We would appreciate it if you could look into the matter and make sure the service meets your usual high standards in future.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


We would appreciate it if you could look into the matter and make sure the service meets your usual high standards in future.

Будем Вам признательны, если Вы рассмотрите вопрос и ваш сервис будет соответствовать как прежде высоким стандартам в будущем

.                                                      50

 Please ensure that this sort of problem doesn’t arise again.

 Надеемся, что в будущем такие проблемы не повторятся.

                                                     UNIT IX



                         VOICE I/O IN MANUFACTURING

1. Find English equivalents to the Russian words:


1. часто


a) simultaneously       b) frequently        c) partly                         d) artificially


2. описание


a) prescription            b) restriction         c) description               d) operation


3. доставка


a) assemble                 b) location              c) transportation        d)delivery



4. устанавливать


a) maintain                  b) assemble              c) install                     d) stipulate


5. увеличивать


А) increase                   b) decrease               c) speed up               d) complete


6. оборудовать


a) arrange                     b) equip                     c) handle                  d) develop


7.  местоположение


a) point                         b) arrangement        c) location                d) pan






2. Point out verbs in Passive form in each line:


1. a) used                       b) is used                   c) will used

2. a) is being illustrate b) was illustrating   c) will be illustrating

3. a) record                    b) has been recorded c) has recorded

4. a) handled                 b) was handled              c) was to be handled

5. a) speeded                b) are speeded          c) is to speed


3. Translate the sentences paying attention to the functions of infinitives:


1. “Voice I/O” is used in industry to describe devices to permit users to input data into an instrument, controller or computer using speech.


2. The device to be inspected is transported to the warehouse.


3. Using “voice I/O” allows operator to maintain peak visual concentration.


4. The user’s eyes or hands are too busy with task and hand to efficiently input data through a keyboard, mouse or other common input device.


5. Manufacturing flow information is reported to be handled by data collection applications.


4. Read and translate the following words and word combinations:


Printed circuit board, terminal display, automated storage and retrieval system, package handling system, package sorting, brief comments, chip, semiconductor wafer, higher power microscope, airframe, material movement, irregularities, quality control requirements, weapons, to detect.


5. Read  text A.


                                   VOICE I/O FOR HANDS-FREE DATA INPUT



The term  “Voice I/O” is used in industry to describe devices that permit users to input data into an instrument, controller or computer using speech, rather than a keyboard or a mouse. Information is output by a computer generated or prerecorded voice, as opposed to a terminal display or hard copy print out.



Frequently, voice I/O is used to complement or entirely replace bar code and keyboard technologies resulting in greater accuracies and higher speeds.                                                           

Currently voice I/O in manufacturing is used in environments where the user’s eyes or hands are too busy with the task at hand to efficiently or effectively input data through a keyboard, mouse, or other common input device. Several examples help to illustrate the usefulness of voice I/O:

During the manufacture of printed circuit boards and semiconductor wafer, each chip or circuit is inspected for defects through a high power microscope. The inspector notes any defects along with brief comments as to their nature and likely source. Using I/O saves the labor costs of transcription, and allows the operator to maintain peak visual concentration, improving throughput.

Transportation and delivery companies use multiple voice recognizers in their package sorting and baggage operations. Operators state the destination of each item as it arrives, rather than keying it into a terminal.

Operations are speeded because users can move items while speaking into the system.

Package delivery companies use I/O for tracking packages. Each time a package enters a warehouse, its presence is recorded by voice I/O equipped handlers who read manifest numbers into the package handling system. The company immediately knows a package’s location at any time.

The Army uses conversational voice I/O to catalog and track small weapons.

Boeng uses conversational voice I/O equipment for quality control inspections of aircraft components, particularly wings and fuselage. The airframe components have very strict quality requirements which are most efficiently handled by voice I/O.  As an inspector examines airframe components,

other irregularities are recorded immediately into a central system. This saves time and reduces errors, while letting the inspector concentrate more closely on the aircraft inspection.

