Task 1.Compare the text and its translation and find out the meaning of the following words ( in Vocabulary).

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Task 1.Compare the text and its translation and find out the meaning of the following words ( in Vocabulary).

Task 2. Learn the terms.

Task 3. Speak about: 1)Advertising and its objectives

Careers in advertising


1. продвижение  
2. сбыт товаров  
3. предлагать  
4. образование  
5. менеджеры по рекламе  
6. обладать навыками  
7. рекламное пространство  
8. эфирное время  
9. обладать навыками торгового работника  
10. размещать рекламу в СМИ  
11. психологию потребителя  
12. компетентность в  
13. планирование и сравнительная оценка СМИ  
14. размещать рекламные сообщения  
15. покупка  
16. Подготовка текстов рекламы  
17. требовать  
18. автор рекламного текста  
19. вёрстка  
20. умение делать фотоклише  
21. печатать тексты  
22. актёрское мастерство  
23. драматургия  
24. смежные области  
25. финансовые работники с бухгалтерским образованием  
26. навыки менеджера  
27. снабжение  
28. должности  
29. материалы со шрифтовыми выделениями  
30. дизайнеры товаров и упаковки  
31. быстро расти  
32. продвигаться по служебной лестнице  
33. собственные усилия  
34. стаж работы  
35. розничная торговля  
36. ставка оплаты  
37. руководящие работники в бизнесе  


Potato Peelers


Bob Martin's big opportunity had arrived. For years Bob had been employed in the marketing department of CUT-MORE CUTLERY and for the past year had held the position of sales-manager. The cutlery business needed especially ambitious, hard­working people with new ideas for raising the sales of household cutlery. Bob was ideally suited for a position like that. As sales department manager he had worked energetically and had succeeded. During their yearly meeting the firm's directors discussed the question of how to make more profit. When it was Bob's turn to speak he surprised the others with an extraordinary idea "Gentlemen, have you ever wondered why our sales of potato peelers have been more or less constant year after year while the sales of other items of cutlery have either risen or fallen? Our statistics show that our company together with other competitors sells enough potato peelers in two years in this country to supply one to every household. A potato peeler is an item of cutlery that neither breaks nor wears out. One would think they would last a lifetime. Yet they don't. What happens to the potato peelers?" At this point there was a general murmur, as his colleagues asked themselves the same question.

"The question interested me," continued Bob, "And so I employed an opinion-poll firm to find out about it. The results show that most potato peelers are thrown away with the potato peelings. Now, my suggestion is that we paint our potato peelers the same colour as the potato peelings in order to make them more difficult to see among the peelings.

This time the murmuring had the sound of mild approval; the listeners seemed to agree. One person, however, put in: "But how can that colour catch the customer's eye on the sales counter?"

"A very important aspect of marketing," replied Bob. "I've already talked with a colour expert from a leading advertising agency and have come to this solution: we display the dull-coloured peeler on a bright red card. The housewife will wrap the potato peelings in newspaper and once she lays the peeler down on the peelings, the chances that it will be thrown away with the wrapped peelings are excellent. If you accept my suggestion I promise that next year we can double our sales." Again there was a positive reaction, and one of the directors was heard commenting: "A brilliant idea. We need bright fellows like you; we'd like you to become a member of the board of directors."

Task 1.


Read the following sentences and match them according to the text. Put the correct letters below the numbers, please.

1) Bob wanted to get a higher position ...

2) It was not easy for salesman to succeed ...

3) They were selling a constant number of potato peelers ...

4) Potato peelers got lost...

5) Some of the listeners became interested in Bob's words ...

6) Bob proposed such a good idea...

7) They could sell more potato peelers...

8) In order to sell a still larger number of potato peelers ...

9) The manager approved of Bob's suggestion ...

10) Bob was accepted member of the board of directors...

a) ... when he proposed to give the potato peelers a special colour.

b)... because he had also thought of displaying his product.

c)... because housewives mixed them with the potato peelings.

d)... by changing the colour of them.

e)... because it was difficult to have new ideas.

f)... because he had convinced the other members.

g)... therefore he tried to raise the sales of cutlery.
h)... that he made his audience listen.

