ТОП 10:

Ex. 1 Вивчіть новий лексичний матеріал

Питання для самоконтролю:

1.How many methods of valuation methodology in Great Britain are there?

2.What UK valuation methods do you know? Tell about one of them.



Primary and secondary markets

Ex.1. Прочитайте та запам’ятайте новий лексичний матеріал:

stock-in-trade –торговельний інвентар

theStockExchange – Фондова біржа

tobereluctanttodosmth – небажання робити щось

A primary market - Первинний ринок

Ex.2. Прочитайте, перекладіть та перекажіть текст:


Fixed-interest securities and ordinary shares are the main stock-in-trade of the securities markets and the Stock Exchange is the main securities market in the UK (and the New York Stock Exchange is the largest in the USA). By buying one or the other, investors archelping –directly or indirectly – to provide the finance that government or industry needs. Why "directly or indirectly"? Because the stockmarket is two markets in one: a primary market and a secondary market.

A primary market is one in which the government, companies or other bodies can sell new securities to investors to raise cash.

A secondary market is a market in which the investors can buy and sell these securities among each other. The buying and the selling in the secondary market does not directly affect the finances of government and companies. But if investors did not know they could buy and sell securities in the secondary market they might well be reluctant to put up cash for the government or companies by buying securities in the primary market when they were first issued. And the prices established by the buying and selling by investors in the secondary market help to determine the price that government and companies will have to pay next time they need to issue further securities for cash in the primary market. A reasonably liquid secondary market is normally considered vital for a healthy primary market.

Ex.3. Перекладіть слова та вирази українською мовою:

sell securities to raise cash; might be reluctant to put up cash for the government;to issue further securities for cash

Ex.4. Поставте п’ять запитань до тексту.

Ex.5. Заповніть пропуски:

2. Fixed-interest securities and …..shares are the main stock-in-trade of the securities markets and the Stock Exchange is the …..securities market in the UK.

2. A primary market is one in which the government, …..or other bodies can sell new securities to …..to raise cash.

3. The buying and the selling in the secondary ….. does not directly affect the finances of ….. and companies.


Ex.6.Прочитайте та перекладіть текст:


The company is a body, regulated by one of the various Companies Acts. There are many types of companies. Companies may be public or private.

Also it can be public state held enterprises, limited companies, corporations, etc. In the UK, for example, companies may be created by Royal Charter, by a specific act of Parliament, or may be registered with the Registrar of Companies under one of the various Companies Acts, particularly the Act of 1948.

About 97 per cent of the limited companies registered in Great Britain are private companies. A private company is one which restricts the right to transfer its shares, limits its members to fifty but has a minimum of two, and cannot invite the public subscribe for shares. It has certain legal privileges, but these are not of great consequence and the tendency today is towards removing them.

A public company is a company created and owned by the public, i.e. its stockholders and traded publicity. Ownership is open to anyone that has the money inclinations to buy shares in the company. It is differentiated from privately held companies where the shares are held by a small group of individuals often members of one or a small group of families or otherwise related individuals or other companies.

As to the UK the commonest type of company in existence is a company limited by shares. The principle characteristics of a company limited by shares are that each is separate “legal persona” (it can contract as a separate person) and that the liability of the company is limited to the nominal value of the shares.

Another type of company is a joint stock company. It is a special kind of partnership. Such a company has a common capital called stock.

A company may have any name provided that the board of trade does not think it undesirable. Undesirable names are those too much like those of other companies. At one time words like “royal” and “imperial” were prohibited.

The objects of the company must be stated in its memorandum of association.


Ex.7. Дайте відповідь на запитання:


1. What is company?

2. What types of company do you know?

3. What is Royal Charter?



Ex. 1 Вивчіть новий лексичний матеріал


Ex.8.Перекладіть речення англійською мовою:


1. Громадська компанія - це компанія, що належить суспільству.

2. Небажаними назвами для компаній і підприємств є ті, які схожі на назви інших компаній.

3. Акціонерна компанія – це особливий вид товариства.

4. Мета підприємства повинна бути викладена в меморандумі асоціації.


