Reserved a seat забронювати місце

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Reserved a seat забронювати місце

Outgoing passengers від’їжджаючи пасажири

exit visa виїзна (відкрита) віза

Custom control таможня

Restricted articles обмежені товари

Liable to custom duties сплачувати держмито

Book замовити

Reception desk реєстраційний відділ

Fill in заповняти

The day before your journey, study again the data in your ticket: airport of the departure, the airline you are going to fly by (your carrier), flight number, departure check-in time (the time by which passengers should be at the airline check-in desk to be accepted for the flight), the departure time for the aircraft.

If you fail your arrive at the check-in due time, you will be not be accepted for transportation on the flight for which you have reserved a seat.

The outgoing passengers may leave the country only if they have an exit visa and a foreign passport. At every international airport there is a custom control. A passenger may carry duty free articles provided they are personal use. Restricted articles may be imported, but in this case they liable the customs duty.

When you arrive abroad the first thing you will think about is where to stay. Almost always people stay at hotels. It is necessary to book a room in advance. Otherwise, you may arrive at the hotel be told that there are no rooms available. On arrival at the hotel go to the reception desk and confirm your reservation. The clerk has to give you a registration form to fill in and sign. At large hotels you may ask for any service over the telephone. You tell the operator if you wish to be called at certain time, you call room service when you want to have a meal or drinks being sent up to your room, or maid service if you need something (a suit or dress) cleaned or pressed. Let the hotel management know the day and the time of your departure in advance.


Exercise 1. Give the English for:

від’їзд, літак, реєстрація, розклад, забронювати місце, виїзна віза, таможня, сплачувати держмито, замовити, заповнювати.

Exercise 2. Answer the following questions:

1. Why is it necessary to prepare to the flight?

2. What condition can the out-going passengers leave the country on?

3. What do you call part of airport you walk through when you are arrive or depart?

4. What do you call the people who look after you on the plane?

5. What do you call the place where you collect your luggage after your land?

6. What should you do in the check-in?

7. What is the most interesting and most boring part of flying (from check-in to the time you leave the airport at your destination)?

8. Why is it necessary to book a room at a hotel in advance?

9. What should you do on arrival at the hotel?

10. What services can you ask for at large hotels?


Unit 14. Marketing

Active vocabulary

Involve містити в собі, мати на увазі

Demand попит, потреба

Appropriate відповідний, підхожий

Achieve досягати, успішно виконувати

Objective мета, завдання

Marketing strategy стратегія маркетингу

Take into consideration брати до уваги

Marketing mix формула маркетингу, комплекс


Promotion сприяння у продажу (товару)

Support підтримка, допомога

Reliability надійність

Charge призначати, вимагати плату

distribution розподіл, розповсюдження;


Package пакувати

Marketing involves analyzing and understanding customer demand in order to enable the company to provide the most appropriate products and services.

A company’s approach to achieving its marketing objectives is called marketing strategy.

The various factors a company must take into consideration when developing its marketing objectives are referred to asmarketing mix.The marketing mix is often summarizedas the so-called four P’s: product, price, place, promotion: what to sell, to whom, to where and with what support.

Product can be defined as goods or service that you are marketing and includes its design, quality and reliability.

Price refers to how much money a company charges for its product. The marketing view of pricing involves considering the value of a product, the value of sales required.

Place refers to distribution, that is, how and where the product is made available to customers.

Promotion means presenting the product to the customer. Promotion involves considering the packingand presentation of the product, its image, the product name, advertising.

Exercise 1. Give the English for:

купівельний попит, досягати мети, стратегія маркетингу, брати до уваги різні фактори, формула маркетингу, підтримка, якість та надійність, обсяг продажу, сприяння у продажу (товару), пакування товару, реклама.

Exercise 2. Match words from the list A with words from the list B that have a similar meaning:


involve cost

appropriate supply

achieve empower

objective assistance

support aim

enable reach

provide suitable

price include

Exercise 3. Match the words with the correct definitions from the list below:

value, charge, appropriate, price, demand, marketing, distribution, objective, promotion;

1. the desire of consumers to obtain goods and services;

2. an aim or target;

3. advertising or other activity intended to increase;

4. the movement of goods to places where they can be sold;

5. the actions of identifying, satisfying and increasing the buyer’s demand for

company’s products.

6. the amount of money for which something can be bought or sold;

7. to put a price on; to ask for payment from;

8. correct, suitable;

9. the worth of something in terms of the money or goods for which it can be



Exercise 4. Write an appropriate word or phrase in the following sentences:

strategy, audit, marketing environment, value, appropriate, charges, price, distribution, promotion, objective, demand, marketing.

1. … for reliable cars has increased.

