ТОП 10:

Boundless, adequate, talk, vigorous, amalgam, succeed, sustained, employee, dimensions, knowledge, operations, sheep, lion, beaver, tortoise.

Knowledge vs implementation

We can consider company’s … in terms of their knowing what to do, and their doing it. Of the two … , the more important is implementation, i.e. it isn't what you know,it is what you do about what you know. Many people with limited knowledge … because they do a lot about what they know; they make every little bit of … they possess work for them. If you have … energy and work hard, you will be successful simply because you are doing something – even if your knowledge is limited. A company that possesses … knowledge but does little about it can be linked to someone who is "all … and no do". Real success stems from an … of the two. Knowledge is combined with … and … action to implement decision. There are four main types of an … :

- … Energetic and possessing high knowledge.

- … Energetic but possessing low knowledge.

- … Lethargic but possessing high knowledge.

- … Lethargic and possessing low knowledge.


What type do you belong to?


Ex. 10. Join the halves.


1. A major part of the manager’s job will be

2. The modern manager must now consider the environment in which

3. One difficulty facing the manager, however is determining

4. Each person in business looks to his or her personal

5. Managers outline the steps to be taken

6. At the turn of the century the manager’s objective

7. The authority you grant must be adequate to accomplish the task

8. The degree of centralization that makes best

9. The quality of management’s decision will be

10. But it remains for the field of management to develop a position that is

11. The science portion of management is expanding, more and more


a) decisions can be analyzed and programmed.

b) what is meant by the “interest of society”.

c) consistent with the professional, ethical status of its members.

d) in moving organization toward the objectives.

e) to predict what the environment needs and what changes will occur in the future.

f) was to keep his company running and to make a profit.

g) you have delegated, but must not exceed your own authority.

h) code of ethics to determine acceptable behavior.

i) a reflection of the quality of the information it receives.

j) the organization operates and be prepared to adopt a wider perspective.

k) a use of the abilities of employees is the goal.


Ex. 11. Translate the following sentences. Pay attention to the words in bold.

1. A compensation package for an executiveleaving a company is also known as agolden goodbye, golden handshake,or golden parachute.

2. Compensation for someone leaving a company may be referred to as a compensation payment, compensation payoff, orcompensation payout.

3. These payments may form part of aseverance package.

4. Severance payments can be the subject of complex negotiations when an executive leaves, or isousted: forced to leave.

5.When executives are ousted, people may talk about companies giving them thegolden boot.

6.When talking about executive pay,compensation can refer, confusingly, to two different things: what top executives get for running a company and what they get on leaving a company.

7.Apart from salary, an executive'scompensation package can include bonuses ( extra payments, sometimes, but not always, related to the firm's performance) and benefits andperks (ranging fromshare options, the right to buy the company's shares at an advantageous price, to a chauffeur-driven car).

8.Remuneration is also used to talk about executives' salary and benefits.

9. Middle managers are those in the hierarchy between senior management and front-line managersor line managers, the people managing employees.

10. Organizations say that they are eliminating middle levels of their hierarchies so as to empower ordinary workers and employees.

11. The processof empowerment is designed to give them the authority to make decisions that were previously taken by middle managers.

12. When people lose their jobs, they are dismissed ormade redundant.

13. Outplacement is when a company helps people it is making redundant find new jobs in other organizations.

14. Headhunters are specialist consultants who search for high-level, often board-level, executives and try to persuade them to leave their current job in order to go to work in another company. Managers found in this way are headhunted in a processof headhunting.

15. Executives may be persuaded to move to a company by the promise of a golden hello: a large sum of money or some other financial enticement offered by the company they move to.

Ex. 11. Translate the following into English.

Management hierarchy – классификация служащих предприятия в соответствии с их полномочиями и статусом.

Span of control – норма управляемости – число людей, находящихся в непосредственном подчинении руководителя.

Chain of command – система властных взаимоотношений, отражающая направленность поступления приказов и указаний в организации.

Job enlargement – постановка рабочему широких задач, выполнение которых требует выполнения нескольких видов работ, для повышения его заинтересованности и снятия монотонности.

Line organization – организационная структура, в которой все единицы связаны с верхним и более глухим эшелоном четкой системной подчиненности.

Matrix organization – форма организации, при которой какая-либо задача выполняется людьми, набранными из различных функциональных подразделений и которые находятся в подчинении как руководителя оперативной группы, так и их непосредственного начальника.

Unity of command – принцип, в соответствии с которым каждый работник должен иметь одного начальника.

Job description – краткое изложение обязанностей и ответственности, связанных с определенным видом работ.

Job specification – комплекс кратких положений о необходимых знаниях, квалификации работника, выполняющего определенный вид работ.

Ex. 12. Translate the definitions into English. Match them with the words given below.

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