Ex.9. Підготувати переказ одного з текстів.

Питання для самоконтролю:

1. What is a primary market?

2. What is a secondary market?

3. How are they interconnected?

4. What is company?

5. How many private companies in the UK are there?



Unit 11Роздрібна торгівля


Ex. 1. Прочитайте та запам’ятайте наступні слова та вирази:

16. Retailing – роздрібна торгівля

17. Ultimateconsumer- кінцевий споживач

18. Link - ланка, зв'язок

19. mail-orderhouse- поштова фірма

20.vendingmachineoperator – оператор торгових автоматичних машин

21. discounthouse- магазин з невисокими цінами на товари

22. cooperative- кооператив

23. singlelineretailer- роздрібний торговець, який продає лише один товар

24. performfunctions- виконувати функції

25. extendingcredit- довгостроковий кредит

26. outlet- ринок збуту, торгова точка

27. discount- знижка

28. discountcoupon- купон на знижку

29. shoppingguide- довідник магазинів

30.Wholesaling – оптова торгівля

Ex. 2. Прочитайте та перекладіть текст:


Retailing is selling goods and services to the ultimate consumer. Thus, the retailer is the most expensive link in the chain of distribution. Being middlemen, they make their profit by charging the customer 25 to 100 per cent more than the price they paid for the item.

The retailers operate through stores, mail-order houses, vending machine operators. there are different types of retail stores, discount houses, cooperatives, single line retailers. The major part( over 95 per cent) of retail establishments concentration a single line of merchandise for example, food hardware, etc. but nowadays there is a trend for many single line stores to take on a greater variety of supplies.

The retailer performs many necessary functions. First, he may provide a convenient location. Second, he often guarantees and services the merchandise he sells. Third, the retailer helps to promote the product through displays, advertising or sales. Fourth, the retailer can finance the customer by extending credit. Also the retailer stores the goods in his outlet by having goods available.


Ex.3. Дайте відповіді на питання:

1.What is retailing?

2. What are different types of retail stores?

3. In what way does the retailer serve a customer?

4. In what way does the retailer serve a manufacturer?


Ex.4. Перекладіть наступні речення англійською мовою:

  1. Роздрібна торгівля - це продаж товару кінцевому споживачу.
  2. В західних країнах є різноманітні типи торгових закладів: універмаги, супермаркети, магазини з низькими цінами.
  3. На цей товар можна отримати 10% знижку.
  4. Роздрібна торгівля може надати покупцю довгостроковий кредит.
  5. Ця фірма має велику кількість торгових точок по всій країні.


Ex.5. Прочитайте та перекладіть діалог:

(Jean has just moved into a new house. Her neighbor, Liz, has come over to welcome her.)

JeanI am very glad to see you here.

Liz How do you like the new place?

Jean It’s marvelous. I am sure we are going to love living here.

Liz Well, have a look, here it’s a shoppingguide for the neighborhood and a booklet of discountcoupons. New neighbors always receive them. There is one coupon for every store in this shopping guide.

Jean Oh, thank you. It’s come in time. I have a lot of shopping to do.

LizI can imagine, not far from here there is a very good shopping center. You can also find a huge supermarket, a drugstore, some department stores in the neighborhood.

Jean Are there any discount houses nearby? We terribly need a new toaster. Everybody in my family likes toasts for breakfast very much.I’d like to buy it.

Liz Oh, sure. There is a good discount store in the shopping center.If you like I’ll come with you.

JeanOh, you needn’t. I don’t want to trouble you.

LizNo trouble at all. I’d like to do a shopping too. If you go to the discount store

I can go to the little cheese shop. I don’t want to bother you.

Ex.6. Перекладіть речення та поставте до кожного з них питання:

4. Wholesalingisapartofmarketingsystem.

5. It provides channels of distribution which help to bring goods to the markets.

6. A store keeper usually deals with only a few wholesalers.

Ex.7. Обговоріть різницю між каналами розповсюдження, спираючись на таблицю, та скажіть, в яких галузях промисловості більш корисним є той чи інший канал:

3. Direct method of distribution:


4. Indirectmethod of distribution:


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