Listen to the Webcast and use the information to report back the news story. Follow these questions.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Listen to the Webcast and use the information to report back the news story. Follow these questions.


What can you tell now about the Tampa Affair?

What circumstances will determine the treatment of the illegal immigrants?

How does Senator Elison justify his canvassing the possibility of forcing back people entering Australia illegally? Why does he mention the people smuggling issues?

What actions of Australian Government does the journalist call or refer to as “the breach of international law”?

How does the Senator define international law?

What are the threats the country’s borders should be protected?

8) What convention related to the issue was signed by Australia? How does the journalist qualify the actions of Australian government( i.e. forcing immigrants back)?

9) What is the first action to take when a boat violating the boarder is spotted in the territorial waters? What are the authorities primarily charged with?

10) What officials should set out to determine the measures against the border violators?

Unit 6.

Lawyers fear Julian Assange could face death penalty


1. Search the www for the following information and discuss it:

a) Who is Julian Assange? What is WikiLeaks? When did he found WikiLeaks? What kind of information did he publish on the website? What international print media collaborated with him and published the information he provided? What publication triggered the international scandal?


b) Comment on what you see in the cartoon. Why is the word “Hicks” written on the cage under the sign “Guantanamo Bay”?

Look at the text title and complete the sentences according to their possible occurrence in the text.

Lawyers for Julian Assange say…

Julian Assange has raised the ire of American authorities after…
US prosecutors are now thought to be…

Swedish authorities are attempting to…

America still is in the appalling state of affairs of…

3 a). Form abstract nouns from these verbs

permit   hear  
fear   suspect  
extradite   reveal  
defend   commit  

3 b). Fill in the gaps with the help of the nouns formed in the table above:

  1. Negotiations cannot continue if the parties do not fulfiltheir______________in time.
  2. More than 300,000 persons were refused entry at external EU borders, in most cases refusal was based on insufficient travel documents or the _______________ of intended illegal immigration.
  3. By enacting these laws or concluding treaties or agreements, countries determine the conditions under which they may entertain or deny extradition requests.
  4. The next court ____________ is scheduled for next Tuesday.
  5. It was here that one day the Lord came to Saint John in a vision. When Saint John awoke, the Lord dictated him his_____________ and Saint John put them down for people.
  6. A normal ____________ arises when one’s life is in danger.
  7. Publication without ____________ is a theft of someone else's intellectual property, pure and simple, and it is clearly illegal.
  8. The Cabinet has given its approval for the shifting of the _________ Ministry.

4 a). Match the words

1) build for a criminal prosecution
2) face proper justice
3) raise state of affairs
4) classified sexual assault charges
5) army intelligence analyst a case against smb
6) take a firm commitment
7) pretext in custody
8) appalling the ire
9) give legal revenge against smb
10) realms of US government cables


4 b) Write all possible combinations in the lines below.











15.4 c) Find the proper answers in the answer box in the end of Unit 15 and use them to fill the gaps in the sentences below.


1) Health Minister Michael McGimpsey says it is impossible _______________________________on a proposed new cancer radiotherapy unit at Altnagelvin until money for the project is guaranteed.


2) A poster showing Mary and Joseph heading to Bethlehem for a census and the birth of Christ is_____________________________among some evangelicals who consider it inappropriate for the secular headcount the government will conduct next year.

3) Two men are _____________________________________________ in separate incidents in East Moline involving a 13-year-old girl and a now 19-year-old woman.


4) The Delhi Police _______________ against their counterpart. To file a chargesheet against him they are banking mainly on DNA reports and mobile phone details of the accused.


5) As events develop, it becomes more and more apparent that the law enforcement agencies' ultimate aim is to achieve a total ban on the activity of this religion by finding_____________________________ _________________________ a special April report by the organisation maintains.

In Class

Listen to the Webcast Lawyers fear Julian Assange could face death penalty and do the following exercises.

Match the positions with the names.

Names Positions
1) Tony Eastly a) WikiLeaks founder
2) Emma Alberici b) Europe correspondent
3) Julian Assange c) a presenter
4) Bradley Manning d) District Judge
5) Nicolas Evans e) the army intelligence analyst in custody
6) Mark Stevens f) Assange’s lawyer
  g) Private

C – Comprehension Test 1


1. Lawyers for Julian Assange fear that A he might l be sent to London B he might l be sent the USA C if he arrives in the USA he will be given the capital punishment   6. Private Bradley Manning is suspected of A having a Twitter account B building a case against Mr Assange C providing Mr Assange with the classified documents  
2. In Belmarsh Magistrates' Court in London Assange was fighting against attempts   A to be sent to Sweden to face sexual assault charges B to be charged with an assault C to have the WikiLeaks case heard in Sweden 7. Legal arguments against extradition reveal that one of the claimants A wanted to take legal revenge against her ex lover B said she was asleep when forced to have sex with the accused C described in her blog how to revenge an ex lover  
3. His lawyers were allowed   A to speak to the media B to provide the media with only 35 pages of their argumentation C to hand their complete legal argument to the media   8. The defence documents argue that the case is A a reason for a criminal prosecution in Sweden B a pretext for having Assange electrocuted in the USA C to be heard in London  
4 District Judge told Mr Assange that he A could remain in London during his extradition hearing B could commute three hours to Norfolk each night C could be released on bail from the house arrest 9. The lawyers believe that sending Assange to Sweden for questioning A is nonsense B should be undertaken as the means of the last resort C is wrongful  
5. Julian Assange has irritated American authorities after A saying that US government cables are offensive B posting classified info on the Internet site C publishing classified info of UN activities in the press 10. The Swedish authorities A withhold their further plans B promise not to render him to the place of US choice C are to send him to Guantanamo Bay  


B – Comprehension Test 2

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