Let’s talk about family relationship 

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Let’s talk about family relationship

It’s common knowledge that the family is a very important unit in our society. Nothing else but family can be an emotional centre of people’s lives and a transmitter of culture. Understanding between all members of the family and consideration for others are very important in family relationships. Tenderness, warm-heartedness and respect must always be pre­sent in the family to make it friendly.

The family is a crucial instrument for the development of a child’s personality. It’s the primary group in which a person forms. That’s why it’s vitally important for every child to live in a friendly and happy fa­mily.

In united families parents are honest with their children without moralizing and bossing them around, and children in their turn learn how to get on with other people. Members of such families treat one another with understanding and compassion. They always share domestic chores. Children living in such families feel safe at home. They trust parents, share their secrets and problems with them, ask parents for useful advice and rely on them. They don’t run away from home as they feel happy living there.

At the same time there are different problems which can badly influ­ence family relationship. One of them is generation gap. These days many adults describe their children as “difficult”, “rude”, “wild” and “irresponsi­ble”. Modern teenagers are said to be a generation in a fearful hurry to grow up. Adolescents arc over conscious of their appearance and the im­pression they make on others. They may rebel violently against parental authority, but this causes them great unhappiness as well. And they are not always helped to get through a confusion of life in a productive way. Even teenagers with sympathetic and supportive parents can fall in with a bad company. Being raised by single-parent families as well as watching TV, which takes most of their free time, can also accelerate the desire of chil­dren for being independent and causes behaviour problems.

At the same time a lot of parents think that their main duty is to earn money for their family. They are lenient with their children and let them find out about life for themselves. They leave their children to develop their own idea of right and wrong. But it’s a mistake. In my view, pa­rents should try to protect their children from possible bad influences and give them clear guidance about right and wrong.

I do think both parents and children are responsible for good and friendly relationship in the family. Every member of the family must support and respect one another. There are a number of activities which help members of the family to be on friendly terms: discussing all the family plans together, going on trips, visiting museums, theatres, exhibi­tions and exchanging opinions about them. If to speak about my family, 1 do appreciate it that my parents trust and respect me, rely on me. In my turn, I try to help them with house­hold chores. I share my joys and sorrows with them. I’m happy to say that my home is the place where everybody understands, respects and loves me. To my mind, this is the way things should be in any family.


Let’s talk about friendship and relationship with friends

As we know, it’s not an easy thing to find a real friend. In my view, a real friend is a person whom you trust and respect, who is “a friend in need” and who never lets you down.

There are no written rules of how to make friends. Usually friend­ship between people grows when they have common views and judge­ments on things and events, common interests and ambitions. A real friend should treat me with understanding, sympathy and compassion, exactly the way they want to be treated by me.

In my view, friendship is a unique thing that happens between two people. And it’s a great gift. A lot of people say they have got best friends, but I wonder how many people actually have a best friend in the real sense of the word.

As for me, I'm a happy person as I have a true and reliable friend. Her name is Leila. She is a lively girl, good at sports, especially at vol­leyball and swimming. She has different interests, one of them is the cinema. There is no film she hasn’t seen. She knows everything about famous actors and directors, about the plot of a film and when and where it was made. Leila has a good character, sometimes I even think that it’s impossible to be such a pleasant person with everybody but then I realize this is some sort of tactics. Leila follows the rule: treat other people as you want them to treat you. I try to borrow this quality from her. Leila is a very responsible person. If she promises anything, no doubt she will do it. Leila knows how to organize her time, in my opinion, she has time for everything. She would plan her activities for a week, that’s why she has time to go to the swimming pool, cinema and so on.

According to a survey, young people today have large groups of friends. Having a close group of people to depend on seems more attrac­tive and more secure than one exclusive relationship with one other per­son. I can't agree with people who think like that.

1 can discuss anything with my best friend. When I walk into a room, she knows exactly what mood I'm in, what I need. If 1 ask for help or advice, she will give me her helping hand immediately and never leave me at a loss.

To my mind, this is what real friendship means. I wouldn’t change our friendship, our exclusive relationship for having two or three new friends. So, be slow at choosing a friend, but slower in changing him”.

Let’s talk about education

In today’s society knowledge has acquired top priority. The most important thing in every knowledge is blowing the mind and molding one's personality. The way of thinking of every person strongly depends on their knowledge. Knowledge helps to acquire a critical understanding of social, economic and political orders and reasonable set of attitudes, values and beliefs. Not to speak about the fact that it develops a sense of self-respect, the capacity to live as independent, self-motivated adults and the ability to function as contributing members of the society. In fact, it’s like a candle which gives light in the darkness, as it guides us to do better in life.

Education is a form of learning in which knowledge, skills and ha­bits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training and research. When a person is young, they need teachers to help them become a literate and educated person.

Our country has a well-regarded education system. Pre-school edu­cation is not compulsory in Belarus but around 70% of children attend nursery or kindergarten before they start school. According to our Con­stitution every person has a right to a school place for a child from the age of 6 or 7. These places are provided free of charge. Primary and ba­sic secondary school education is compulsory. All students must follow the basic education curriculum up to the age of 15, and the vast majority of them stay at school until they finish secondary school at 17. Children study at school for 9 years then they may cither continue their education at school or go to colleges and vocational schools. There is a wide choice of schools, colleges, vocational schools, universities and acad­emies to suit all tastes, income and inclinations. There is also postgradu­ate education which gives students opportunity to do research and get an MA, MSc and PhD

In my view, the main principles of the educational system in our country are the priority of human values, national culture as the basis for education, humanism, scientific basis and support of gifted children. Any person can get the high-quality education according to their abilities and inclinations.

It’s common knowledge that the success of school education de­pends mainly on the teachers, their professional skills, the kind of rela­tionship they can establish with pupils. The task of school is not only to pass some information. Children’s characters and perception of the world are formed here.

Face-to-face learning is most common in secondary schools, col­leges and universities. When learning with a group, discussing and de­bating become possible, which usually create a perfect environment to develop critical thinking skills. Such learning also cultivates students’ good sense of cooperation. Like 1 said, face-to-face learning has a lot of advantages, but distance learning and doing online courses are becoming more and more popular with high school students nowadays.

A modem person has to know where and how to get information and knowledge in order to have a good job and be a success. People have to get education during all their lives.


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