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THE TRANSWORLD LUXURY TOURISM (TWLT) is the most exciting new concept of this season. It provides exclusive facilities for corporate leisure and entertainment in the most beautiful and interesting places all over the world.

We are looking for a creative, energetic and outgoing person to market luxury travel packages to the corporate travel industry worldwide. You must have excellent interpersonal and presentation skills, experience of working in the leisure or corporate travel sector, to enjoy international travel and contact. Ideally, you are 25-37 years old, and fluent in English.

Attractive salary, car, and bonus.

Please send resumes or apply to:

World-Executive Search,

Box No 1234, Condale Ave,

London SW1 2DX

1. Why are "excellent interpersonal and presentation skills" required for this job?

2. Would you like to get this job? Why? Give your reasons.


Ex.2. Match the definitions in A with the correct adjective or phrases in B.

1. wants to get to the top a. sensitive
2. open and friendly b. creative
3. doesn't get tired easily c. attentive to detail
4. can change people's opinions d. ambitious
5. doesn't get angry or irritated quickly e. adaptable
6. can produce new ideas f. independent
7. thinks of other people's feelings g. outgoing
8. doesn't mind changing his/her habits h. energetic
9. can work alone i. persuasive
10. regularly checks the quality of his/her work j. patient

Ex.3. Write a short description of someone you like (or dislike) in your personal or professional life.

MODEL. My boss is very energetic. She works about 12 hours a day. She is a patient woman, and always has time to talk to us if we have a problem.


Read and discuss the text

The Resume

A Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) is an objective written sum­mary of your personal, educational, and experience qualifications. It packages your assets in the form of a convincing advertisement, which sells you for a specific job. A resume is a kind of written sales presen­tation. An effective resume creates a favourable impression of you while presenting your abilities and experience.

The basic requirements for a good resume are:

• brevity: one page is preferable, but not more than two pages;

• top quality paper;

• perfect spelling and grammar;

• no typographical errors;

• attractive layout.

Your personal data sheet contains most of the information you need to prepare a resume. Now you have to select and arrange that infor­mation in the way that best relates your background to the work you seek. Every resume is an individualized presentation of your qualifi­cations for a particular job. It means that you may prepare a few different resumes, depending on the types of jobs you are applying for. You can choose from among four types of resumes:

Chronological resumelists work experience or education in reverse chronological order. It describes responsibilities and accom­plishments associated with each job or educational experiences.

Functional resumelists functional skills and experience sepa­rately from employment history.

Combination (functional/chronological) resumedraws on the best features of the chronological and functional resumes. It high­ lights an applicant's capabilities and includes a complete job history.

Targeted resumeemphasizes capabilities and accomplishments relating to the specific job applied for. Work experience is briefly listed in a separate section.

Resumes provided for graduate school admission highlight your skills, professional experience, accomplishments, and academic his­tory in much the same way as “job” resumes. The difference is that an admissions resume will focus on what transitions well to the class­room, not to the workplace.

The most popular with the recruiters nowadays is the combina­tion resume, which includes:

1.Main heading Applicant's first name, last name JASON DANIELSON
2. Personal Data   Date of birth: Age: Place of birth: Marital status; Children, and their Ages Address: Phone: Home phone: Fax, E-mail:   235 White Road San-Francisco, California 029992 + 01 (245) 987-6543
3. Objective Detailed information, in response to the company's requirements. Use a specific job title here, or write a brief, simple phrase describing the type of work you are seeking. To obtain an administrative assistant position, this would utilize my clerical and administrative skills and offer opportunity for growth.
4. Education Includes degrees and certificates. Also listed in the reverse chronological order. September 1988 –May 1991Technical College of San-Francisco
5. Experience (Employment) Work history, in the reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent position. Include name of the Company, and your position. Using action words to maximize the impact, describe your current or most recent responsibilities. Be concise; remove all unnecessary words and phrases. Include duties, accomplishments, and promotions as well as the specific results of your actions or decisions to demonstrate your contribution. June 1994 - to presentThe Institute of Medical Care; San-Francisco Unit Secretary, Child and Adolescent Unit Responsible for maintaining patient charts, entering patient data on database, transcribing medication orders, tracking and paging medical personnel. Relaying patient records to other treatment facilities and fielding incoming-phone calls. October 1991 to May 1994 University of National Law; San-Francisco Administrator, Registrar's Office Answered telephones, filed documents, produced letters for certification and deferment, proctored exams. Registered students for courses, proofread grade sheets, registration materials, exams and course schedules, computed grade point average. Interacted with students, faculty and staff.
6. Special skills - List languages, include mother language, and describe your level of knowledge. - List software applications, operating systems, and pertinent hardware information. (Include years of experience, or describe your level of knowledge.) Languages: English - mother tongue, German - beginning Computer literate: word-processing Word Perfect & Word for Windows), Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3). Excellent interpersonal and communications skills.
7. Licenses and certificates List licenses or certificates you hold that are pertinent to the job you are seeking. Include the year you obtained each license or certificate.  
8. Interests Particular sports, arts, reading. Alpine skiing, climbing, computers.
9. Activities Community activities that you regularly participate in. Member, High Honor Student Society, San Francisco.


