Askania – Nova Nature Reserve

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Askania – Nova Nature Reserve

Askania – Nova nature reserve is one of the most ancient in Ukraine and even in the world and has been a base of wide scientific research for about one hundred years. It is located in the southern steppes of Ukraine between the Dnipro river and the Molochna. In the times gone nomadic tribes moved along its vast territory – Tavrichny steppe. Some of them left behind stone statues caleed “baby”. At the end of manor of a German duke Angalt – Ketensky called “Askania – Nova” in the memory of his estate “Askania” in Germany. Then it was sold to a highly – educated biologist Phalts – Phein who did his best for preserving fauna and flora in the area. He established a unique zoo and dendropark. In 1988 he selected a new plot of virgin lands and proclaimed it to be “defended forever”. This year is considered to be the year of founding the steppe nature reserve Askania –Nova.

The climate of the reserve is continental with hot dry summer and changeable mild winter.

The virgin reserve steppe is the centre of Askania – Nova. It stretches for 20 km. from west to east and 9km from north to south. It is divided into three parts: Southern, Northern and Big Chapelskiy.

The most beautiful and the brightest steppe is undoubtedly in spring. It is the time of tulip flowering.

A part of the reserve territory is covered with parks: Old Park, New Park and the Ornithological park: we can observe various kinds of trees and shrubs in the reserve. The old dendrological park was founded in the landscape style where trees and shrubs alternate with picturesque glades everywhere. There is a pond surrounded by oaks, willows and poplars in the centre of the park.

Fauna of the steppe is unique. It is influenced by plain relief, plants and climate. 21 species of birds have their nests in the virgin steppe. Larks are the most numerous. In the period of the migrations many birds stay for rest in the area. The most numerous representative of animals is a steppe fox.

Askania – Nova is a place where complex study of nature is carried out and a great number of flora and fauna species are preserved for future generations.


22 To Study in Great Britain? No Problem!

Studying abroad is a really good experience. However, sometimes it is very difficult to get necessary funds to pay for tuition; living accommodations, etc. One way to get money while studying is to apply for a job. If you would like to study and work at the same time in Great Britain, you should be aware of some pertinent rules and regulations.
A lot of Ukrainian students dream of obtaining a degree from an overseas university and, in particular, of one from Great Britain. This country famous for its traditions and unique education system, seems an optional location. Moreover, it is possible to study there for free! In this article you will find out how to obtain financial assistance such as grants and scholarships to pay for tuition and living expenses in Great Britain.
Getting financial assistance necessarily involves an assessment of your academic progress, educational background and work experience. However, it is also a matter of time. As a rule, students must start preparing the necessary documents at least a year before their intended study. This time is spent filling out the applications, sending them to the appropriate bodies, having them assessed and, finally, receiving the results. Most financial assistance programmes have deadlines, so the earlier you start the better.
Applying for several assistance programmes is a wise move as there are no restrictions on how many grants you can apply for and you simply increase your chances of obtaining funding. Financial assistance programmes come in two broad categories. The first covers full funding for tuition fees, accommodation, and maintenance; while the second covers only partial expenses associate with education and living. The latter category mostly consists of individual universities' grants and scholarships, so it is best to consult each university regarding their own financial assistance programmes. First, in order to cross the border of Ukraine you'd need a foreign passport, which may be acquired upon making a personal petition (or through legal representatives) to the passport service of the internal security bodies, in residence. (A person receiving a passport is not to be younger than eighteen or sixteen if the person lives abroad permanently.) The process of getting funds for education takes time, so you will need to be patient. Good luck!

Professions in tourism Professions in Tourism

1. Tour guides escort groups of people who are travelling to different cities and countries. 2. Essentially, their job is to make sure that their travelers have a safe and enjoyable trip by planning and overseeing every detail of the tour. 3. Some guides take passengers on short excursions, which may last a few hours, a full day, or even overnight. 4. Other guides accompany their groups on longer trips, lasting anywhere from a few days to a month. 5. These longer trips generally involve travel to foreign locations and may include visits to several different cities or countries. 6. Tour guides are also responsible for making all the necessary arrangements for a trip before the departure. 7. They might book airline flights, ground transportation, hotel rooms and tables at the restaurants. 8. Guides also plan the group’s entertainment and make any necessary advance reservations. 9. The tour guide is responsible for educating the group about the places they are visiting. 10. Therefore, guides are generally very familiar with the locations they are visiting and are able to answer questions and provide a sort of commentary throughout the trip.

11. Once the plans have been made and the tour begins, the guides’ duties may include almost anything that makes the trip smoothly. 12. They must make sure everything goes as planned, from transportation to accommodations to entertainment. 13. They must either speak the local or an international language. 14. The tour guides must be familiar with local customs and laws to ensure that no one in the group unwillingly does anything illegal or offensive. 15. Guides must be prepared to deal with unexpected difficulties or changes in planes. 16. While tour, group members depend upon the tour guide for almost everything.

The travel agent

The easiest way book a holiday is through a travel agency. The procedure usually involves looking through a number of glossy leaflets to find a suitable holiday destination. The travel agent is able to offer valuable information and advice. Once you’ve chosen the ideal holiday spot you can enquire about the tickets, length of stay and the type of accommodation available. If you find what you are looking for, you can pay a deposit to secure your reservation.

The travel agent like a shop - assistant sells goods to customers. The goods he/she offers are tour operator’s packages. The travel agent works direct with the clients, advising on resorts, accommodation, sightseeing tours, car rentals, travel insurances and so on. That’s why he/she must know the product well and be able to sell it. Sometimes travel agents are invited to familiarization trips to become acquainted with the destination they are selling. A travel agent should be a skilled psychologist as he should be able to discover what a client is looking for. It’s a taskof a travel agent to recommend a client the right product at the right price.


Public transport in London

Like every big city London has its traffic problems, and getting around can be difficult. Although London’s public transport system is one of the oldest in the world, it is one of the best. London is famous for its red double – decker buses, black cabs and the London Underground. The London Underground train service – or the “Tube”, as Londoners call it – is the oldest and largest in the world. The first underground railway line was opened in January, 1863. The line was only 6 km long, but others were soon started, and in 1890 a line was opened which ran under the River Thames. Today the Tube has over 406 km of lines and 275 stations. Passengers make a total of 3 million journeys a year.

Public cabs have existed in London since 1643. They were horse – drawn then. In fact, there were still some horse – drawn cabs in London as late as 1947. There are about 19,000 cabs in London and 22,000 drivers. As well as a special driving test, cab drivers have to pass a very difficult test called the Knowledge of London. To pass it, a driver must know all about London and its hotels, theatres, stations, hospitals, public buildings, restaurants, parks and so on, as well as the shortest way to get to any of them. As if that was not enough, the driver has to know all of the 25,000 streets within 10 km of the centre of the city!

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