Interviewee особа, яка дає інтерв’ю 

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Interviewee особа, яка дає інтерв’ю

Interviewer інтерв’юер

Reference рекомендація

Accept the job приймати пропозицію про


Turn down the job offer відхиляти пропозицію про


Appoint призначити, затверджувати

Sign підписувати

Employment contract трудовий контракт

Working conditions умови праці

Salary заробітна платня

In advance заздалегідь

Research вивчати, досліджувати

Implement виконувати, здійснювати

Relocate переміщатися, переселятися

Training course курс навчання

Strengths сильні сторони

Weakness недолік

An interview is a formal meeting between a candidate and people from the company. In this situation,the candidate is the interviewee and the representatives of the company are the interviewers. After an interview, the interviewers will follow up the references of promising candidates. To do this they ask for letter about the candidate from a previous employer (or a tutor, in the case of recent graduate). Once this process has been completed, the interviewers need to select the best candidate for the job and offer him or her the post. The candidate will then accept, or turndown the job offer.

When then person has officially appointed, an employment contract is signed, agreeing the working conditions and salary.

If you are in interviewee you should do the following in advance:

§ research the organization;

§ read the job description carefully;

§ think about the questions you may be asked, and plan your responses;

§ be ready to talk about your career, both past and future;

§ be prepared to explain why you think you are suitable for the job.

Below are some questions that are frequently asked in job interviews:

§ What do you want to join this company?

§ What do you think you can bring to this job?

§ What changes would you implement if you got the job?

§ How would you feel about relocating to another city (working in a very small team? training courses)?

§ Could you tell some responsibilities in your last job (about your experience of dealing, difficult clients, about your long terms goals)?

§ What would you say about your strengths/weaknesses?

§ What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

§ How do you see yourself developing personally?


Exercise 1. Give the English for:

офіційна зустріч, особа, яка дає інтерв’ю, представники компанії, рекомендації, перспективний кандидат, відібрати кращих кандидатів, запропонувати посаду, прийняти/відхилити пропозицію про роботу, підписати трудовий контракт, узгодити заробітну платню та умови праці, кар’єра, досвід спілкування з складним клієнтом, довгострокові цілі, роботодавець.

Exercise 2. Match words from list A with words B that have similar meaning:


formal duty

turn down put into action

appoint move to a new place

conditions term

salary attentively

carefully payment

response terms

relocate designate

implement reject

responsibility official

Exercise 3. Match the words the correct definition from the list below:

interviewer, a promising candidate, employment contract, interviewee, job interview, salary, reference;

1) a meeting at which a person applying for a job, is asked questions about his/her work, experience, interests to see if he/she suitable;

2) a person who is interviewed, for a job;

3) a person who carries out an interview;

4) a written report on a job applicant’s character or ability to do the job;

5) a legal agreement made between an employer and an employee, giving details of salary, hours of work, holidays, etc.

6) a regular fixed payment for work or services;

7) a person offering to take up am post or job.


Exercise 4. Put the necessary word into the sentence:

strengths, reference, the contract of employment, salary, interviewer, appointed (2), turn down, accepted, interview.

1. The … will last for about 40 minutes.

2. Have you … the job offer?

3. Why did you … the job offer in that prosperous firm?

4. In her early twenties, she was … head of Public Relations.

5. The … asked him some awkward questions.

6. The starting … is $ 20 000 per year.

7. The Personal Manager went through … with each new employee to make sure that it was fully understood before signing.

8. My former boss said that I could use him as a ….

9. She was … to the post sales director.

10. Finance is not one of her ….


Exercise 5. Answer the following questions:

1. What is a job interview?

2. Who interviews the candidates?

3. What will the interviewers follow up after the interview?

4. What document is signed when the person has been officially appointed?

5. What does an employment contract involve?

Unit 10. Motivation at the work

Active Vocabulary

With a purpose з метою

Remuneration винагорода, компенсація

Fringe benefits додаткові пільги

Travel allowance компенсація за відрядження

Medical insurance медична страховка

share options опціон на акції (пільга, яку іноді

fee golden hello golden good bye отримують працівники компанії. Вона надає їм право купувати акції компанії зі знижкою по відношенню до ринкової ціни) гонорар золоте привітання, велика сума грошей чи інша форма заохочення велика компенсаційна сума посадовій особі, що іде у відставку, або звільняється


With a purpose make the staff best to perform the work the leadership usually motivates its personnel. There are most important of them such as high pay, bonuses, remuneration, fringe benefits which involves medical insurance, company car, pension, training, travel allowance, promotion, gym, share options, and etc. Share options give the employee the chance to buy shares in the company at an advantageous price.

Salary is seen as one of the most important forces in motivating the workforce.

Remuneration is a general team meaning «payment for work». In some jobs in sales for example, the employee receives a commissions, which is a percentage of the amount he or she has sold. A fee is money paid for the professional services of people such as lawyer or consults.

Benefits add to the value job. Apart from salary, an executive’s compensation package can include bonuses and fringe benefits. Fringe benefits are extrasreceived by an employee in addition to wages or salaries.

There is also a compensation package for an executive leaving a company. It is also known as a golden goodbye, golden handshake.

Exercise 1. Give the English for:

премія, гонорар, додаткові пільги, опціони, компенсація за відрядження, заохочення, винагорода, з метою, крім, компенсація особі, яка звільняється.


Exercise 2. Match word from list A with words from the list B that have similar meaning:


receive payment

motivate obtain

salary stimulate

compensation stock

share remuneration

Exercise 3. Math the words with the correct definitions from the list below:

share option, fee, remuneration, consultant, golden goodbye, fringe benefits, commission, salary;

1) extra services which employee can use;

2) payment for services given;

3) a payment made someone for providing a service or goods. The amount is usually a percentage of the total value of the deal;

4) money or goods received in addition to a salary;

5) an amount paid for a professional service or advice;

6) a rights offered to employers, to buy shares in the company where they work at a cheap price.

7) a compensation package for an executive leaving a company;

8) a person who provides advice for pay.


Exercise 4. Answer the following questions:

1. Why do companies motivate its employees?

2. What fringe benefits do you know?

3. What fringe benefits have (has) you (or your friend relatives) got?

4. Do you believe that motivation does really stimulate the staff?

5. What is the golden hello?

6. What is the golden goodbye?

7. What are the bonuses usually paid for?



Unit 11. Problems at the work

Active Vocabulary

Expose розкрити

Source джерело, причина

Communication factor комунікативний фактор

Structural factor конструктивний фактор

Personal factor особистий фактор

Insufficient sharing of information недостатнє поширення


Turnover rate інтенсивність круговороту

Reward systems системи нагород

Self-esteem самооцінка

Confronting протистояння

Bargaining переговори, домовленість

Про якусь угоду


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