A major appliance manufacturer uses voice I/O factory floor data collection applications in which quality control, material movement, and manufacturing flow information is reported as it is detected, resulting in higher overall product quality and productivity. The company also uses it for parts distribution. Workers enter data to generate labels for incoming goods without having to look away from the goods to write.

Other key industrial applications include equipment control, security, inventory control, production line and quality assurance control and materials handling.


6. Find in the text English equivalents of the following words:


Вводить данные, клавиатура, голосовое устройство, мышь, драйвер, замещать, большая точность, склад, система обработки моделей, оружие,


самолет, строгий контроль качества, требования, дефекты, приводить к …., производительность, основное промышленное применение,

производственная линия, гарантия качества.


7. Make suitable questions to the following sentences, so that the sentences would be the answers the questions:


1. During the manufacture of the printed circuit boards each chip or circuit is inspected for defects . (What kind of ………)

2. Package delivery companies use voice I/O for tracking packages. (What for …..)

3. The company immediately knows a package’s location at any time. (How quickly….)

4. The Army uses conventional voice I/O to catalog and track small weapons. (Where….)

5. The airframe components have very strict quality control requirements. (What…)

6. As the inspector examines airframe components defects and other irregularities are recorded immediately into a central system. (What …..)

7. Major appliance manufacturer uses voice I/O in factory floor data collection applications. (Who…)


8. Translate into English :


1. Термин «голосовое устройство ввода, вывода данных» используется в промышленности, обозначая ввод данных посредством голоса, а не клавиатуры.

2. Голосовое устройство ввода, вывода используется вместо клавиатуры.

3, Компании по транспортировке и доставке используют опознаватели голоса в операциях по сортировке и обработке багажа.

4. В армии голосовые устройства ввода, вывода служат для регистрации и отслеживания оружия.

5. В авиации новое голосовое устройство помогает проверять корпус самолета с целью обнаружения дефектов и поломок.

6ю Новая система экономит время и снижает количество ошибок, при этом позволяя инспектору более внимательно концентрироваться на изучении проблемы.

7. В числе промышленного применения нового устройства следует отметить такие как, управление оборудованием, безопасность, инвентаризационный контроль, а также управление производством и процессом обработки материалов.





9. Look through the text again and speak on the following points:


a) Why are the voice I/O   devices so important today? What are their advantages?

b) What is the principle of operation of the new device?

c) What functions can the I/O system perform?

d) In what fields of industry is the system used most effectively?                                            



10.Read  text B. Be ready to answer the following questions:


1. Which technologies can make work with information easier?

2. What is an “object”?

3. What is the way  of working with an object?

4. What companies work on networks operation updating?

5. Are there any examples of “objects” applications  in the text?

6. What is an “agent” and what is its function?

7. Could you give the examples of  an“agent” work?


                                           DENIZEN OF THE NET

At some point, most networks sink under their own complexity. Any personal computer user will know how hard it is to keep track of all the information on his hard disk, and to remember how to make his word processor, spreadsheet and other software work together. With networks, that complexity grows exponentially. Two technologies that can help tame the mess are “objects” and “agents”.

An object, or object-oriented software, to use the full name, is information that knows what can be done with itself. To edit a conventional electronic document, for example, a person must find the appropriate word processor, start up and set to work. But with an object, the person sends the object a message to find its own word processor, start it up and get ready to be edited.

This may not sound like much, but amid the complexity of large networks and compound documents (which contain, say, spreadsheets which must be updated as well as to be edited) even a little help can enable people to do a lot more work. So all of the big computer companies including Microsoft, Apple, and IBM are working on the standards that will enable objects to communicate with each other in simple ways to help tame networks.



One of the more ambitious applications of objects comes from Lloyd’s of London, an international insurance market. The forms that need to be filled out to buy or                                                                 

sell insurance are nightmare. They must cover highly specialized risks ranging

from a sinking boat to burning building, and they must meet different regulations in just about every market they are sold in. About third are typically filled in wrong. So Lloyd’s staff is working to  build objects that can automatically check to see that the right information has been entered for whatever risk is being insured.

