Switzerland – the Ideal Cultural Mix? 

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Switzerland – the Ideal Cultural Mix?

Swiss managers, significantly more than managers from any other country in the world, have a balanced perspective on all of the important cultural questions. Many people see this as a result of Switzerland's cultural diversity. However, our research has shown that attitudes on these issues are quite similar throughout Switzerland. Swiss businesspeople value balance. They ask a lot of questions about the situation and context before formulating their response.

Not only is Switzerland politically neutral, one could also say that it is culturally neutral (but not without culture!). Perhaps this is why the Swiss are the world's bankers, and why – beyond attractive tax regulations – so many international companies have decided to locate here. However, Swiss businesspeople who work in other countries find it difficult to accept that other places have less neutral – and no doubt equally appropriate – cultural configurations.

UNIT 5. Quality Management

Lead in: total quality management

Vocabulary: key terms

Reading: quality management

Speaking: reply to a letter of complaint

Grammar: Passive

Case Study: Total Quality Management

Translation: key terms

Writing: quality control process; essay

Culture: business etiquette tips


Lead in

Define the term quality, quality management and total quality management (TQM) in business context.

Study the Six Sigma definition and discuss its aim.

Six Sigma is a quality-control program developed in 1986 by Motorola. Initially, it emphasized cycle-time improvement and reducing manufacturing defects to a level of no more than 3.4 per million. Since then, Six Sigma has evolved into a more general business-management philosophy focused on meeting customer requirements, improving customer retention, and improving and sustaining business products and services. Six Sigma is applicable to all industries. [19]


Compare TQM and Six Sigma.


These are the terms for you to learn.

A. Make sentences with them.

B. Translate them.


1. six sigma quality 2. absolute performance standard 3. open standard 4. performance specification
5. benchmarking   6. quality management 7. qualification process 8. certification
9. standardization 10. key principles of quality management 11. ISO 9001 12. international Standards Organization (ISO)
13. world class 14. total quality management (TQM) 15. compliance 16. price of non-quality (PONQ)
17. acceptable quality level 18. zero defects 19. key principles of quality 20. diagnostic test
21. Shewart cycle 22. deficiency   23. defects per unit (DPU) 24. reliability
25. business process quality management 26. key principles of quality management 27. processing 28. audit
29. one hundred percent inspection 30. global quality tracking system (GQTS) 31. gauge repeatability & reproducibility (GR&R) 32. pareto analysis

2. Match terms 1- 10 with definitions a- j:


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