Active Words and Word – Combinations

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Active Words and Word – Combinations


to accentuate — выделять                

beige — бежевый

to convey — перевозить                  

to contribute — вкладывать

dashboard — приборный щиток     

gauge — прибор

highway — трасса                            

to fishtail — тормозить

grille — решетка                          

lineup — строй, расстановка

manual — ручной                            

to redesign — переконструировать

rigid — стойкий                               

snazzy — броский, шикарный

to souped-up — увеличивать мощность

to squared off — приготовить к защите

steering — управление рулем

subtle — неуловимый, тонкий

suspension — подвеска, суспензия       

warranty — гарантия

trunk — багажник                             

to tweak — дергать, щипать

to understeer — плохо слушаться руля

update — последний, обновленный


Answer the questions:

1. What is this text about?

2. What facts about Mazda cars are interesting for you?

3. What reputation does the Mazda have?

4. What characteristic can you give to the Mazda 3 2007?

5. What changes has the Mazda 3’s 2007 updated?

6. What is the most important change?

7. What hasn’t changed?

8. What advantages and disadvantages does it have to your mind?

9. Where is it built?

10. What safety equipment does it have?

11. Why is the Mazda 3 unique?

12. Think of who should buy the Mazda 3 2007 and who should not.


2. Find in the text equivalents for the following phrases:

         Черная отделка, фронтальные подушки безопасности, кожаный салон, заднее колесо, противоположное состояние, боковые подушки безопасности, противотуманные фары, потеря контроля, городской (загородний) цикл, электростеклоподъемники, средства безопасности, особое внимание уделяется, передние фары, экономия топлива, модернизация стиля, улучшенное рулевое управление, сервисный центр, пробег тридцать шесть тысяч миль, точное повиновение рулю, топливный бак.


3. Choose the right word which best completes the sentence:

1. The new bumpers offer superior aerodynamics that ... to better fuel economy.

a) include   

b) influence

c) contribute


2. Changes to the Mazda 3’s body shell make it more ...

a) rigid       

b) hard      

c) tough


3. The most... change is the addition of electronic stability control,

a) unusual     

b) important       

c) incredible


4. The 3’s interior has also been ... for 2007.

a) revised     

b) redesigned      

c) restored


5. Transmission choices are a 5-speed ... or 5-speed automatic,

a) hand     

b) tame     

c) manual


6. ... is when the front wheels try to push towards the outside of a curve when cornered hard.

a) oversteer    

b) understeer      

c) steering



7. ... attention was paid to revising interior quality on all models,

a) particular         

b) special  

c) singular


8. Most front-wheel-drive cars ... the Mazda 3 are tuned for understeer,

a) like             

b) as      

c) such


9. The ‘i’ ... a choice of beige or black interior.

a) offers     

b) gives       

c) proposes


10. As a hatchback, the Mazda 3 is ...

a) special      

b) unusual      

c) unique


4. Find the English equivalents to the following Russian words:

1) оплата

a) payment    

b) pavement   



2) топливо

a) few   

b) fuel  



3) сплав

a) allow   




4) черта

a) fitchew  




5) колесо

a) weal   




6) тонкий

a) subtitle   




7) ручной

a) manual     


с) maneuver


8) щиток

a) blackboard   

b) dashboard   

с) board


9) рулевое управление

a) stereo   

b) dashboard stirring   

с) steering



a) tweak    

b) weak     

с) week

5. Finish the following sentences:

1. The Mazda has a reputation as ...

2. The 3’s new alloy wheels ...

3. It has three trim levels ...

4. The most important change is ...

5. Particular attention was paid to ...

6. The ‘i’ offers a choice ...

7. Transmission choices are ...

8. Base price for the Mazda 3i Sport is ...

9. It has all optional safety equipment... ICE The top-of-the-line 3S Grand Touring adds ...


Tell about the history of Mazda’s company and the latest model Mazda 3 2007. Use the information of the texts above.




Экология сегодня



Ecology is the study of the relationship of plants and animals to their physical and biological environment. The physical environment includes light and heat or solar radiation, moisture, wind, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients in soil, water, and atmosphere. The biological environment includes organisms of the same kind as well as other plants and animals.

Because of the diverse approaches required to study organisms in their environment, ecology draws upon such fields as climatology, hydrology, oceanography, physics, chemistry, geology, and soil analysis. To study the relationships between organisms, ecology also involves such disparate sciences as animal behaviour, taxonomy, physiology, and mathematics.

An increased public awareness of environmental problems has made ecology a common but often misused word. It is confused with environmental programs and environmental science. Although the field is a distinct scientific discipline, ecology does indeed contribute to the study and understanding of environmental problems.

The term ecology was introduced by the German biologist Ernst Heinrich Haeckel in 1866; it is derived from the Greek oikos (“household”), sharing the same root word as economics. Thus, the term implies the study of the economy of nature. Modern ecology, in part, began with Charles Darwin. In developing his theory of evolution, Darwin stressed the adaptation of organisms to their environment through natural selection. Also making important contributions were plant geographers, such as Alexander von Humboldt, who were deeply interested in the “how” and “why” of vegetational distribution around the world.


1. Answer the given questions making use of phrases as far as I have understood; I learned from the text that; the fact that … has been unknown for me; it is mentioned in the text that …; as it is stressed in the article …; the author(s) of the text consider …; I think (consider) that… .

1. How d’you understand the term ‘ecology’ ?

2. What d’you think the physical environment includes? And the biological one?

3. Which fields of science have been drawn upon ecology?

4. Which disparate sciences are involved to study the relationships between organisms?

5. Why d’you think ecology has been made a common but often misused word?

6. Who was the term ecology introduced by and when?

7. What does the term ecology imply from the point of view of its origin?

8. What did Darwin stress in developing his theory of evolution?


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