To strengthen your resume you may use action verbs like:

Analyzed – аналізував

Administered, managed – вів справи, керував

Completed – проводив роботу

Created – створював

Evaluated – визначав (кількість, вартість); підраховував

Implemented – впроваджував

Improved – удосконалював

Investigated – дослідив, вивчив

Organized – організував

Participated – брав участь

Performed – виконав

Planned – планував

Proposed – запропонував

Provided – забезпечив

Researched – досліджував

Solved – вирішив (проблему, задачу)

Streamlined – модернізував

Supervised – завідував

Supported – підтримував


Knowing what to excludefrom your resume is as important as knowing what to include. Here is a list of details to exclude from your resume:

• Height, weight, hair or eye colour;

• Comments about your family, spouse, or children;

• Your photograph (unless you are applying for modeling or acting job);

• Travel restrictions;

• Preferences for work schedule, days off, or overtime;

• Salary demands or expectations.

The trend in resumes today is to omit personal data, such as birth date, marital status, religion, nationality.

Very few people have good resumes. If English is not your native language or if you come from another country, it can be even more difficult to know the right things to do. Some special suggestions will help you write a perfect resume:

1. Adapt your resume to the information you have gathered about the employer and the job you want.

2. Use action verbs, they will bring your resume to life.

3. Avoid the pronoun "I". Describe your skills and capabilities by using as many specific words as possible.

4. Highlight your accomplishments and achievements.

5. Keep it simple and clear: two pages at most.

6. Be truthful. Don't exaggerate or misrepresent yourself. Re­member that employers check the information.

7. Don't mention salary.

8. Avoid long sentences. Use the minimum number of words and phrases but avoid abbreviations.

9. Looks are important. The resume should be typed with plenty of white space and wide margins. Place headings at the left side of the page, and the details relating to them on the right side.

10. Make sure there are no errors in spelling; punctuation, or typing.

11. Don't sign or date the resume.

12. Always send an original of your resume. Don't send a photo­copy.

13. Keep copies of resumes on file for future reference. Once you have a job, update your resume on a regular basis.

Ex.1. Answer the questions.

1. What is a resume? Give all possible definitions of it.

2. What are the basic requirements for a good resume?

3. How many types of resumes do you know? What do they differ in?

4. What type of resume is the most popular with the recruit­ers?

5. What information is recommended to exclude from your re­sume?

6. Which of special suggestions that can help you write a per­fect resume do you think are the most important?

Ex.2. Read the resume (A), and extracts from the covering letter (B). Match the letter extracts to the relevant parts of her resume.



DAVID DAMPLJN 111 East Main - Chicago, Illinois, 60608 773-555-1212 suppol-t@resumeedge.com
QUALIFICATIONS Enterprising, articulate Investment Banking Analyst with solid market knowledge and recent success as a proprietary trader, securing more than $25,000 in NASDAQ trades. Possesses Series 7 and 63 licensing*; professionally affiliated with NASD. Works well alone or as part of a team. Technically proficient in Microsoft Windows, Excel, Access, Word, and PowerPoint. Willing to travel.
CITY UNIVERSITY, Chicago, Illinois Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance Major 2000
Projects: Fundamentals of Management: Worked with a student team that researched and analyzed a company in order to provide data on management. Devised concepts to enhance manage­ment and increase production. International Business: Worked with a team strategizing entry into a global market that included the political, economic, and financial sectors.
Honors: • Recipient, Who's Who Among College Students, 1997-2001 • Member, Student Activities Board, 1997-2001 • Representative, Inter-Fraternity Council, 1997-2001 • Representative, Commuter Council, 1997-2001
TTST SECURITIES, Chicago, Illinois 2001 - present Proprietary Trader • Oversaw trading for a $100,000 account. • Generated $25,000+ by trading securities. • Passed Series 7 and 63 examinations.
BIG 5 SPORTING GOODS, Evanston, Illinois 2000 Clerk • Managed accounts payable and receivable; participated in and com­pleted numerous projects in the local area.
NEW DIRECTIONS COMPUTER STORE, Chicago, Illinois 1998-1999 Customer Relations Specialist • Ensured adequate inventory levels; assisted consumers in purchases



... As you can see from my resume, I studied business administration and finance for three years... (1)


... After I obtained my diploma in 2000,1 worked in Evanston for a year. This position gave me experience of managing accounts, and completing projects in the local area... (2)


... As a customer relations specialist, I was responsible for ensuring adequate inventory levels and assisting consumers in purchases....(3)


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