Remove, corresponds, rank, exercised, charges, envisages, outlined, assisted, ballot, identified, impeached, dismissed

1. No reform had seemed more unlikely than the adoption of the …. 2. The judge dismissed all …. 3. The governor was … for wrongful use of state money. 4. Local villagers … the doctors with the people wounded in the bus crash. 5. The photograph … with the description that the witness gave us. 6. The plaintiff's action was … with costs. 7. He … an entirely new system of education. 8. An arbitrary power of imprisonment was still … by the Council. 9. She …. the intruder to the police. 10. She … what I would be doing. 11. We … you as our best candidate. 12. … that dangerous weapon from the child!

B: Fill in the appropriate proposition or adverb where necessary.

1. They trumped up (фабрикувати) various charges … her. 2. The suspect was arrested …various charges. 3. This man was impeached …the crime ... murdering his wife. 4. He was immediately impeached high treason. 5. We assisted them the preparation the report. 6. The prosecutor brought criminal charges the man who attacked the girl. 7. This ideal model does not correspond the facts. 8. They are merely exercising their right … free speech. 9. Mr. Green was removedthe chairmanship the club.

6. Translate the words given in two columns and match the pairs as they are used in the text.

1. урядовий a. влада
2. популярний b. вибори
3. виконавчий c. засідання
4. натуралізований d. послання
5. федеральний e. термін
6. президентський f. звіт
7. другий g. обов‘язок
8. спільний h. громадянин
9. постійний i. департамент
10. економічний j. договір
11. щорічний k. помічник
12. невизначений l. посада
13. важливий m. бюджет
14. політичний n. гілка
15. безпосередній o. етап

7. Study the following expressions with the word ‘joint’ and use them in the sentences of your own.

Joint action- спільна дія

Joint authors (authorship) – колектив авторів, колективне авторство

Joint board – координаційний комітет, об‘єднане управління

Joint Staff – об‘єднаний штаб

Joint Chiefs of Staff - об‘єднаний комітет начальників штабів

Joint commission to investigate the effects of Atomic Bomb – комісія для вивчення наслідків вибухів атомних бомб

Joint obligations – солідарне зобов‘язання

Joint owner - співвласник

Joint resolution – спільна постанова обох палат конгресу

Joint responsibility – солідарна відповідальність

Joint venture – спільне підприємство

8. Match the words given on the left with their definitions on the right.

1.office a. a formal accusation against a public official by a legislative body
2. term b. violation of the allegiance owed by a person to his or her own country, for example, by aiding an enemy.
3. resident c. a communication in speech, writing, or signals
4. session d. an often itemized estimate of income and spending, for example, of a country or company, during a specified period. It sometimes includes systematic proposals as to how expenses will be met.
5. candidate e. an accusation of wrongdoing, especially an official statement accusing somebody of committing a crime
6. consent f. to give up a paid or unpaid position voluntarily
7. message g. to select a person or a group of people for an official position or to do a particular job
8. budget h. a program of actions adopted by an individual, group, or government, or the set of principles on which they are based
9. duty i. the offering of money or other incentives to persuade somebody to do something, especially something dishonest or illegal
10. to appoint j. an official organization, especially a government department, or the work performed for such an organization
11. to resign k. a facet, phase, or part of a whole; a particular view or point of view
12. service l. the finding or an instance of finding somebody guilty or of being found guilty of a crime
13. to maintain m. somebody who runs for election to a political office or an official position
14. bribery n. to give permission or approval for something to happen
15. aspect o. somebody who lives permanently or for a considerable period in a particular place
16. policy p. to ensure that something continues to work properly by checking it regularly and making repairs and adjustments if required
17. impeachment q. to accuse somebody formally of having committed a crime
18. conviction r. something that somebody is obliged to do for moral, legal, or religious reasons
19. charge s. the length of time that something lasts, with a fixed or specified beginning and end, often a period during which somebody holds a specific appointment or office
20. treason t. a meeting of an official body, especially a court or legislature

9. Fill in a correct word or phrase from the list below:

Speaker of the House; representatives; four; pardons; affirms; President’s Cabinet; officers; ambassadors; special; Supreme Court justices; president pro tempore of the Senate; allowances; Cabinet officers; two; Commander in Chief; Vice-President(2); state of the union; 171,500; bribery; created(2); temporary; departments; consent(2); Twenty-second; impeached; misdemeanors; 200,000; retrieves; oath; consuls; treason; swears; office

The executive branch includes the (1)____________, the (2)____________, and the (3)__________. The President sees that our laws are executed, or carried out.

The President is followed in succession by the (4)__________, the (5) ________ _______, the (6) __________ _________ __________, and his (7) __________ in the order their departments were (8) _________. The last (9) ________ departments (10) __________ are not in the line of succession.

The President’s salary is (11) _________ dollars a year, plus expense (12) _________ and other benefits. The Vice President’s salary is (13)____________ dollars a year.

The President and Vice-President Serve (14) _________ year terms of office, and the President is limited to (15) ________ terms by the (16) ___________ Amendment to the Constitution.

The President takes an (17)________ of office, in which he (18) ___________ or (19) __________ to carry out his (20) ___________ and defend the United States Constitution.

Among the powers and duties of the President are: (21) ________ _________ of the Armed forces; to ask for (22) _________ reports from the heads of executive (23) _________; to grant (24)_________ and (25)____________ to breakers of federal laws, with the exception of (26) __________ officials, who have been convicted; to make treaties with foreign countries, with the (27) _________ of the Senate; to appoint (28) ________, (29)__________, (30) __________, and other high officials, with the (31) __________ of the Senate; to make (32) __________ appointments is the Senate is not in session; to make a (33) _________ _________ message to Congress at the beginning of each session; to receive (34) ___________ from foreign countries; and to commission all federal (35) _____________.

A president may be impeached for(36) _________,(37) __________,other crimes, or(38)________.

10. Translate the text given below.

Повноваження Президента

Посада Президента Сполучених Штатів Америки – одна з найбільш наділених владними повноваженнями у світі. Президент, як сказано в Конституції, повинен „забезпечувати точне виконання законів”. Задля здійснення цього відповідального обов‘язку він очолює виконавчу гілку федерального уряду – величезну організацію чисельністю близько 4 мільйонів осіб включно з 1 мільйоном військових дійсної служби. Крім того, Президент наділений важливими законодавчими та судовими повноваженнями.

У межах виконавчої гілки влади Президент має широкі повноваження щодо управління загальнодержавними справами й роботою федерального уряду.

Незважаючи на конституційне положення про те, що „всі повноваження законодавчої влади” мають бути надані Конгресові, Президент як головний творець державної політики відіграє вельми важливу законодавчу роль. Президент може накласти вето на будь-який законопроект, схвалений Конгресом, і, якщо дві третини кожної з палат не проголосують за скасування цього вето, законопроект не стане законом.

До судових повноважень Президента належить призначення федеральних суддів, оголошення повної або часткової амністії засудженому за порушення федерального закону, скорочення строків ув‘язнення та зменшення штрафів.

11. Answer the following questions.

1. What is the highest governmental office in the USA? 2. Can the president be elected for three terms? 3. How are the president’s elections held? 4. What are the powers of the president? 5. What are the powers of Vice-President? 6. What departments does the Cabinet consist of? 7. What is “White House office”? 8. How can the president be removed from his office before the term expires?

Part 4

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