ТОП 10:

The second name of functional affixes is

E) endings

71. Choose the correct modal verb: She … , I saw her walking with a handsome man

E) must be married

72. Choose the correct Infinitive: I am sorry … you

E) to disturb

73. Choose the correct Infinitive: It is better … the land than to be doing sums

E) to be contemplating

74. Choose the correct Participle: He prefers … TV to … books

Д) watching, reading

75. Choose the correct Participle: Mary asked a lot of questions … at the building

A) pointing

76. Choose the correct Participle: … to you a real pleasure

E) talking

77. Choose the correct modal verb: Your brother … to be so credulous

E) ought not

78. Choose the correct modal verb: You … to have put everything off

E) ought

79. Choose the correct modal verb: They … have this picture, I quess I saw it in their living room

B) must

80. Choose the correct modal verb: I … ring you up at 10 o`clock tomorrow morning

Д) shall

81. Choose the correct modal verb: My brother … play the piano very well

Д) can

82.Choose the correct modal verb: Children … with matches.

E) mustn`t play

83. Choose the correct modal verb: I am sure you … warn him

B) must

84. Choose the correct modal verb: She … do such things.She`s too weak after her illness

B) mustn`t

85. Choose the correct modal verb: He looks so pale. He … ill

E) must be

86.Choose the correct modal verb: You … take it with you to the institute.Otherwise you`ll have problems

E) must

87. Choose the correct modal verb: You don`t … to explain anything. Everything is clear

E) need

88.Choose the correct modal verb: We … ring the bell. I have got a key

E) needn`t

89. Choose the correct verb: If I had time, I … to see you more often

E) would come

90. Choose the correct verb: I`m always saying what II … say

E) shouldn`t

91. Choose the correct verb: He disquised himself so that nobody … him

E) should recognize

92.Choose the correct verb: I imagine that most young men spirit … like that

A) would feel

93. Choose the correct verb: I saw her … the street at 4 o`clock yesterday

A) crossing

94.Сhoose the correct modal verb: I … you anything

E) cannot promise

95.Choose the right sentences with the Indirect Speech: My classmate said:"I shall explain this rule to you tomorrow

E) My classmate said that he would explain that rule to me next day

96. Choose the correct verb: He … recently … a fence around his house

A) has built

97. Choose the correct verb: They song … and the audience applauded

C) was sung

98. Choose the correct verb: A good job … to him but he refused

C) was offered

99. Choose the correct verb: The work … is silence and then we went home

C) was finished

100. Choose the correct verb: The Olimpic Games … in 4 years

C) are held


V- нұсқа

1.Сөйлеу дегеніміз

В) тіл арқылы жүзеге асатын іс-әрекет

2. Ағылшын тілін оқып үйрену үшін танысатын жүйе

Е) әріптік және дыбыстық жүйе

3. Ағылшын тілін ерте оқытудың негізгі мақсатын көрсетіңіз

Е) ағылшын тілін оқытудың сапасын көтеру.

4. Шет тілін оқытуда ойын элементтерін пайдалану мына іс-әрекетті дамытады

Е) монологтық сөйлеуді

5. Поэзиялық өлеңді үйретудегі мұғалімнің түсіндіру жолы

Д) жатқа айту

6. Ағылшын тілін оқытудың екінші кезеңі

В) орта

29. Fill in correct article: Their family has … supper late in the evening


30. Fill in the necessary tense form in the following conditional sentence: If you … me up, I … you about it

E) had rung/ would have told

31.Choose the correct form of the Participle: The door opened and a … woman came in

E) well dressed

32. Choose the correct verb: Some days ago he … English magazines by them

A) was given

33. Choose the correct verb: We saw him … the street at 5 o`clock

B) crossing

34. Choose the correct verb: I want you … me alone

C) to leave

Choose English equivalent to the word: Азия

B) Asia

Choose English equivalent to the word :грек тілі

E) Greek

Eliminate the extra word:bed, sofa, lamp, gas, mirror

A) gas

38. … has connection with Lexicology in the sphere of word formation

A) grammar

Various lexical units of Lexicology are

E) morphemes, words, word combinations

First bilingual dictionaries began to appear

E) in the 15th century

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