Travel insurance buying tips

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Travel insurance buying tips

· Shop around to find a good price and the right product rather than opting to travel without cover.

· Cheaper policies will usually have less cover – for some the price seems most important, but is it worth the initial saving?

· Consider annual multi-trip insurance if you make several trips a year – you’ll save time and money.

What should a travel insurance policy cover (the necessary minimum):

· medical and health cover for an injury or sudden illness abroad;

· 24 hour emergency service and assistance;

· personal liability cover in case you’re sued for causing injury or damaging property;

· lost and stolen possessions cover;

· cancellation and curtailment cover;

· extra cover for activities that are commonly excluded from standard policies, such as jet skiing.

In case of cancellation or curtailment ensure your policy:

· covers delayed departure because of bad weather;

· will refund the full cost of your holiday;

· pays out if you need to cancel or cut short a trip because you fall ill, for example;

· covers pre-paid expenses such as excursions;

· pays out in case of home emergency: fire, storm or flood, burglary, etc;

· covers extra costs incurred to get home.

In case of stolen, lost or damaged possessions

You can normally choose the limit in your policy. Limits for single items such as cameras and jewellery can vary from as little as £250 up to £1000 or more. Check these limits are adequate and realistic.

All insurance policies say that you must take care of your belongings at all times. If you don’t, the policy may not pay out. So, take as much care of your property as if it were uninsured!

In case of lost baggage on flights

Do not rely on compensation from an airline if it loses your luggage.

By law, airlines only have to pay a specified minimum value per kilo of lost luggage. This is unlikely to cover the full value of your things.

Vocabulary Focus

1. Belongings вещи, имущество, собственность
2. Emergency сущ. 1) непредвиденный случай; крайняя необходимость; крайность 2) а) критическое положение; авария б) полит. военное положение, чрезвычайное положение 3) австрал.; новозел.; спорт. запасной игрок (особенно заменяющий товарища по команде, получившего травму) 4) поднятие, появление (над поверхностью чего-л.)
3. Insurance rate ставка, размер страховой премии
4. Long haul 1) дальний рейс 2) долгий (жизненный) путь 3) долгая перевозка
5. Lump sum 1) паушальная сумма 2) единовременная выплата 3) единым платежом, однократный единовременный платеж
6. Meet the cost покрывать/оплачивать стоимость
7. Nonrefundable прил. 1) не подлежащий рефинансированию (особ. облигационный заем) 2) невозмещаемый
8. Policyholder сущ. держатель страхового полиса
9. Rely on полагаться, надеяться; доверять; быть уверенным (в чём-л.)
10. Sue sb for преследовать в судебном порядке; подавать в суд, возбуждать иск, предъявлять иск


Compose dialogues according to the information given below:

· You want to arrange a conference for your company. You are with the sales manager in the hotel lobby bar.

Creative task

Buzz groups or small study groups are divisions of a larger group. The groups discuss assigned problems, usually for the purpose of reporting back to the larger group. The method of buzz groups encourages the timid members, creates a warm, friendly feeling and provides for pooling of ideas and variety.

Divide in groups of 4-5 persons. Think about personal security and health while traveling. What sensible precautions should be taken in order to avoid problems and stay out of danger? Give your advice for fresh travelers. Write as many tips as you can. Make your lists of dos and don’ts for travelers, and then share with other groups. Present your pieces of advice in turn. The group that manages to give more reasonable and precious tips than others wins!


Unit 8. Food service


Group Discussion

Discuss the following issues:

1. Have you been to any unusual restaurant (cafe)? What was its peculiarity (location, interior, creative menu)?

2. Have you heard about culinary trips? What is the main idea of these trips?

3. Would you like to go on some culinary trip?



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