2. Our main … is to reduce prices.

3. Television advertising is an expensive but effective method of … .

4. The company’s main activities are manufacturing, marketing and … .

5. She works in … .

6. We can’t afford buying the computer at that … .

7. The bank … 1% for charging traveller’s cheques.

8. This company is very successful, so she has made the … choice in joining it.

9. The … of this home has doubled since we bought it.

10. The company has increased sales because of a favourable … .

11. The organization has decided to follow the recommendations of the most recent marketing… .

12. Next meeting of the Board of Directors will discuss our new marketing …


Unit 15. Marketing and its orientation

Active Vocabulary

Producer виробник

Consumer споживач

Distribution сприяння у продажу (завдяки


Transporting транспортування

Storing утримання

User користувач

Product planning розробка нових продуктів

Storage зберігання

Pricing калькуляція цін

Traffic торгівля

Marketing research вивчення ринка збуту

Trend тенденція, направлення

Predict спрогнозувати

Influence on вплинути

Marketing includes all the business activities connected with the movement of goods and services from producers to consumers. Sometimes it is called distribution. On the one hand, marketing is made up of such activities as transporting, storingand selling goods and, on the other hand, a series of decisions you make during the process of moving goods from the producer to user. Marketing operations include product planning,buying,storage, pricing,promotion,selling, credit,trafficand market research.

The ability to recognize future trends is very important. Producers must know why, where, for what purpose the consumers to buy. Market research helps the producer to predict what the people will want. And through the advertising attempts to influence on the customer to buy.


Exercise 1. Give the English for:

зберігання, споживач, виробник, зберігання, утримання, розробка нових продуктів, вплинути, вивчення ринка збуту, калькуляція, цін, торгівля, спрогнозувати.


Exercise 2. Match words from the list A with words from the list B that have a similar meaning:


influence on branch

predict keeping

promote trade

trend affect

product planning manufacturer

storing advance

traffic foresee

consumer product strategy

producer buyer


Exercise 3. Choose the necessary word and put it in the sentence:

predict, influence on, promote, marketing, trends, distribution, market research, product planning, consumer;

1. One of the aims of market research is to indicate new … among the people.

2. Advertising must … the consumer and make him buy the goods produced.

3. Often marketing is called … .

4. In order to sell a new product, a producer has to consider how to … it.

5. The goods of this company are not sold very well, they must think about … .

6. Sometimes it is difficult to … through advertising.

7. If you want to produce something new, you should start with … .

8. A producer wants to … the new trends and then tries to influence them.

9. … includes product development and pricing among the things.


Exercise 4. Answer the following questions:

1. What does marketing mean?

2. What activities do marketing consist of?

3. What do marketing operations include?

4. Why is it important for the producer to predict the trends?

Exercise 5. Translate into English:

1. Маркетинг включає в себе дії, що пов’язані зі збутом товарів від виробника до споживача.

2. Маркетинг включає в себе транспортування, зберігання, рекламу, калькуляцію цін, продаж.

3. Дослідження ринка допомагає спрогнозувати загальні направлення попиту.

4. Реклама має великий вплив на споживача.

5. Ми не можемо встановити низьку ціну на цей товар.

6. Ми повинні розробити новий план збуту нових товарів.

7. Збут цього товару дуже реагує на зміну цін.


Unit 16. Advertising

Active vocabulary

advertising target customer account advertising campaign allocate budget brief statement message notify advertisement (advert, ad) media brochure рекламна справа; реклама рекламування цільовий споживач загальна назва контракту між клієнтом, який платить за здійснення професійної послуги рекламна компанія розміщати (капітал), асигнувати бюджет, фінансовий кошторис справа виклад формулювання повідомлення, послання повідомляти реклама оголошення засоби масової реклами брошура
advertising media broadcasting leaflet flyer display display (advertising) poster boarding (BrE)/billboard vehicle point of sale trade fair word-of-mouth corporate advertising brand image public relations expert (PR) publicity засоби масової інформації трансляція листівка невелика тоненька брошура листівка показ, демонстрація, виставка ілюстративна (реклама) афіша, плакат, оголошення щит, дошка для наклеювання оголошень, афіш, плакатів тощо транспорт місце здійснення продажу торговий ярмарок усна реклама реклама фірми імідж торгової марки експерт з питань організації публічність, реклама  

Advertisingis one of the main methods of promotion. Its aim is to increase sales by making a product or services known to a consumer and to persuade the consumer to buy it.

Advertising is often designed and managed by advertising agencies. Large companies usually use advertising agencies to promote their products and the company’s image to the target customers.

Theaccountis the contract between the client company and the agency to develop an advertising camping.The client allocates a budget, an amount of money and the target. The agency and the client usually discuss the brief, which is a statement of the client’s objectives, as well as the information the company wishes to reach to the consumers.

After that the agency is ready to start work. An advertising campaign consists of a series of advertisements(adverts, or ad’s) which are run in various media.

The most common types of advertising media include: broadcasting TV, cinema, radio), press newspaper, magazines), printed material (brochures, leaflets,catalogues,flyers),electronic (Internet), display, posters,boardings/billboards, vehicles, point of sale,others(trade fairs, word-of mouth,packaging)

Corporate advertisingis not concerned with increasing sales of a particular product or service. Its aim is to present to the public the brand image. Public relations (PR) experts organize activities which generate positive publicity for companies.

Exercise 1. Give the English for:

головні методи сприяння у продажу товару, інформувати споживача, реклама, рекламна агенція, цільовий споживач, розробити рекламну кампанію, повідомляти споживача, розпочати роботу; засоби розповсюдження реклами, торговий ярмарок, усна реклама, ілюстративна реклама, реклама фірми, експерт з питань організації громадської думки, збільшувати продаж.


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