ТОП 10:

Express in one word : eggs beaten together withnmilk and fried in a pan

Express in one word : eggs beaten together withnmilk and fried in a pan

C) omolette

36. What does the word "loan" mean

C) a borrowed word

In what languages has Common Germanic stock no parallels

E) Kazakh and French

38. … Is unassimilated loan word

A) affiche

The scince of dictionary- compiling is

B) lexicography

Historical events, geographical names, names for diseases, plants, animals, institutions are included in

A) encyclopaedic dictionaries

41. Fill in the suitable word: England is a highly developed … country

A) industrial

Choose the correct translation of the word: agriclture

С) егіншілік

Choose the correct translation of the word: off- shore oil industry

С) мұнайды ашық теңізде барлау

Eliminate the extra word :act, balcony, cast, seasickness, pit

B) seasickness

Express in one word : a box in which money may be placed

E) poor box

Choose the correct spelling of the word: a room used for cooking

E) kitchen

Choose the word opposite in meaning: to refuce

C) to accept

Choose the word close meaning: vocabulary

E) dictionary

49.Choose the correct preposition:To have bad luck … cards

E) at

50. Choose the correct translation: жеңу

A) to win

51.Choose the correct variant: Mail is … to one`s house by a postman


52. Choose the suitable word: For most of England`s wheat is … here

E) grown

53.Complete the disjunctive question: Kitty doesn`t like cornflakes

B) does she

Choose the proper Kazakh equivalent to: to shout smb. down

Е) біреумен айқайласу

55. Choose the proper word corresponding to that in bracets: I can`t say I feel any sharp (ауыру) in some definite place. I just ache all over


56.Fill in prepositions or adverbs: There is a bridge … the river

C) over

Choose the correct definition of the word: weather

Д) a condition of wind, rain, sunshine, snow at a certain time

58.Fill in the correct preposition: Is your blouse made … silk


The largest division of Great Britain is

Д) England

The economy of Nothern Ireland is closely integrated with

A) Great Britain

National newspapers are published

E) 6 times a week

62. Use the pronouns in the proper form: Let … do the work at home. (we)

Д) us

63.Choose English equivalent to the following Kazakh one: жалпы бөлме

B) living- room

Choose the word of the word- combination closest in meaning : кітапхана

Д) to join a library

65. Complete the following sentence: Jerry … and … let the car go and the drum began to go round and round

B) slowly/ carefully

66. Finish the sentence: With the money he cold afford to marry Leila … ( mind the text "A Good Start")

E) rent a studio and stop being a student

67.Complete the following sentence: … later Aubrey discovered that a pair of degas statuettes was missing from a stand opposite the titian. ( mind the text " Fair or Face" C.Hare

E) about ten minutes

68.Complete the following sentence : I was a yong man and I lived in a modest apartment in … ( mind the text "The Happy Man" W.S.Magham)

Д) London

Many years later, fifteen ar least, I happened to be in Seville and having some trifling indisposition asked the hotel porter whether there was an English doctor in the town. These sentences are from the text.

Д) "The Happy Man" by W.S.Maugham

Choose the correct Infinitive: It started

C) to rain

82. Choose the correct Participle:The letter … yesterday was most welcome


83. Use the necessary tense form: Mike hoped that his friend … him with car

E) would help

84.Choose the correct tense form of the verb: I thought that she … at that time

E) would be sleeping

85. Choose the correct form of the Passive Voice: A new сoncert hall … in our street at the present time

E) is being built

86. Choose the right indefinite pronoun: Is there … else you would like me to explain to you?


Put the adverb in the correct place: I have read any stories by Jack London (never)

E) I have never read any stories by Jack London.

Derivation antonyms are

B) possible- impossible

Smaller political parties

A) join one of the largest parties

62. The word "whig" means

E) a Scottish preacher

B) autumn

76.Complete the sentence: Whan they … and I … Mary Ann holding Sladen`s arm, my courage left me.(mind the text "The boy Next door" by L.Baker)

A) came/ saw

77. Choose the correct modal verb: At your age you … to help your mother about the house.

A) ought

78.Choose the correct modal verb: You … speak English with your friends in order to have some practice.

E) must

79.Choose the correct modal verb: I … stay here any longer. I have to go home.

A) can`t

80. Choose the correct modal verb: They went there where they … the film

C) could see

81.Choose the correct Participle: The boy started … to the river.

E) running

82.Choose the correct Participle: While … the street, the boy was stopped by a stranger

A) crossing

The oldest layer is

Д) Indo-European

85. So many % of the English vocabulary are loan words

E) 70%

86. Find the word which adopted into English throught is ustralian variant


Express in one word : eggs beaten together withnmilk and fried in a pan

C) omolette

36. What does the word "loan" mean

C) a borrowed word

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