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Use the prepositions below to complete the prepositional phrases that are used in the following sentences. Some of them are used more than once.

within off in on at

1.I enjoyed my holiday last year immensely as everything was …… walking distance and I didn’t need to worry about how to get around.

2. Holiday destination that are …… the beaten track are becoming increasingly popular as people seek remote areas to escape from the drudgery of everyday life.

3.Although here are some up-market hotels that provide luxurious accommodation and exceptional service …… the city centre, the best hotels are predominantly located …… the suburbs.

4. …… my way to the airport I realised that I had forgotten to take my luggage.

5. ...... the distance we could see a small, wooden cabin ...... the foot of the mountain.

6. After travelling for hours on end, I found myself ...... the middle of nowhere.

7. The luxurious yacht was anchored just ...... the southern coast of the peninsular.

8. The ski resort was perched precariously ...... the end of the cliff.

9. ......the top of the hill was a small monument commemorating a historical figure of great importance.

10. The travel brochure said that the health resort was conveniently situated ...... the outskirts of town, but in actual fact, it was some inaccessible region ...... in the back of beyond.

11. As the sun set, I could see the fort etched ...... the horizon.

12. The coach driver was within earshot so my travelling companion and I could not have a private conversation.

Put the adjectives in brackets in the correct order to complete the sentence. Then decide which city in the box the speaker is talking about.

Cairo Istanbul London Tokyo Moscow Paris Sydney Venice


1) The best way to get around in the city is to get on a ……… bus. (red, big)

2) The city is full of ……… palaces along the sides of the canals. (old, wonderful)

3) Just outside the city you soon see the ……… shapes of the Pyramids. (stone, vast)

4) From the top of the ……… tower you can look across the French capital. (graceful, iron)

5) At the heart of the city is this ……… fortress which is still home to the president. (medieval, well-known)

6) This is a ……… city, not a centre for historic building, but still a great place to visit. (busy, commercial)

7) This spectacular city where Europe and Asia meet has …….. buildings as well as palaces. (modern, tall)


Complete the text with the past simple or past continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

Chatles-Marie de la Condamine

In 1735 Charles-Marie de la Condamine 1) ......... (sail) to South America. At that time scientists 2) ......... (argue) about the shape of the Earth. The French Academy 3) ......... (want) him to make measurements on the Equator along with two other scientists. The work 4) ......... (take) them eight years and in the end another scientific team 5) ......... (find) the answer they 6) ......... (look for). While de la Condamine 7) ......... (travel) home along the river Amazon, hr 8) ......... (learn) many interesting things about the local people and their way of life. When he 9) ......... (arrive) in Paris in 1745, he 10) ......... (receive) a hero’s welcome.


1. Read the description of Zurich, in Switzerland. Tick three places that are mentioned in the text: 1) museums; 2) restaurants; 3) parks and gardens; 4) art galleries; 5) zoos; 6) shops and stores; 7) theatres; 8) banks.

Are you looking for a special city break? Then come to Zurich! There’s something for everyone in the biggest city in Switzerland. There’s more to Zurich than its banks and its water. However just for the record there over 1,200 fountains in the city so you can drink the city’s famous spring water as often as you like.

If you like art and culture, don’t miss the Kunsthaus Gallery. Here you can see some of the best examples of twentieth century art. Don’t miss the many fine paintings on the display including works by Picasso and Monet. The gallery is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily except Monday. And the gallery closes later on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. It is open until 9 p.m. on these days.

If you have children, I really recommend a trip to Zurichhorn Park. It is situated on the east side of the city’s lake. Remember to pack a picnic so that you can sit, enjoy the scenery and watch the world go by.

