Task III. Translate the sentences from English into Russian.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Task III. Translate the sentences from English into Russian.

1. The principles that define the use of technology in Customs can be found embedded in key instruments of the WCO.

2. The second and rapidly emerging part of the technology relates to Inspection Technologies, designed to enhance the efficiency of Customs controls.

3. Inspection technologies to aid Customs examinations are developing at a rapid pace and when deployed as part of a layered risk management approach the pay-offs associated with implementation are increasing as these technologies mature.

4. The use of inspection technologies in support of Customs activities is becoming increasingly important as members develop strategies to counter issues such as increasing trade volumes, static resources, trade security and terrorism, accurate revenue collection, etc.

5. Given the tremendous importance and opportunities now presented by the development of technologies that support Customs front line operations and in order to assist Members to assess the merits of the technology products on offer.

6. Customs enforcement is concerned with the protection of society and fighting transnational organized crime based on the principles of risk management.

Task IV. Match left and right.


1. экономическая интеграция to abolish Customs duties
2. интернационализация хозяйственных связей (the) common Customs policy
3. Таможенный союз to provide a mutual solution
4. факторы сближения internationalization of economic ties
5. упразднять таможенные пошлины Customs Union
6. обеспечивать совместное решение factors of convergence
7. создавать предпосылки economic integration
8. единая таможенная политика to create necessary conditions

Task V. Translate the following text into English using the word-combinations from the previous tasks.

Всемирная таможенная организация (ВТАО)

Всемирная таможенная организация (ВТАО), в которой широко представлены страны мира, – это единственная межправительственная организация, деятельность которой полностью сосредоточена на таможенных вопросах. Особенно широкую известность получила ее работа в таких областях, как подготовка международных стандартов, упрощение и гармонизация таможенных процедур, безопасность цепи торговых поставок, содействие международной торговле, правоприменение и соблюдение нормативных правовых актов в таможенной сфере, функционирование международной номенклатуры Гармонизированной системы описания и кодирования товаров, администрирование технических аспектов Соглашений ВТО по оценке таможенной стоимости и правилам определения страны происхождения товаров, и осуществление инициатив по устойчивому созданию глобального таможенного потенциала.

Task VI. Translate the following text into Russian.

What can you bring back from a trip abroad? Which formalities apply to cash, animals, and cultural goods? This is the kind of information that the French and Dutch Customs administrations have decided to make easily and quickly accessible to travelers so that they pass through Customs untroubled.

To do so both administrations have embraced smart mobile phone technology. A smart phone is a mobile phone that includes features that you might find on a computer such as office software applications (emails, contact database, document editing, etc) and multimedia applications (photos, music, videos, games, internet navigation).

The Customs released an application that allows them to provide travelers with information on what goods are forbidden, which are subject to specific formalities, what limits apply to quantities, and so on. Information on applicable duty-free allowances is also available.


Task I. Read the following text and answer some questions in writing:

1. Why are Customs administrations abandoning traditional checks and applying risk management?

2. Why has basic risk management always been fundamental to Customs operations?

3. What has led many Customs administrations to adopt a more structured approach to managing risk?


Risk Management System

In an effort to achieve an appropriate balance between trade facilitation and regulatory control, Customs administrations are generally abandoning their traditional, routine “gateway” checks and are now applying the principles of risk management with varying degrees of sophistication and success.

Basic risk management has always been fundamental to Customs operations, and has guided the formulation of anti-smuggling policies, the functioning of border controls, to verify the movements of goods and passengers, and the establishment of documentary controls and physical inspection procedures. However, in recent times the increasing complexity, speed, and volume of international trade, fueled by technological advances that have revolutionized global trading practices, have significantly affected the way in which Customs authorities implement risk management. This has led many Customs administrations to adopt a more disciplined and structured approach to managing risk.

Customs needs to evaluate the risks that are presented by the nature of its operations. This includes the need for the Customs to review its operational procedures and assess where breaches of procedures are likely to jeopardize the attainment of stated objectives. In other words, Customs needs to provide a risk map that identifies the potential vulnerabilities of its processes and to determine how its procedures may need to be geared toward ensuring better realization of its objectives.

Task II. Find the words synonymous to:

Pressure, simplification, potential, offence, vulnerability, swindle, attainment, to detect, to evaluate, to jeopardize, fraud, legitimate, tension, crime, breach, legal.

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