I)... he wanted to put the peelers on an eye-catching piece of card.

j)... whereas the sales of other cutlery were less successful.



Task 2.


Read the following sentences and fill in the missing expressions. Don't repeat any expressions, please. Use expressions below:

solution, competitors, catch the customer’s (eyes) ,opinion-poll firm, aspect of the marketing, ambitious, are thrown away, new, sales, a sales manager


The sales-man Bob Martin was a (n) ______________________ (1) man. Working at CAT-MORE CATLERY’S meant to raise _____________________ (2) in order to succeed. Being _______________________________ (3) Bob had done well. In this business ___________________________ (4) ideas were needed, because other ________________________ (5) had also been successful. A (n) ________________________ (6) had found out potato peelers ______________________ (7) with the peelings. Potato peelers shouldn’t _________________________ (8) eyes, but following an important ____________________ (9) they should be displayed attractively. The ________________ (10) was to put them on red cards.


Task 3.


A big department store wants to know what makes" people buy things in their store.

Write 6 different questions, please!

Глава IV. Advertising Influence

Are You Influenced by Advertising?

Task 1. Read the following answers. Add your own one.

Jenny has asked people if they are influenced by advertising. Here are some of the answers. Bill: "No, I don't think so. I bought this watch last week. I had seen a commercial for it on TV, but it's a good, reliable watch. I would have bought it even if I hadn't seen the commercial." Pat: "I think everybody is influenced by advertising. Last week I bought a new shampoo. If I hadn't seen a magazine ad for the product, I wouldn't have tried it." Rob: "Yes, I'm sure that I am. Yesterday I bought these trainers. If I hadn't read about them, 1 would have chosen a cheaper pair. I wouldn't have paid so much, money if the ad hadn't influenced me." Ann: "No. I buy whatever is the cheapest. But it’s not always a good idea. Last week I bought a cheap red jumper and the color came out. If I had bought a better jumper, it would have kept its color."


Do You Like Advertising?


This question is asked very often. The most popular answer is "no". Why? - I ask myself. Advertising can annoy, it's a fact. But what would our life be like without it?

Just try to imagine that there is no advertising at all. Neither on TV nor in the press, nor on the radio, etc. What to do? How to choose? Where to get information about new products?

The only way is to ask the shop assistants for help or a piece of advice and try every item recom­mended. What a horror, I must say. I'm absolutely sure that living with advertising is much easier.

We are shown the majority of new goods. We are given information about them. The only problem is making the right choice. But I think that each per­son should resolve this problem for himself. No one ever forces us to buy this or that thing. Simply, we ought to use our brains and to be sensible.

I agree that advertising isn't com­pletely true in most cases. I mean that sometimes the benefits of some goods are exaggerated. But from another point of view, how to sell successfully the same goods for months and years? How to be competitive?

Here comes advertising. In this business, there are professional psychologists who con­stantly research the conditions of the market and the demands of consumers. When we see a foolish advertising of beer, for example, we should know that the majority of the population wants to see exactly this and that they really like it. So the adver­tising is demanded.

I suppose that it is also appropriate to cite a say­ing that people see and hear what they want to see and to hear; that people believe what they want to believe. We all need sweet lies from time to time, and we get it in large amount. We need to be surprised; advertising helps us with this. Why not regard it as an ordinary activity, which aim is the sat­isfaction of common demands?

One more example. Let's compare advertising in different places. On the one hand, we have the ad­vertising on a common TV channel; on the other hand the advertising on the pages of Vogue maga­zine. The difference is obvious. The expensive maga­zine needs the advertising of expensive goods; the TV advertising is for everyone. All who watch TV can­not be smart, well educated and rich.

We also shouldn't forget that we don't pay for watching ordinary TV channels. It has to work some­how, so advertising is necessary for it. He who does not agree can pay money and watch the channels without advertisements. But is it really needed?

In my opinion, it's much better to watch it, to make different conclusions, to laugh at it sometimes, and to use it for your own aims.

By Maria Yaylenko



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