ТОП 10:

Express in one word: a game in which people hit small hard balls into holes

Д) golf

42. Choose the suitable word: The rich … of south- east England is well cultivated

E) soil

Choose the correct word: travelling by getting free rides in passing automobiles and walking between rides

C) hitch- hiking

Choose the correct translation: кеме

E) steamer

Choose the word close in meaning: to clap

B) to applaud

46. Choose English equivalent to the word: түсінікті

C) plain

Choose the correct definition of the word: college

Д) a school for professional education

48. Fill in the correct preposition: The dress goes … her gloves

A) with

Choose the word opposite in meaning: death

E) life

Choose the correct translation of the word: to observe a lesson

В) сабақтарға бару

Choose the word close in meaning: tremendous

E) awful

52. Choose the correct preposition: The Programme usually consists … three core components

E) of

Choose the correct type of syllable: first

A)ІІІ тип

54. Choose the proper Kazakh equivalent to: to time one`s pulse

С) тамыр соғысын санау

Choose the correct paraphrase: The most vital job

C) te most important, necessary and urgent job

Choose the word close in meaning: to train

E) to teach

57. Fill in prepositions or adverbs: I see you are angry … me

E) with

Choose the word opposite in meaning: below

B) above

Under this queen another cultural and artistic growth was as a result of industrialization

E) Victoria

It was the greatest engineering cunning of Christopher Wren

Д) spires

He was the first man to bring the Italian Renaissance style to Great Britain

E) Inigo Jones

62.New Year`s day became a publis holiday

A) when the UK joined the EEC

Halloween is particularly connected with

E) ghosts and witches

64. Choose the correct article: to live in … country (қаланың сыртында өмір сүру)

Е) the

65.Complete the following sentence: A week ago Sunday … city had a blackout and all nine television stations in the area went out for several hours. ( mind the text "The TV blackout" by Art Buchwald)

C) New York

66. Insert a suitable word in the following sentence: He thought the matter over from every point of view and the next day he went … ( mind the text "The Verger" W.S.Maugham)

E) to look a suitable shop

67. Complete the following sentence:I have just read a book of yours about …(mind the text "The Happy Man" W.S.Maugham)

E) Spain

The city of London suffered the great fire in

E) 1666

69. The word "tory" means

A) an irish highwayman

70. The synonym of the word "lecturer" is

A) reader

71. These sentences are from Well, after that everywhere I went, there was Mary Ann with Sladen behind her, like a big dog . Ihad always played tennis with Sladen whenever the weather wasn`t wet; now I had to look for a partner, and I had to watch him playing with Mary Ann

Д)"the boy next door"


72. Complete the following sentence: He was almost sixty when I met him, and he was the author of about… (mind the text "Surprize" by Galsworthy)

B) fifteen books

73. Complete the following sentence: From time to time he disappeared for several month and then he appeared again and … (mind the text "Surprise" by Galsworthy)

B) began to write

My first application for a job in Boston was made in accordance with an idea of my own. This sentence is from the text

E) "Hunting for a Job" by S.S.Mcclure

75. Complete thye following sentence: Leila stayed in the … till bill came back. (mind the text"A Good Start")

E) studio

76. Finish the following sentence:Purcell owned a pet shop and … (mind the text "Caged" by L.E.Reeve)

E) he sold cats and dogs and monkeys

77. Prefixes which modify the stem for time are …

E) pre-, post-

Lexicolography is the theory and practice of compiling

B) Distionaries

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