capsule

81. complete the following sentence : one of the truest friends of the former duke had been a brave knight … . (mind the text “as you like it” by w.shakespeare)

e. called sir Rowland

82. these sentence are from : it seemed impossible that I should die on the shores of my own country and within view of men`s houses . but the second day passed; and though I kept a look out for boats or men , no help came.

e. “the shipwreck”

They are not antonyms

c. the words with one and the same meaning

American English is

b. the variety of English spoken in the usa

eliminate the extra word: father, sister, lamp, son, daughter

c. lamp

36.morphemes are subdivided into … according to the role they play in constructing words

d. roots and affixes

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