I. Guess the word from the definition. If you put together the first letters of these words, you’ll get a phrase. 

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I. Guess the word from the definition. If you put together the first letters of these words, you’ll get a phrase.

1. A piece of paper given by the doctor for treatment.

2. If you come to the doctor, first of all he will …. you.

3. A person who makes patient’s appointments with a doctor.

4. A very high temperature.

5. If we have pain in the ear, we say we have an ... .

6. A place where the patient comes for a check up.

7. We take a temperature with it.

8. A pain in the head.

9. The doctors say if they want to calm down the patients: “Take it ...”

10. You call it if you need first aid.

11. You must check them if you often have a cough and pneumonia.

12. Pain in the tooth.

13.What is above wealth?

II. Translate the text into Ukrainian.

III. Put 5-7 questions to the text.


Health is one of the most important things for every person. We need to care about it from early youth, because the situation we live in is rather tense.

Sometimes people get ill. The usual illnesses are headache, flu, toothache, bronchitis, quinsy. When you get ill, you go to the doctor’s. Also you can call a doctor to your place.

A doctor is a man who looks after people who are ill. He gives them medical treatment. People who are receiving medical treatment are called patients.

Doctors sometimes perform operations on the bodies of their patients with their hands or with instruments. Doctors who do this are called surgeons and the instruments they use are called surgical instruments. An operation made by a surgeon is called a surgical operation.

If you have toothache you should go to your dentist. A dentist is a doctor who cares of people’s teeth. He gives people dental treatment. If aching tooth is not too far gone, he’ll stop it. If it is too bad, he’ll take it out.

If you don’t feel well, you should consult a doctor. If you feel too ill to go to the doctor’s you’ll have to send for him. He’ll ask you to describe to him the symptoms of your illness. Then he’ll feel your pulse, look at your tongue and examine you thoroughly. Finally he’ll prescribe the treatment and write out a prescription. Doctor’s prescriptions are made up by a chemist. At chemist’s shop you can also get patient medicines of all kinds, including tablets, cough-mixtures, aspirin, pills, bandages, hot water bottles, tooth-paste, tooth-brushes and other things.

The best thing to do not to get ill is to go in for some sports, keep to a diet, rest actively and have favorite job.

Lesson 17

Topic: Health Care System

I) Read and translate the following text:

“The first wealth is health.”


No social system reveals itself better than in the way it cares for the mental and physical health of its citizens. Governments should do more for the health care system of their countries. Unfortunately the things are far from being satisfactory. Shortcomings in the health care system are the examples of the disregard for the people’s treatment. One can see steadily growing costs of medical treatment, closing of public hospitals and clinics, reduction of hospital staff, longer waiting lists, and more expensive (and sometimes untested or even harmful) medicine on sale. It’s common knowledge that health is extremely important for every person. Some people consider health to be the most important thing in life. Since ancient times the words “happy” and “healthy” have very often been used as synonyms. Rich people were ready to give all their fortune for health. Possessing good health is rather a precious thing but many factors can destroy it.

Without doubt one of the most dangerous hazards people face in the contemporary world is AIDS. It is often called the plague of the 20th century. AIDS is the final, life-threatening stage of infection with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). AIDS stands for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. The name refers to the fact that HIV severely damage the immune system, the body’s most important defense against disease. Millions of AIDS cases have been diagnosed worldwide.

The United Nations has designated December 1, as World AIDS Day. Public agencies and schools around the world sponsor education and prevention programmes. Many individuals wear a red ribbon to show support for people with AIDS. The scholars work hard to find the way to cure this disease. But, unfortunately, it still remains an incurable one.

Another big problem is cancer. It strikes people of all ages but is most common in the middle-aged and the elderly. The disease can attack any part of the body and may spread to other parts. Cancer occurs when certain cells of the body multiply without control. It can affect any type of cell. If left untreated, most kinds of cancer are fatal. More research is needed to find better methods of preventing and curing cancer, because it affects so many people, many countries spend public money to fund cancer research.

Stress is one more serious enemy of the present society. It is the body’s emergency response to real or imagined danger. Many events, thoughts, or situations can cause stress. Modern life exposes people to many stressors, including natural disasters, illnesses, and noise. Day-to-day problems, such as burning toast, or taking tests, may also be stressful. People need not experience events directly to feel stress. Television, newspapers, and other means of mass communication flood people with information about upsetting events throughout the world. All these things may be harmful to our health.

To tell the truth there are many other hazards to our health but they could be easily avoided if we followed the Golden Rules of ethics and lived in accord with Nature. Our inner balance alone can withstand many illnesses which otherwise turn dangerous. Because of this the society is to take more preventive measures rather than think only of widening the network of chemist shops.

Taking into consideration all these aspects we can state that health alone is a victory. It’s necessary to consider the term “health” in its broader sense – not only physical but spiritual as well. An ancient proverb says, “A sound mind in a sound body”. If we want to preserve our health we should be persistent. The motto – “lead a healthy life” – is rather suitable in this case. We must go in for sports, have plain food and forget about cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs and be kind and tolerant to others. No one can do it for us and only then will the heavens help those who help themselves.

II).Put questions to the text.

III) Read the dialogues and act out your own ones.

Dialogue 1.

M. Good morning, Mr. Brown!

J. Good morning!

D. Hello. What can I do for you?

J. It is difficult for me to breathe. I don’t feel well and I have had high temperature since yesterday.

M. She often has a head ache.

D. Let me examine her. Yes … You’ve got a bad cold, Jane. Take pills three times a day. Drink hot milk with honey or hot tea with raspberry.

J. How long do I have to stay in bed?

D. You have to stay in bed for a week.

M. And what about her headache?

D. Jane, you must not watch TV till late at night and must spend more time outdoors.

M. I shall go to the chemist’s shop and buy pills for Jane.

J. I’ll follow the doctor’s advice and soon I’ll be OK. Good bye, doctor!

M. Good bye, Mr. Brown!

D. Bye!

Dialogue 2.


A. Good morning, doctor!

B. Hello, Ann! What’s the matter?

A. I’ve hurt my arm.

B. Let me examine it. Yes… You’ve got some cuts and bruises, Ann, but your arm isn’t broken. I’ll put a bandage on it.

A. Thank you, doctor. Good bye!

B. Bye, Ann.

IV. Read and translate the text.

Health Triangle.

Good health is the sum of your physical, mental and social well being. Your physical health has to do with your body. Your mental health includes what you think and how you feel. Social health has to do with the way you relate to other people. Each kind of health is important by itself.

Although each side of your health triangle is important by itself, each influences the others. You may have an argument with one of your friends. This argument can affect your social health. During your argument you become very angry. Your feelings influence your mental health. Later you cannot sleep. Lack of sleep affects your physical health. You can see that if you want good health you will need to balance the sides of your triangle. You will want to keep your body fit, be comfortable with your feelings and relate well to others.

You were born with certain genes that influenced your development and were transferred to you from your parents. Your heredity makes you different from others. You are unique.

Sometimes you do not have good health. Disease is anything that blocks you from being at your best. Disease can be physical (having a cold), mental (not to be able to think), or social (having problems with your friends). Disease is the improper functioning of a body part or process. When your grandparents were young they faced the threat of many diseases caused by germs. Many people died of tuberculosis, smallpox and typhoid fever. Today the health outlook has changed. You can be immunized to prevent many diseases. The water you use has been purified, you have better nutrition, and safer and cleaner housing. All these things help you to keep healthy. The threat of diseases has been greatly reduced. Good health habits can help to prevent some diseases. Not smoking will decrease your chance of getting heart diseases or cancer, for example.



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