Catering establishments in Chernivtsi

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Catering establishments in Chernivtsi

1. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, self – service dining – rooms in our city. 2. All the large hotels have dining - rooms or restaurants. 3. You can have breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper at any restaurant. 4. When eating out in most restaurants, a matre-d’hotel or a receptionist will normally greet you and show you to a table. 5. Then, a waiter or a waitress will bring you a menu and tell you about the special dishes being served this day.

6. Every restaurant offers you dinners “table d’hote”. 7. These meals are known as regular dinners. 8. It means that you are served with meals of several courses, at a fixed price. 9. “Table d’hote” is cheaper than “table a la carte”. 10. “Table a la carte” means such meals which are ordered course by course, from menu card, each dish separately. 11. At a restaurant you can get all kinds of meals, hot dishes as well as cold ones, and food is always tasty and fresh. 12. The menu, which offers traditional Ukrainian starters, main courses, side dishes and desserts, gives you a lot of information about Ukrainian culture and cuisine as well. 13. When you get the bill, you will need to leave a tip, depending on the quality of a service.


19 The Hotel “Stephani”

It was the middle of August, and St. Moritz was very full. Patricia and Paul had had the sudden idea, that afternoon, of leaving Zurich at once and spending a few days at the famous mountain resort. They had driven up to St. Moritz without any reservation of a room in a hotel, but they had not expected to have any difficulty in finding one. They had spent the last three hours, however, in going from hotel to hotel. All were completely full. And now, in spite of the fact that the month was August, it had begun to snow.

Paul stopped the car in front of the brightly – lit and inviting – looking building that he had seen in the square, and the two went tiredly but gratefully into the warm and friendly atmosphere of the restaurant – café.

They ordered some hot coffee from the waitress. And when it arrived, they sat sipping it, letting the warmth of it reach through their bodies. After ten minutes or so, Paul got up from his chair and went to a telephone – booth on the other side of the restaurant. He telephoned five hotels without any success. It was on his ninth telephone call that, at last, he received a different reply. “Would you wait a moment, please?” said the voice at the other end of the line. “There might be a room that we could give you, but I must ask the proprietor. One moment, please.” Paul waited, with a sinking feeling. “In fact, we have a room empty, it’s true. But, it has been reserved. It is half past twelve. And they are probably not coming. I think I can safely assume that they won’t arrive tonight. So you may have the room.” was the response.

“Thanks heavens!” murmured Paul, and looked again at his list to find the name of the hotel. “Let me make sure whom I’m speaking to, please. I’ve telephoned so many hotels. Let’s see – yes – you are the Hotel ‘Stephani’, aren’t you?”



Trends in Tourism

A “tourist” is generally described as a person who goes to see other countries for pleasure. If travel for other reasons, we do not call them tourists.

At present, most of tourists go to countries in Europe. Italy usually attracts most tourists and has two million beds for them. Mountain lovers go to Switzerland in large numbers in winter and in summer, and sun – lovers from the northern lands crowd to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Even Britain has the value of attracting tourists, and has understood the importance of better roads, more and better hotels, help for visitors who do not speak English, and advertising. Most tourists want to spend some time in London and see the Tower of London, the changing of the guard, the Houses of the Parliament, and so on. They also visit Shakespeare’s birthplace at Stratford – on – Avon, the colleges at Oxford and Cambridge, and cities full of history like Edinburgh and Bath. Other places attract them according to their special interests such as, famous racecourses, Wimbledon, Henley, great country houses, castles, old towns with narrow streets, new towns, quiet villages, or places with family connections.

In the world outside Europe it is particularly interesting to see the effect of easier and faster air travel. People with fairly short holidays can go half – way round the world to visit other lands and see archeological treasures, natural beauty lakes of southern Chile, wild life in one of central Africa’s national parks, interesting people in islands like Jamaica … .The list is endless. Most countries have their special attractions, and the world traffic of tourists has only just begun.

Classification of Hotels

There are about 30 systems of hotels classifications, which are used in different countries. The most known systems are: system of stars (France, Austria, Hungary, Russia and other): system of letters – A –D (Greece); system of crowns or keys (England). Ukrainian hotels classification is different from universally accepted classification and standards.

One – star hotels offer practical accommodation and are probably small with a family atmosphere. Facilities and meals are simple. Some bedrooms do not have an en suite bath or shower room, although cleanliness and comfort need to be of an acceptable standard.

Two - stars hotels are typically small to medium sized and offer more extensive facilities than the one – star level. Guests can find more comfortable and well – equipped accommodation, usually with en suite bath / shower room and colour TV.

Three – stars hotels are usually larger and provide a greater quality and range of facilities than at the lower levels. All bedrooms have a complete en suite bath or shower room and offer a better standard of comfort and equipment, such as a direct – dial telephone, a hairdryer and toiletries in the bathroom. Room service is also provided and staff respond well to quests’ needs.