Agents are objects that don’t wait to be told what to do. They have their own goals, and wander about networks, hopping from machine, working on behalf of their masters, who are off doing other jobs.

One exemplary agent is being created by John Evans of News Data Corporation, part of the News Corp. empire. Mr. Evans hopes eventually to sell an agent, named Oliver after his dog. This intelligent agent knows enough about travel and travel databases to retrieve automatically, for example, a list of all flights from London to San Francisco on July 31st – so doing the simplest , and most time-consuming part of the job that a human travel agent does.


                                                            TEXT C

Read  text C without consulting a dictionary. Be ready to answer the following questions:


1. What is the Internet?

2. Why is the Internet expanding so fast?

3. What three types of connection should be mentioned while speaking about the Internet?

4. What is the purpose of the Internet? Give examples.

5. What was the Internet invented for and by whom?


                              THAT DAMN’D EXPLOSIVE INTERNET


By the middle of 1994, the Internet connected over 2.2m computers, serving 25m people. Just one part of the network carried over 12 trillion bytes of data – the equivalent of about 40m books. And for all that the network is still doubling in size and volume each year.

This  raises two fundamental questions. First, why should so many people want to throw themselves into an electronic world created by nerds for nerds? How can the network sustain its pace of growth?

Part of the answer to the first question is simple fashion. Young people today embrace technology for some of the same reason that their parents embraced rock and roll. It’s new, it’s exciting and it makes the old folks nervous. But a more


fundamental reason is that the nerd who built the Internet have found new ways of meeting a basic human need: the desire to communicate with other people.

 Underlying the Internet are three basic means of communication. E-mail sends electronic messages from one person to another- like letters, but capable of crossing the Atlantic in one minute or so. File transfers move bulk data from one computer to another. And so-called telnet services enable someone to connect to a computer miles away, and, network speed permitting use its services as if it were sitting on the desktop.

In their original form, such services were next to impossible for those without a degree in computer science. But in the past two years, new software has hidden most if the Internet’s complexity, and made it as easy to use as pointing a mouse at the appropriate picture on the screen, and click – the world’s database are at your fingertips.

With these capabilities, the Internet becomes post office, printing press and meeting place all in one. Some use the Internet to exchange letters with loved ones. Others connect to remote computers to play games or to do research. Others join groups to discuss various problems. America’s Securities and Exchange Commission is using the network to distribute reports on corporate finance. NASA distributes photographs from space. And farmers can wallow in a database called “Not just cows”.

Technically, the reason that the Internet can cope with such  helter-skelter growth is that it was conceived originally by America’s Defense Department, way back in the late 1960s, as a prototype of a network that could withstand a nuclear strike. Now the Internet is a network of networks, linked together by a collection of voluntary agreed technical standards. Each company, university or organization is responsible for communications among its own computers, and all cooperate in communication between networks – with much duplication and re-routing.


10. Make a written translation of the text.


                                                      Voice I/O basics


Voice input devices do for speech what keyboards do for fingers. They translate human input into terms a computer or control device can understand. However, instead of a translating a limited and finite number of possible keystrokes on a keyboard, voice input devices must deal with an infinite combination of words, slangs, accents, inflections etc. Consequently, all currently available speech processors are restricted to a certain number of words or phrases that they can translate. Speech processors learn these words during a training phase. During initial setup, the voice I/O system is trained to recognize words by storing a


digitized waveform of each word in memory. Later, when the system is in use , voice input is converted into digitized patterns and compared to those stored in                                                                     

system memory. If the two patterns match, the word is acted upon.

Types of speech. Voice input devices are currently defined by one of three terms: discrete, connected and continuous.

Discrete devices require a pause between each spoken word.

Connected voice input systems require users to speak in predefined phrases such as “pick up the tool”. Words spoken out of sequence will not be recognized.

Continuous voice input systems recognize multiple words in any order without requiring a pause. Users can speak words in a variety of sequences without having to train the system to recognize each sequence.

