Listen to the Webcast Korean tension at dangerous level again and tick the correct answer.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Listen to the Webcast Korean tension at dangerous level again and tick the correct answer.

1 The South promises to A push ahead with cease-fire talks B start new military drills C shell North Korea   2 The drills on a South Korean island could begin A on the day of the news report B in a day since the news report C today  
3 The United Nations has A arranged a meeting of Security Committee Bconvened all parties to the conflict C summoned a meeting of Security Council   4 The Yeonpyeong’s residents are nervous, because A there is not enough information about further drills B North Korea military is planning to start new drills C of North Korea’s possible reaction to South Korea’s new drills  
5 Yoon Jin-young is packing up and getting A to Yeonpyeong Island B off the island C off the mainland   6 At the time of the interview Yoon Jin-young is A waiting for a bus B worried C relaxed  
7 North Korea says it opened fire A in response to South Korea’s military parade B in response to South Korea’s shelling attack C to react to their neighbour’s shelling exercise   8 Protesters on Yeonpyeong Island A released balloons with tear-gas B sent insulting SMS to Pyongyong C let balloons with anti-Pyoungyoung info into the air
9 The people of North Korea A lack information about food and political freedom B strive for food, information and political freedom C have to struggle for information, food and political freedom   10 The correspondent A is optimistic about the outcomes of the protests B believes North Korea will change their mind C doubts that protesters will impact the political course over the board  


B – Comprehension Test 2

Listen to the Webcast Korean Tension at dangerous Level, answer the questions and fill in the gaps

Part 1

1) What are the reasons to believe that a war may start on the Korean Peninsula?

2) What is especially worrisome about South Korea decision to start drills on Yeonpueong island?

3) Why has the UN convened a meeting?

4) How did US envoy Bill Richardson characterize the situation in general?


Part 2

Here's North Asia correspondent Mark Willacy.

MARK WILLACY: For Yoon Jin-young, the tension is _________. The 48 year old is packing up and getting off Yeonpyeong Island. After last month's bombardment by North Korea and the threat of more ________ strikes, he's too ________________to stay.

(Yoon Jin-young speaking)

"The residents here are getting more nervous, because our military is planning to hold a ________ exercise", says Yoon. "Now the North is threatening to ____________. So I'm worried. I'm now heading to the ferry to the mainland but it hasn't arrived yet. So we're all anxiously waiting for it," he says.


Part 3

When North Korea____________ Yeonpyeong Island last month the __________ killed four people, damaged dozens of homes, and left the Peninsula teetering on the _________ of war. Pyongyang says it opened fire ______response ___ a South Korean _________ exercise on the Yellow Sea Island.

Now the South wants to _________ another military drill on Yeonpyeong, drawing more fire-and-brimstone ___________________ from north of the border.

(Newsreader speaks)

"If the South conducts this shelling, despite our warnings, we will against them," says this __________on state TV in Pyongyang. "These strikes will be greater in strength and _____________than those we launched last month", he says.

Part 4

But many in the South are sick and tired of ____________before Pyongyang's ______________.

(Sound of protesters)

MARK WILLACY: Screaming _______ revenge __________ North Korea, these protesters on Yeonpyeong Island release balloons containing anti-Pyongyang messages.

(Park Sang-hak speaking)

"We're here to let the North Korean people know the truth about the regime's_________," says protest leader and North Korean defector Park Sang-hak. "We'll tell them of the shelling attack on this island ________these leaflets", he says.

But with a population ___________information, food and political freedom that's unlikely to make much difference over the border in North Korea or to _______ the shells ____________ falling on the south.

A – Comprehension Test 3


Present the conflict between states on behalf of:

A South Korea representative

A North Korea representative

Use these words and word –combinations to render the story in the written form.

vow, to push ahead with a live-fire military exercise,grave threats of retaliation,shelledthe island,convened a meeting, Yeonpyeong Island, bombardment,artillery strikes,a shelling exercise,barrage,teetering on the brink of war,another military drill,fire-and-brimstone warnings,conduct a shelling, greater in strength and scope,sick and tired,bowing before Pyongyang's threats,scream for revenge against North Korea,regime's brutality,shelling attack,leaflets,starved of information, to stop the shells from falling


Unit 3.

Britain in hot water over alleged Taliban meetings

At home

Find in the WWW the information about the following

a) What does the word Taliban mean? What country obtains classified information through Secret Intelligence Service? What are the responsibilities of the department called MI6?

b) Who are the people in the cartoon? What are they doing? What is the implicit message of the

depicted scene?

2Look at the text title and complete the sentences trying to guess what endings they might have in the text

Tensions are rising over ...

The row comes as ...

It raises the question of ...

One would normally associate it with….

3 a).Form abstract nouns from these verbs:

expel   eliminate  
reveal   persuade  
embarrass   stabilise  
regenerate   acknowledge  


3 b). Fill in the gaps using the words from the table above:

  1. The May 1928 Reichstag elections seemed to reflect the economic and political ________of the Weimar Republic.
  2. The Minister’s resignation is an ______________of the fact that the leader of the government has lost all hope of getting the situation in the field improved.
  3. ___________from a UK independent school means permanent removal from the school.
  4. The Commission has also described the practical measures which can be taken to bring about the verifiable _________of nuclear weapons and the full safeguarding of militarily usable nuclear material.
  5. A scientist might be personally disappointed and embarrassed if one of his hypotheses was proven wrong, but would not normally suffer professional ___________as a result.
  6. The capacity for ___________varies widely in animals, with some able to regenerate whole limbs and others not, but the capacity is reduced significantly in more complex animals.
  7. Diplomats are skilled at solving even the most serious disagreements by means of ____________.
  8. To most journalists the visit of the Prime Minister to this small town became a surprising __________.

4 a) Match these parts

1) expulsion of government
2) acting head of chiefs
3) decision the leadership
4) secret to expel smb
5) eliminate a say
6) analysts intelligence service
7) resolve high-ranking foreign officials
8) tribal misunderstanding
9) factions mission
10)to have within the Taliban
11)power-sharing on the ground
12)a more inclusive arrangement


4 b) Write all possible combinations in the lines below.











4 c) Find the proper answers in the answer box in the end of Unit 3 and use them to fill the gaps in the sentences below.

1) The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Sudan is holding talks with government officials over the _________ _______of two UN representatives accused of espionage.

2) When Fiji's _________________________ came into effect in 1999, they were seen as a path towards ending the country's bitter racial divisions.

3) The former Office of Racial Ethnic Student Affairs has embraced a broader and more ___________ ___________ and has changed its name to the Office of Cultural and Language Affairs.

4) All attempts to unite rival ________________ ________ _________failed due to incompetence of the negotiators.

5) It’s also the responsibility of the interviewer to look out for contradictory or confusing answers and find the way to ____________ ________________________.

In Class


Listen to the Webcast Britain in hot water over alleged Taliban meetings and do the exercises below.


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