Task 2. What's your attitude towards advertising?

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Task 2. What's your attitude towards advertising?

Choose 5 of the opinions below and discuss them. Write about 3 sentences per items, please!

a) Any kind of advertising should be banned from the media.

b) Firms spend far too much money on advertising and marketing strategies.

c) Some advertisements are great fun, especially those that are shown in cinemas/ on TV.

d) Advertisements give the necessary information the consumer needs.

e) Advertising changes our style of living.

f) Every advertisement is a big disgusting lie.

g) Many advertisements promise a lot more than there is in the product.

h) The modern consumer is clever, critical and cannot be cheated.

I) Advertising for tobacco product and alcohol should be forbidden.

j) A good product is a bestseller by itself.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertising

It informs and creates awareness and improves our attitude toward the brand. It is rather propaganda than information. It persuades us to buy things we really do not need.
It makes much easier the problem of choice, takes the load of responsibility off our mind. It prevents us from thinking and taking our own decisions.
It is aimed at creating an image of successful businessman. Not all people dream of becoming businessmen It makes their lifestyles less significant.
It shows deluxe merchandise. It makes us suffer if we can not afford what we want and get us addicted to luxurious lifestyle.
It gives us a recipe of happy consciousness. Do as you are told and happiness is granted. It does not let us be ourselves. It makes us like zombi, and treats us like mentally-handicapped.
It takes us into an exotic world of glamour and luxury. It overestimates the role of money, claim's the priority of materialistic values over spirituals ones.
It entertains and develops our cultural level. It is of low artistic value if any at all, and in bad taste.
It emotionally enriches us. It plays on our emotions such as greediness, fear, pride, envy and vanity.
It educates. It leads to commercialisation of our consciousness, we get addicted to passive thinking.
It moulds our ideas and notions of success and prestige. It is okay if they correspond to your ideals but it can make you unhappy if they contradict individual values.
It prepares us to real life as the world is highly competitive. It separates us, make us envy and hate each other.
During an ad break we can afford the time to do a lot of things. It interrupts the most interesting programs.
It gives money for many good things.     The money cannot justify the evil it makes.
It may contain subliminal suggestion. We buy things not even being aware of doing it. One never knows to which results the penetration into our subconsciousness may lead.
It introduces teenagers to the life of grown-ups. You can hardly call introduction to cigarettes and alcohol moral.



Task 1. Are you for or against advertising? Prove your answer. Make your own list of advantages and disadvantages of advertising.


Task 2. Write an essay. Choose from the following topics:

Do you like Advertising?

Advertising Influence

Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertising


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1. Рекламные термины. Advertising Terms

  1. реклама
  1. advertising, publicity
  1. реклама продуктов
  1. product advertising
  1. реклама организаций
  1. institutional advertising
  1. реклама в кооперации изготовителя и дилера
  1. cooperative advertising
  1. рекламная кампания
  1. advertising campaign
  1. рекламная листовка
  1. advertising leaflet, copy
  1. рекламодатель
  1. advertiser
  1. рекламное агентство
  1. Advertising agency
  1. рекламное мероприятие
  1. advertising activity
  1. рекламное объявление
  1. advertisement, advertising spot, ad(s)
  1. рекламное сообщение
  1. advertising message
  1. телевизионное рекламное объявление
  1. tv ad(s)
  1. рекламное письмо
  1. advertising letter
  1. рекламный подарок
  1. advertising gift
  1. рекламный сюжет по радио и телевидению
  1. spot, commercial
  1. рекламный фильм , ролик
  1. advertising film, commercial
  1. связи с общественностью
  1. public relations (PR)
  1. средства рекламы
  1. advertising aids
  1. стимулирование сбыта
  1. sales promotion
  1. выкладка товаров в магазине
  1. display, in-store display, point-of -purchase (PoP)
  1. выставка
  1. exhibition
  1. купон
  1. coupon
  1. раздача образцов
  1. give away
  1. премия
  1. premium
  1. конкурс
  1. contest
  1. торговое шоу
  1. trade show
  1. обучение продавцов
  1. sales training
  1. специальные мероприятия(фестивали, конференции, автогонки и т.п.)
  1. special events
  1. стратегия "втягивания" товара (изготовитель воздействует на покупателя, а последний требует товар у дилера)
  1. pulling promotional strategy
  1. стратегия "проталкивания" товара (изготовитель стимулирует сбытовую деятельность дилера)
  1. pushing promotional strategy
  1. техника продажи
  1. sales technique
  1. ярмарка
  1. fair
  1. витрина магазина
  1. shop-window
  1. вывеска
  1. sign
график рекламной кампании в СМИ
  1. media scheduling
  1. демонстрационный зал
  1. show room
  1. имидж
  1. image
  1. личная продажа
  1. personal selling
  1. логотип
  1. logo
  1. наклейка
  1. sticker
  1. наружная реклама
  1. outdoor advertising
  1. носители рекламы
  1. advertising media
  1. оформление витрины
  1. shop-window dressing
  1. плакат рекламный
  1. billboard, advertising bill, poster
  1. презентация
  1. presentation
  1. проба
  1. trial, sample
  1. пробная упаковка
  1. trial package
  1. пробовать
  1. try, test, taste (на вкус)
  1. проспект
  1. leaflet, prospectus
  1. прямая почтовая рек­ламная рассылка (письмо, буклет, каталог и т.д.)
  1. direct mail

2. Types of Promotion = (Sales Promotion) Стимулирование продаж

•season sales •price cuts •coupons •credits •guaranties •discounts •samples •free gifts •premiums •special offers •lotteries •competitions •TV radio contests •exhibitions •consumer contests •bill board •sigh •logo •shop window •shop widow dressing •poster •spot, commercial •campaign •advertisement •direct mail •leaflets, hand bills •fliers, flyers •booklets •free papers •prospects •exhibitions •fairs • letters •multi level marketing •radio spot •TV marketing •courier services •Internet, online shops сезонные распродажи скидки купоны кредиты гарантии возврата скидки образцы бесплатные подарки премии специальные предложения лотереи конкурсы, соревнований конкурсы на TV, радио выставки покупательские конкурсы рекламный щит вывеска логотип витрина оформление витрины плакат реклама на радио и TV, ролик реклама компании реклама объявления почтовая рассылка листовки флайеры буклеты бесплатные газеты проспекты выставки ярмарки именные письма сетевой маркетинг, рекламные агенты радио реклама телемагазины курьерские услуги магазины в Интернете

Виды рекламы

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