Of the three types, continuous voice input systems are generally regarded as the most versatile and easy to use. Not surprisingly they are also the most expensive.

                               English-Russian Glossary




accept , v                                                               принимать

access, n                                                                 доступ

access time                                                            время доступа

accuracy, n                                                             точность

adjust, v                                                                  налаживать

adjustable, a                                                           переменный, регулируемый

add, v                                                                       складывать

aggregate, v                                                            собирать

allocation, n                                                            размещение

amid                                                                         среди

amount, n                                                                количество

application , n                                                         применение

approach, n                                                             подход

arrange, v                                                                 размещать

assign, v                                                                   означать

audible,a                                                                  слышимый



basic, a                                                                     основной     

batch, v                                                                    сортировать

blank, n                                                                    пробел

branch, n                                                                 отрасль

built-in, a                                                                 встроенный


bus, n                                                                       шина

button, n                                                                  кнопка




calculation, n                                                         вычисление

call-in, n                                                                  вызов

capacitor, n                                                            конденсатор

capacity, n                                                              емкость (памяти), мощность

card, n                                                                      плата

carrier, n                                                                 носитель

cause, v                                                                   вызывать

cell, n                                                                       ячейка, элемент

circuit, n                                                                  схема

solid state circuit                                                   полупроводниковая схема

closed loop                                                             замкнутый цикл


complex, a                                                               сложный

compute, v                                                               вычислять

host computer                                                        главный компьютер

conductor, n                                                            проводник

content, n                                                                 содержимое, содержание

control, v                                                                  управлять

controller, n                                                             контроллер

consumption, n                                                       потребление

conventional, a                                                       общепринятый

convert, v                                                                 преобразовывать

copy, v                                                                      копировать

cumulative, a                                                           накапливающий

current, a                                                                 текущий

cycle, n                                                                     цикл, период





data, n                                                                       данные

data storage                                                             хранение данных

deal with                                                                   иметь дело с…..

deflection, n                                                             отклонение

deficiency, n                                                             недостаток




debug, v                                                                    налаживать,отлаживать (программу)

decoder, n                                                                дешифратор (команд)

dedicate, v                                                                 выделять                                                           

delay, v                                                                      задержка

denizen, n                                                                 житель

density, n                                                                  плотность

deplete, v                                                                 истощать, исчерпывать

destination, n                                                          место назначения

detection, n                                                              обнаружение

device, n                                                                    устройство

digital, a                                                                     цифровой

directly, adv.                                                             непосредственно

disrupt, v                                                                    разрушать

division, n                                                                   раздел

drive, n                                                                       дисковод

hard drive                                                                  жесткий диск

driver, n                                                                      драйвер

duplicate, v                                                                 снимать копию

duration, n                                                                 длительность




edit, v                                                                         редактировать

elaboration, n                                                           реализация

eliminate, v                                                               устранять

emit, v                                                                        излучать

 emitter, n                                                                 генератор

emergency, n                                                           авария

embrace,v                                                                 охватывать, использовать

encode, v                                                                   закодировать

engineering, n, a                                                            техника, технический

enquiry, n                                                                        запрос

erasable, a                                                                      стираемый

error, n                                                                            ошибка

environment, n                                                              оборудование

entry, n                                                                            вход, ввод

exceed, v                                                                         превышать

execute, v                                                                        исполнять, выполнять

excess, n                                                                          избыток


expose, v                                                                         подвергать

expansion, n                                                                   раcширение

external, a                                                                       внешний

eventually, adv.                                                             в конечном счете




facility, n                                                                        устройство              

failure, n                                                                        сбой  

fault, n                                                                           дефект    

feed, n                                                                           подача 

feeder, n                                                                       устройство, подачи               

flexibility, n                                                                   гибкость              

floppy disk                                                                    гибкий диск 

fraction, n                                                                     часть    

frequency, n                                                                 частота





gain, n, v                                                                       получать

general – purpose, a                                                   универсальный

generate, v                                                                   вырабатывать




handle, v                                                                       управлять, оперировать (информацией)

hardware, n                                                                  аппаратура   

head, n                                                                           головка

helter-skelter, n                                                           суматоха

read/write head                                                           универсальная головка (для считывания   


holding, n                                                                      хранение

hop, v                                                                             скачкообразно перемещаться



image, n                                                                       изображение     




implement, v                                                               осуществлять

incompatibility, n                                                       несовместимость

integer, n                                                                     целое число   

immediate, a                                                               прямой

