Симптомы, характерные для первичного туберкулеза; в пораженном легком; клинические проявления; положительная проба; уплотнение легочной ткани; первичный туберкулез; перкуторный звук. 

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Симптомы, характерные для первичного туберкулеза; в пораженном легком; клинические проявления; положительная проба; уплотнение легочной ткани; первичный туберкулез; перкуторный звук.

Text E

Primary tuberculosis usually begins in childhood and affects the lungs and bronchial lymphatic glands of the lung roots. Primary tuberculosis may not give any clinical manifestations and is revealed only by a positive Pirquet’s1 and Mantoux’s tests2 and X-ray examination. Loss of appetite, short periods of fever, slow growth, loss of weight may be some of the symptoms characteristic of primary tuberculosis.

Physical examination sometimes reveals consolidation of the pulmonary tissue. A shorter percussion sound and a small number of dry and fine moist rales are heard in the involved lung.

A favourable course of primary tuberculosis leads to the formation of a Ghon’s focus3. In unfavourable cases primary pulmonary tuberculosis may lead to an extensive inflammation.


1 Pirquet’s [piə'keiz] test - накожная туберкулиновая проба Пирке 2 Mantoux’s [mfŋ'tu:z] test - внутрикожная туберкулиновая проба Манту 3 Ghon’s ['gɒnz] focus - очаг Гона ( кальцинированныйочаг , свидетельствующий о перенесенном туберкулезе )


VIII. Translate the following word combinations:

A bad wound; 2) a bad malaise; 3) a bad rupture; 4) bad manifestations; 5) a bad fatigue.

IX. Answer the following questions:

In what cases is erythrocyte sedimentation rate accelerated? 2. What temperature are benign forms of tuberculosis accompanied by? 3. In case of what disease is a marked shadowing in the lungs revealed by the X-ray examination? 4. What sputum has the patient with tuberculosis of the lungs? 5. Is cold profuse perspiration at night the evidence of a benign or a severe form of tuberculosis of the lungs? 6. What is permanent fever often accompanied by?

X. Choose the proper verb from those given in brackets. Use it in the necessary tense:

The patient’s general condition (to improve, to recover) gradually since he was administered streptomycin injections. 2. The most characteristic symptoms of primary tuberculosis such as loss of appetite and weight, short periods of fever and slow growth (to develop, to produce) in a child since the age of two. 3. As the patient’s temperature (to enlarge, to elevate) constantly since he was admitted to the hospital he had to follow a bed regimen.

XI. Use ‘one’ (‘ones’), ‘that’ (‘those’) instead of the words in bold type. Translate the sentences:

In case of pulmonary gangrene the right lung is more often affected than the left lung. 2. In acute forms of pulmonary gangrene the sputum has a bad smell, like the smell of dead tissues or of a destroyed tooth. 3. In pulmonary edema the clinical picture reveals some findings like the findings observed in other lung diseases.

XII. Read the passages. Say what respiratory tract disease is described in each of them:

The girl developed a permanent loss of appetite and she had not been increasing in weight for several months. Her growth was slow. She often had short periods of fever. On physical examination the physician revealed a small number of dry and fine moist rales. The percussion sound was considerably reduced.

2. The patient complained of a general malaise, fatigue and cold profuse perspiration at night. His temperature had been persisting at a level of 38 °C for about a month. He had mucopurulent sputum sometimes containing blood. When the doctor was examining him the patient stated that he had lost much weight.

When the patient was admitted to the hospital his breathing was rapid and there was a marked cyanosis of the face. He complained of chest pain on deep breathing in. The physician determined that his arterial pressure was reduced, his pulse rate was accelerated and there was dullness in the lungs. There were numerous foci of inflammation in the lungs revealed by the X-ray examination.

XIII. 1. Read Text F. 2. Ask each other questions on the text. 3. Retell it.

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