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Features of online-marketing

A good marketing is known to be one of the main components of successful. It is important to make sure that business matches the expectations of consumers. You should consider their income, tastes, psychology. The fact is that a lot of companies now run their business through the World Wide Web: they are internet-shops offering different goods, providing various services, educational courses.

Nowadays, when people spend a lot of time in the Internet, work is going on online also: programmers create special sites and groups in social networks. No matter whether you work really or virtually, managers should know some rules to make a good impression about company.

First, manager should be polite with customers. Even if this person expresses dissatisfaction in a rude form or insults the manager, the latter should try to find out what caused the conflict, and explain the situation quietly. In this case the person at least will have a good impression about company staff.

Second, manager is believed to be educated -- talk and write correctly. Few people will cooperate with company in which employees cannot express their thoughts clearly and competently.

Third, manager should not leave any customer’s question without attention. Even if the question is asked incorrectly manager must find a way out. Besides, some nuancesare consideredto be necessary in online marketing. It is well known that during the conversation we nonverbally read (recognize) the reaction of the interlocutor: by gestures, smiles etc. When manager works in the Internet he cannot see it. That is why it is so important to do correspondence correctly -- it is an important skill. The main task is – to convince person that he can trust the manager that he will not be deceived (cheated). Recently cases of fraud became frequent: when somebody offers people something interesting and useful, but first of all they must pay a large sum of money. Therefore all details matter, even punctuation. At the beginning of the conversation the manager should introduce himself - which companies he represents, and give all the contacts to customer in order to verify his honesty.

Also it is essential to show a customer that manager is interested in him. To achieve this you should answer quickly, call the customer by name, etc.

The time when manager operates is of importance. Potential customers of internet-companies are most ready to talk in the interval from 17:00 to 20:00. Before this time most of them are busy with their work, after this time an offer to roll in China language courses, for example, seems suspicious to them.

Recently a marketing research was conducted – in which two managers of one popular internet-shop had correspondences with 20 potential customers. The first manager followed successful conversation recommendations, but the second one did the opposite. As a result 17 from 20 people agreed on cooperation with first manager and 3 from 20 – with the second one.

To sum up we can conclude: to achieve good results with customers (in reality or in the Internet) good businessmen should learn as many aspects of business as possible. Also they have to be aware of the etiquette, human psychology (including age psychology) and business communications. Besides, communication and making business through Internet introduces a few specific features in it.


1. What should a businessman consider to be a success?

2. In what way do companies now run their business?

3. How should a manager behave with a customer?

4. Mention the nuances of on-line marketing.

5. Is the time of communication important?

6. Does on-line marketing differ from marketing in general?



Unit 2


mark-up - наценка

Self-interest – собственный интерес

well-being - благосостояние


Ex.1.Look at the following Latin words. They may be helpful in your work with the texts on Economics and Business.

e.g. exempli gratia for example

i.e. id est that is

etc. et cetera and so on

viz. vide licet namely

c circa about, around (time)

v vide see

et al et ali and others

per se in itself

qua as

vice versa the reverse

ad hoc for this particular purpose

vs versus opposed

via 1.through

2.with the help of

per capita per head

ceteris paribus other things equal

ad valorem according to value


Ex.2.Add appropriate words where there are blanks in the sentences below and you’ll get the definitions of the words in bold. Some word can be used in their different meanings.

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