~ access storage                                                       запоминающее устройство с

                                                                                      непосредственной выборкой                                                               

insurance, n                                                                 страховка

intelligence, n                                                             интеллект; логические функции 

artificial ~                                                                 искусственный интеллект

incorporate, v                                                             включать    

inflection, n                                                               изгиб

input, n                                                                       ввод

interface, n                                                                связь, интерфейс

internal, a                                                                  внутренний

interrupt, v                                                                прерывать                

installation, n                                                            размещение программы в памяти      

inventory control                                                     управление запасами     




junction, n                                                                  соединение




key, n                                                                          клавиша              

keyboard, n                                                               клавиатура    

keyword                                                                     ключевое слово




large-scale, a                                                             крупномасштабный; большой

line, n                                                                          провод, шина

delay line                                                                    линия задержки    

off-line, a                                                                    автономный      

on-line, a                                                                    неавтономный    

link, n                                                                          связь

load, n, v                                                                     загрузка      



location, n                                                                  ячейка (памяти), расположение   

loop, n                                                                        контур, пятно, цикл 

closed-loop                                                                замкнутый цикл 




machinery, n                                                             оборудование

mainframe, n                                                            большая ЭВМ   

maintenance, n                                                        эксплуатация       

program maintenance                                            обслуживание программного       


magnetic care storage                                            память на магнитных сердечниках

main storage                                                            оперативная память      

manual, a                                                                  ручной

computer manual                                                    инструкция к ЭВМ 

matching, n                                                               согласование      

memory                                                                     память      

meter, n                                                                     счетчик

mode, n                                                                      способ    

monitoring, n                                                            текущий контроль           

mount, v                                                                    устанавливать 

multiple, a                                                                 многократный




negotiation                                                                согласование    

nerd, n                                                                        компьютерный фанат

network, n                                                                 Сеть      

network data base                                                   Сетевая база данных             

numerical control                                                         числовое программное управление




operation, n                                                              работа       

order, n                                                                           команда

output, n                                                                    выход; результат; выходной сигнал





package, n                                                                 пакет       

application program package                                пакет прикладных программ

pattern, n                                                                      образец

perform, v                                                                 выполнять

peripheral, a                                                                внешний

performance, n                                                        производительность                                                                    

picking, n                                                                   сбор

plate, n                                                                       диск       

playback, n                                                                считывание     

plug-in                                                                        съемный      

process, v                                                                   обрабатывать            

processing, n                                                             обработка

program, n                                                                 программа     

application program                                                прикладная программа           

debugging program                                                 программа откладки   

loading program                                                       программа загрузки   

object program                                                         конечная программа 

purpose, n                                                                  цель назначения





query, n                                                                       запрос на очередь 

queue, n                                                                      очередность (запросов)




random, a                                                                    случайный, произвольный  

range, n                                                                        диапазон

rate, n                                                                           коэффициент 

ratio, n                                                                          соотношение    

reader, n                                                                       считыватель

road-out, n                                                                   показания

real-time, a                                                                   в реальном времени   

record, n, v                                                                   запись; записывать 

reference, n                                                                  ссылка      

register, n                                                                      регистр         

relay, n                                                                           реле  




reliability, n                                                                   надежность 

relocation, n                                                                  перемещение

remote, a                                                                        дистанционный

restrict, v                                                                       ограничивать

request, n                                                                       запрос

retrieve, v                                                                       восстанавливать      

retrieval, n                                                                      поиск

rout, n                                                                             маршрут

run, n                                                                              прогонять (программу)  




screen, n                                                                         экран  

searching, n                                                                   поиск

selection, n                                                                    синхронизатор 

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