If you want to enjoy beautiful views of the city, make sure you can climb the south tower of the Grossmunster. There are 187 steps but the climb worth it! From the top of the tower you’ll have stunning 360-degree view of the city. And you really should take your camera with you so that you can take stunning pictures of the city,

Getting around couldn’t be simpler. It is worth buying a Zurich card because you can use it on all public transport and it is one of the cheapest ways to travel round the city. You can use it on boats, too! It costs six pounds fifty for twenty-four hours and thirteen pounds for seventy-two hours. Want to save the planet and save money? Then why not travel around the city by bike? You can hire bikes at Vilogate – right next door to the Swiss National Museum. Deposit your passport and you’ll get the use of a bike for six hours. This has to be the most enjoyable way to see the city – and the healthiest of course!


Choose the best answer, A, B or C.

1.You can see …-century works of art at the Kunsthaus Gallery.

A sixteenth B eighteenth C twentieth

2.What time does the gallery close?

A 4.30 B 5.00 p.m. C 6.00 p.m.

3.What time does the gallery close on Thursdays?

A 5.00 p.m. B 6.00 p.m. C 9.00 p.m.

4.How many steps are there to get of the tower?

A 178 B187 C360

5.Bikes can be hired for a period of … hours.

A six B eight C twelve


Look at the text and try to guess what kind of word is missing in each gap.


General facts.

There is the …… 1) city in Swtzerland. Famous for its banks and its water (there are ……2) fountains in the city).

Places of interest

Kunsthause Gallery: open every day except ……3)

Open until ……4) p.m. on Tuesday.

Zurichhorn Park: a great place for ……5)

Getting around

Buy a Zurich card for use on all public transport including ……6)

Hire a bike!


There is a word missing in each sentence. Write in the missing word.

1. Zurich is largest missing city in Switzerland.

2. If you like art, the Kunsthaus gallery is one of best places to visit.

3. Travelling by bike the cheapest way to get around the city.

4. Sitting in Zurichhorn Park is more relaxing climbing the Grossmuster south tower.

5. A tree-day travel card is expensive than a one-day travel card.


Complete the sentence with the correct form of adjectives in brackets.

1. The (good) …… views of the city are from the top of the Crossmunser south tower.

2. One of the (cheap) …… ways to travel in the city is by bus.

3. Travelling around the city by taxi is (fast) …… travelling by boat.

4. The (healthy) …… way to get around the city is by bike.

5. A two-day travel card is (not expensive) …… a three-day travel card.


Underline the correct alternative in each sentence.

1. Other cities in Switzerland are nowhere near/slightly as big as Zurich.

2. Getting around the city by bike is far/by far healthier than travelling by train.

3. Travelling by boat is a lot/easily more relaxing than travelling by bus.

4. Zurichhorn Park is much/easily the best area to go if you want to have picnic.

5. The capital city of Berne is much/by far smaller than Zurich.

Choose the correct form, A or B to complete the sentence.

1. Martin had some very strange ......... when he stayed in the old castle.

A experience B experiences

2. I’ve always enjoyed ........., which is why I have worked abroad a lot.

A travel B journey

3. The teacher was upset with the children’s .........

A behaviour B behaviours

4. Some people think that if they don’t eat ........., they will lose weight.

A bread B loaf

5. The computer printer has run out of .........

A paper B papers

6. In this part of the country, it isn’t easy to find a .........

A work B job

7. Can you take my ......... upstairs, please?

A luggage B luggages

8. Kate is earning a lot of ......... in her new job.

A money B moneys

Choose the correct form.

1. I have an appointment at the dentist’s at 4.00. Would I / May I leave half an hour early?

2. John, you’re nearest the window. Could you / Could I open it please?

3. Would you mind taking / Do you mind if I take this note to the teacher’s room for me?

4. Those books must be heavy. Shall you / Shall I carry some of them?

5. If I were you, I wouldn’t leave / you shouldn’t leave your bag by the door.


1. Complete the text with a / an, the or leave blank for zero article.

Equity Travel School Tour Specialists

Equity has been arranging a) ......... educational tours since 1991 and our Directors and Managers have many years’ experience in b) ......... school travel, making us true specialists in c) ......... field.

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