Four – star hotels provide luxury and exceptional comfort. The restaurant has a high level of technical skill, producing dishes to the highest international standards. Staff are well trained in customer care and are especially attentive, efficient and courteous.

Five – star hotels - a degree of luxury is included at this level. Public areas and bedrooms are more spacious with quality furnishings and décor and satellite TV. The en suite bathrooms are fully equipped. A variety of services are provided, such as porter service, 24 – hour room service, laundry and dry – cleaning. Staff will have very good technical and social skills, anticipating and responding to guests’ needs.


Great Britain

How Our Forefathers Lived

People’s beliefs are always reflected on their character and their family and social life. We don’t have much information about pre – historic social life of our ancestors. But it’s known that they lived a patriarchal family life. The family being strong was headed by a father as its ruler. Several families were united into a larger community ruled by the oldest member or the one appointed by choice. In the course of time the power of the seniors in creased and sometimes was focused on one family from which our ruling dynasty came later.

Rural life prevailed though towns came to life early as well. They were constructed mainly on the steep slopes and hills by the rivers and were known as fortresses.

The main occupations of our ancestors were corn – growing, cattle –breeding, hunting, bee – keeping, fishing and others. Nothing was sold, sometimes exchanged, so money was of no importance.

In their everyday life our forefathers were simple, tough, humane, sincere and open. According to Slavic beliefs everyone who enters a house is protected by a family God. So it was forbidden to offend visitors no matter who they were. Slavic hospitality became proverbial in years past. To receive a guest, wash his feet, lay the table for dinner and let him rest was the duty of each decent person. It was not allowed to ask a guest who he was or where he was from until he had had a rest.

The Ukrainians often say: “A guest in the house – God in the house.”

Ancient customs concerning guests and hospitality have been preserved till nowadays and are mostly solemnly kept. If a guest pays you a short visit, you should ask him to drop in at least for a minute. He is usually asked to take the best seat available. Sincere attitude to a newcomer, neighbor or a friend is shown not only through amiable speech but through the dishes offered. It is impolite to help yourself to any of them without being asked to. They say: “First treat a man then identify his personality.”

Ukrainian Cuisine

Ukrainian cuisine has a large variety of dishes. These dishes have been devised not only from a wide choice of products, but by combining different recipes and by preparing them in varied ways. For example, the popular Ukrainian borsch has many as 20 ingredients; in preparing it the ingredients are boiled as well as stewed.

Many meat and fish dishes are fried, stewed and so on, to give them an original taste, flavor and succulence. Many dishes in Ukrainian cuisine are stuffed and larded. Especially tasty are dishes with meat and vegetables; cabbage rolls, beef and mushrooms stewed in casseroles, home – made Ukrainian sausage with onions, potato rolls stuffed with mushrooms, beets with rice and others.

Ukrainian dishes made from poultry are very popular, for instance, Cutlets a la Kyiv.

Ukrainian national cuisine is rich in dishes and variety of delicatessen made from flour. The most popular are varenyky, mlyntsi, buckwheat bread and so on.

Ukrainian cuisine is also rich in fruit and berry desserts and drinks. For centuries Ukrainians have prepared their own drinks: home – made nalivkas, brandy, kvass and uzvar.

As a result of close economic, cultural and trade ties, a number of dishes of different nations from all over the world have been introduced into Ukrainian cuisine. And many dishes – borsch, varenyky, larded meat, home – made sausage, stuffed fish and others are specially popular abroad.

At the seaside hotels

When you come to another country or city you can stay at your friend’s house or flat. But if you haven’t got any relatives or friends you may stay at a hotel. There are two sorts of hotels: at the seaside and in the city. The hotels at the seaside usually have a big territory. You can get more things free. Also at the seaside hotels food is served usually 2 or 3 times a day and in city hotels you can get only breakfast.

Before you arrive somewhere, you can call at the hotel or send them a fax or telegram which numbers you can find in the advertisement. If you haven’t done it, when you arrive at the hotel it is necessary to come up to the reception desk. There a person can order a room. First of all, you must fill in an arrival card. In this card you must give information about yourself: your name and surname, telephone number and address. Usually on the territory of seaside hotels, there are 4-5 storied building with single rooms, double rooms, suites and family cottages. The area of such hotels is usually very big, about 50 hectares. Club system allows taking free drinks, food 24 hours a day, because everything is included into the price of the tour. In the rooms there is a refrigerator, a bathroom, a satellite TV and direct dial phone. You can spend time riding horses, playing tennis, golf, polo, visiting shops, which are usually situated in the territory of the hotels. In the evenings you can go to the disco or to the restaurant. The menu in the restaurants includes different food such as, French, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish, Russian, and so on. After visiting such hotels you return home happy.


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