Task 2. Read and translate the dialogue. 

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Task 2. Read and translate the dialogue.

S.: Hello, this is “Tindake Partnership”. Secretary speaking.

B.: Hello, this is Mr Bertrand speaking. May I speak to Mr Carlyle?

S.: Could you speak up, please? We have a very bad connection.

B.: Is this number 900-82-13, please?

S.: Yes, go ahead, please.

B.: May I speak to Mr Carlyle?

S.: Just a minute. I’ll connect you...

Mr Carlyle is not available at the moment. I think he is out at the moment. Would you like to leave a message?

B.: My name is Mr Bertrand. I’m calling to discuss the itinerary of Mr Carlyle’s visit to Paris. And I would like to

confirm our appointment with Mr Carlyle.

S.: Excuse me, but if I’m not mistaken, Mr Carlyle will take a business trip to Spain.

B.: This is 900-82-13, isn’t it?

S.: Would you spell it out?

B.: Is this 900-82-13?

S.: Sorry, Mr Bertrand, but this is 900-82-14.

B.: Oh, I must have the wrong number. I’m terribly sorry. Good bye.

S.: Have a good day, Mr Bertrand.


Task 3. Choose the relevant answer.

Can you put me through to Miss Jane.

a) I'll see if she's in her office at the moment.

b) I've got the wrong number.

c) I'll check again.


You asked me to confirm the dates of delivery.

a) Yes, that's the best time for them.

b) Yes, let me just get a note

c) Yes, they'll come to London soon.


I'd like to speak to Mr Kahn

a) I'm afraid he's not here at the moment.

b) Well, you can't.

c) Thanks a lot.


No, this isn't the Diamond Mining Corp.

a) So sorry to have troubled you.

b) I'll call you again later.

c) Would you be so kind to tell me its number?


Can I speak to Mr Kahn, please?

a) Hold on please.

b) Don't go away.

c) All right.


Could I speak to Mr Kahn, please?

a) Who's calling?

b) Who are you there?

c) What's your name?

Who's speaking, please?

a) I am Mike Richardson

b) This is Mike Richardson here.

c) Mike Richardson speaking.

d) Hi, don’t you know me?

Can I ring you back later?

a) Yes, ring me.

b) Yes, please do.

c) Of course, yes.

c) Ring any time you like.

Task 4. What would respond to the following replies?

1. This is Mr Hoff speaking. I would like to make an appointment with Mr Rossant.

2. I'm afraid I'll be busy up tomorrow. Could you suggest an alternative date?

3. There's something I'd like to talk to you about. When can we meet?

4. This is Mr Grey's secretary. I'm calling to confirm your appointment with Mr Grey for tomorrow, at 11 a.m.

5. I'm calling to let you know that Mr Bell will not be able to keep the appointment. Нe is away from London and won't be back until after Saturday. We are sorry about this.

6. Hold on, please. I'll see if Mr Malkin is available.

7. I'm afraid I will not be able to attend the Annual Meeting which you will hold on Tuesday.

8. I'm really sorry.

9. We're looking forward to seeing you next Saturday.

Task 5. Make your dialogues using the situations below.

1. Making an appointment with a human resources manager.

2. Reserving a room at the hotel.

3. Inviting a foreign guest to the corporate party.

4. Offering some goods and services to a firm.

5. Your variant.

UNIT 6. Dealing with money.

Making a payment.


to pay for something – платить за что-либо

to pay in cash – платить наличными

to pay by credit card – платить кредитной картой

to buy on credit – покупать в кредит

receipt – квитанция (чек)

traveller’s cheque – дорожный чек

bill – счет

change – мелочь

insurance – страховка

to bargain – торговаться

a bargain – выгодная покупка

to raise prices – поднимать цены

to lower prices – снижать цены

to quote the price – назначать цену

to rise in price – расти в цене

to exchange – обменивать деньги

at reduced price – по сниженной цене

exchange rate – обменный курс


Task 1. How do you say these numbers in English?

1. 2%

2. $200



5. £3.550

6. £17.40


Task 2. Complete the definitions with the words from vocabulary.

1. A____________________ is a piece of paper that shows how much you must pay.

2. ____________________is money in the form of notes or coins.

3. ____________________is money you pay to protect yourself against something bad happening.

4. A_____________________ is a piece of paper that shows how much you have paid.

5. A_____________________ is a cheque you can exchange for foreign money.

6. A_____________________ is a plastic card you can use to pay for things.

7. The_________________________is the value of one currency compared to another.

8. ________________________means to buy goods and services and pay for them later.


Task 3. Who says these things, the customer (C) or the person (P) serving them? Write C or P.

1. Can I have a receipt, please?

2. How would you like to pay?

3. Can you tell me the exchange rate for

Canadian dollars?

4. Do you take traveller's cheques?

5. Here's your change, and your receipt.

6. We only take credit cards or cash.

7. Can we have the bill, please?

8. I need to take a ten per cent deposit.

9. Can I change two hundred dollars, please?

10. That's?27.50 altogether.

11. The total price is?1,500.

12. And what's the commission?

13. Is Visa OK?

14. Sorry, I don't have anything smaller.

Task 4. Read and translate the dialogues. Match them with four places:

1. a travel agency

2. a bank

3. a currency exchange

4. a hotel


A.: I'd like to change some Canadian dollars. Is the exchange rate the same as yesterday?

B.: Yes, it is.

A.: And what's the commission?

B.: It's two per cent.

A.: OK, can I change two hundred dollars, please?


A.: Good morning. I'd like to settle my bill now.

B.: Yes, sir. How would you like to pay?

A.: Do you take traveller's cheques?

B.: I'm afraid not. We only take credit cards or cash. C I'll pay by credit card, then. Is Visa OK?

A.: Visa is fine. What's your room number?


A.: Can we have the bill, please?

B.: Yes, that's?27.50 altogether.

A.: OK. Here's fifty. Sorry, I don't have anything smaller.

B.: No problem.

A.: Can I have a receipt, please?

B.: Sure. Here's your change, and your receipt.


A.: So, the total price is?1,500 — that includes flights, accommodation, and insurance.

B.: That's fine.

A.: I need to take a ten per cent deposit now. You can pay the balance later.

B.: OK, here's my credit card.



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