To divide; to be based on; to track down; to be put; to break; to manage; to follow; to deal with; to be enforced; to be established; to warrant; to provide; to cross; to involve; to be presented

The whole system of American government (1) ____ the principles (2) ____ in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The people believe that the government should (3) ____ a frame work of law and order in which they are left free to run their own lives.

The state government (4)____ much the same pattern as the federal government. Each has a governor as the chief executive, with power (5)____ among the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. State governments (6)____ such affairs as maintaining order, educating children and young adults, and building highways. The federal government (7)____ national problems and international relations and with regional problems that (8 ) ____ more than one state. Laws affecting the daily lives of citizens (9)____ by police in the cities and towns. Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation – the famous FBI – (10) ____ who (11) ___ state borders or who (12)___ federal laws.

Before an accused person can (13) ___ on trial for a serious crime in a federal court – or in the courts of many states – the case must (14)____ (15) ____ to a grand jury of private citizens who decide whether there is enough evidence of probable guilt (16) ____ a trial.


Political System of Ukraine

1. Look through the words and expression to make sure that you know them. Learn those you don’t know

foundation in accordance with organic law; jural state/ law ruled state; to be enshrined by the constitutional provisions; to envisage the principle of the political diversity of the social life; property right equality before the law maintenance of ecologic safety jural/ legal essence the supremacy of law; establish and promote human rights unitary state; an integral and inviolable territory основа, принцип, підвалини згідно з основний закон правова держава бути запровадженою/ захищеною констит. положеннями передбачати принцип політ. різноманітності суспільного життя право власності рівність перед законом підтримка, збереження екологічної безпеки правова сутність верховенство права встановлювати та підтримувати людські права унітарна держава неподільна та непорушна територія
specify the powers and obligations   to be the guarantor of state sovereignty; the territorial indivisibility; the observance of the Constitution to be elected on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage; to be elected by secret ballot; to attain the age to have a command of the state language to hold one’s post for no longer than two consecutive terms; to enjoy the right of immunity; the term of authority; the procedure of impeachment; to ensure the legal succession of the state установлювати (визначати) повноваження та обов’язки бути гарантом державного суверенітету територіальна цілісність дотримання Конституції бути обраним загальним, рівним, прямим голосуванням бути обраним таємним голосуванням досягти віку володіти державною мовою перебувати на посаді не більш ніж 2 послідовних термінів мати право недоторканості строк повноваження проведення імпічменту забезпечувати правонаступництво держави
people’s deputy equal and direct universal suffrage secret vote multi-mandate national constituency election block voluntarily faction relevant share the views of economic development народний депутат рівне, пряме, загальне виборче право таємне голосування багатомандатний національний виборчий округ виборчий блок добровільно фракція доречний поділяти погляди щодо економічного розвитку
supreme executive authority presidential orders consent suspend Prime Minister’s authorities   discharge submission approval of government-submitted annual budget fulfillment of budgetary provision rejection home policy humanitarian matters вищий виконавчий орган президентські укази згода тимчасово припинити (призупинити) повноваження прим’єр-міністра звільнення від обов’язків подання, представлення (документів), покора затвердження щорічно поданого державного бюджету виконання бюджетного положення відмова, відхилення внутрішня політика гуманітарні питання
to be outlined by the Constitution watch over the power legal proceeding courts of general jurisdiction entity cassation supervisory authority promote constitutional control in all spheres   strengthen the constitutional order principle of primacy of law/ the rule of law визначений Конституцією наглядати за владою юридична справа суди загальної юрисдикції суб’єкт, суть, юридична особа касація контрольний орган підтримувати, підвищувати конституційний контроль в усіх сферах зміцнювати конституційний порядок принцип верховенства права

2. Read and translate the text:

General Foundations of Ukraine’s Political System

General foundations of the political system of Ukraine are defined by its Constitution. In accordance with its organic law, Ukraine is a sovereign, independent, democratic, social and jural state.

Democratic essence of the Ukrainian state is enshrined by the constitutional provisions concerning its form of government – a republic governed by sovereignty of the people. State power is divided into legislative, executive and judicial branches, acting within their competence.

Constitution envisages the principle of political, economic and ideological diversity of social life.

The social character of Ukrainian state results in constitutional regulation of issues related to use of property and protection of all subjects of property right, social orientation of the economy, equality of all subjects of property right before the law, maintenance of ecologic safety and balance within Ukraine’s territory and other socially important measures.

Jural essence of the state is supported by provisions related to supremacy of law and direct action of constitutional norms. The state is responsible before the people for its activities. According to the Constitution, the main task of the state is to establish and promote human rights and freedoms.

Ukraine is a unitary state, which territory is integral and inviolable. The state has a single citizenship. The state language of Ukraine is Ukrainian.

State Power Institutions in Ukraine: The President of Ukraine

The President of Ukraine is the Head of the State and acts in its name. Chapter V of the Ukrainian Constitution specifies the powers and obligations of the President. The President of Ukraine is the guarantor of state sovereignty and territorial indivisibility of Ukraine, the observance of the Constitution of Ukraine and human and citizens’ rights and freedoms.

The President, as guarantor of the Constitution, is obliged to put a stop to any actions of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of power which directly or indirectly violate the Core Law of Ukraine. The President is the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Army and heads the National Security and Defense Council.

The President of Ukraine is elected by the citizens of Ukraine for a five-year term, on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage, by secret ballot.

A citizen of Ukraine who has attained the age of thirty-five, has the right to vote, has resided in Ukraine for the past ten years prior to the day of elections, and has a command of the state language, may be elected the President of Ukraine.

One and the same person shall not be the President of Ukraine for more than two consecutive terms. The term of presidential office is five years. The President of Ukraine enjoys the right of immunity during the term of authority. The title of the President of Ukraine is protected by law and is reserved for the President for life, unless the President of Ukraine has been removed from office by the procedure of impeachment. The President of Ukraine ensures state independence, national security and the legal succession of the state.

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