C. Translate the underlined phrases. 

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C. Translate the underlined phrases.

d. Match synonyms:

  1. to retail
a) to appraise
  1. to obtain
b) rivalry
  1. a bargain
c) a board
  1. consortium
d) suitable
  1. to evaluate
e) a deal
  1. competition
f) to acquire
  1. appropriate
g) to market

e. Complete the table with correct word forms:

Verb Noun Adjective

F. Fill in the gaps with prepositions consulting the text and make your own sentences with the phrases.

1. to respond __ increase market competition

2. to deal __ competitors

3. to adapt __ changes

4. to translate __ strong retailer bargaining power

5. to put products __ shelves __ a profitable price

6. it is easy to figure __ that…


g. Match collocations by consulting the text:


1. to assume a) objectives
2. to obtain b) a price
3. to fix c) a product
4. to face d) the majority
5. to constitute e) power
6. to enhance f) activities
7. to position g) a price
8. to pay h) information
9. to formulate i) a problem


  1. market
a) firm
  1. industrial
b) requirements
  1. high
c) share
  1. consumer
d) quality

h. Define the concepts in English:

1. bargaining 2. price setting
3. marketing strategy 4. distribution channel
5. purchasing behavior 6. product certification
7. competition 8. marketing activities
9. differentiation 10. PDO\PDI products


Present perfect simple/Present perfect continuous/Future perfect simple/Future perfect continuous

Complete the sentences by putting the verb into Present Perfect Simple, Present Perfect Continuous, Future Perfect Simple and Future Perfect Continuous. The first sentence has been done for you.

1. You will soon get the goods as they already have already left (leave) the warehouse.

2. I never __ (use) my credit cart on the Internet, as I don't find it safe.

3. They already __ (make) 67 % of their planned investment.

4. Sales on this website __ (rise) steadily since they started a new advertising campaign last year.

5. I__ (do) a lot of research on this company and __ (notice) a lot of potential problems.

6. By the end of the spring Sue __ (work) at this project for 2 years.

7. Our shares __ (fall) by 3% since the merger.

8. I suppose that by the end of the day we __ (give) away over 300 brochures.

9. He __ (have) English classes at his company since March.

10. Since they introduced the system of customer comment cards, the level of customer satisfaction __ (increase).

Write a sentence (statement/question) using the time expression in brackets. Write something that you might say in real life, in a professional or personal context.

1. (already)

2. (yet)

3. (ever)

4. (never)

5. (just)

6. (for)

7. (since)

8. (always)

9. (by the end of the year)

10. (in six months)

3. Choose a company to talk about/write about. Make up a list of questions about the company's recent progress/ failures. Use Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Continuous, question forms How long/how much/how many and the phrases given below.

meet sales targets/ do well/ sign contracts/ cut costs/ find clients/ / find suppliers/ automate processes/ go international/ increase profit/ diversify production/ launch website/ develop a new customer service/ face bankruptcy/ increase brand awareness/ prepare an annual budget/ etc.

Case Study

What is Marketing? [13]


Read the case and discuss the following questions in groups. Come up with a solution to the problem:

1. What do you think “Pull a Partner” could have done differently?

2. “Pull a Partner” thought they had a winning idea, but failed to succeed due to a number of reasons. If “Pull a Partner” had better matched the four elements of the marketing mix, would it have been successful?

3. What else could “Pull a Partner” have done to better promote themselves in light of the 4Ps?


Pull a Partner is a new speed dating business based in Leicester. Speed dating is where you have up to 30 dates in one night where each date lasts approximately 3-4 minutes. As you finish each speed date, you decide whether you want to meet that person again or not. If you like the person, you put 'X' on your sheet. You can leave it blank if you did not like that person. For every person you have a match with, your details will be shared with one another.

The venture is the love child of a Business Studies teacher and a friend who runs a marketing business, who spotted a gap in the market. There is a large number of single people out there with limited opportunities to meet their one true love. Speed dating is arguably a low cost-high returns venture. So what can go wrong?

Pull a Partner believed it had thought of everything. Speed dating is a service that appeals to both males and females, regardless of age, religion, culture and so on. It is a non-discriminatory service open to all as long as they are single.

The business thought it was on to a winner when it secured a free booking to use a large area of a famous pub in Leicester. Given the low costs faced by the business, competitor pricing seemed the best strategy. With competitors in the region having prices ranging from £20 to £45, Pull a Partner believed that in undercutting the competition at a rate of £10 per person it had the ingredients of success. When it came to promotion, it used everything from social network advertising to classified sites like Gumtree. However, the event ended in disaster. With only 9 females and 3 males, the event met an embarrassing end.



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