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Test 5. Complete this text using the verbs below.

How to Be а Friend of the Earth There are many simple things we _________ (1) all do to stop the destruction of the environment. First of all, we _________ (2) not dump our rubbish without thinking which things, such as bottles and paper, _________ (3) be recycled. We _________ (4) put objects that we _________ (5) recycle in recycling bins. Secondly, instead of taking our car wherever we go, we _________ (6) to leave it at home whenever possible, and go on foot or by public transport. If there is something wrong with our car’s exhaust pipe, we _________ (7) get it fixed immediately. When we _________ (8) to drive to the supermarket to do our shopping, we _________ (9) always remember to take our own bag, so that we don’t _________ (10) to use the supermarket’s plastic bags.



Test 6. Translate the sentences using modal verbs.


1. Он, наверное, учит это стихотворение уже час.


2. Тебе следовало бы давно забыть об этом.


3. Автобус должен был прийти пять минут назад.


4. Не может быть, чтобы он был занят сейчас.


5. Возможно, он сможет помочь тебе.


6. Вам не надо приходить завтра.


7. Должно быть, ему пришлось сделать это.


8. Не могли бы Вы повторить свой вопрос?


9. Может быть, мне придется работать в воскресенье.


10. Вероятно, он еще делает уроки.


11. Тебе следует закончить эту работу.


12. Через год я смогу говорить по-английски очень хорошо.


13. Что тебе пришлось делать вчера?


14. Можно мне выйти?


15. Он должен был прийти час назад.


16. Неужели он забыл про мой день рождения?


17. Учитель сказал, что мы можем идти домой.


18. Ты не должен читать эту книгу.


19. В прошлом году я не умел плавать, а теперь могу.


20. Возможно, он все еще ждет меня.




Test 1. Insert prepositions where necessary.


1. She is _________ her sixties, but she looks much younger.


2. The first man walked on the moon _________ 21 July 1969.


3. The telephone and the doorbell rang _________ the same time.


4. What are you doing _________ the weekend?


5. Charles is getting married _________ next year.


6. Columbus made his first voyage from Europe to America _________ 1492.


7. I nearly missed my flight yesterday. I got to the airport just _________ time.


8. I’m busy just now, but I’ll be with you _________ a moment.


9. We often have a short holiday _________ Christmas.


10. Do you work _________ Wednesdays?


11. I didn’t understand the text _________ first, but _________ the end I managed to translate it.


12. I’ll have written a composition _________ 5 o’clock.


13. Mary and Henry always go out for a meal _________ their wedding anniversary.


14. ‘Can I speak to Clare’ ‘I’m afraid, she’s not here _________ the moment.’


15. I work _________ early morning _________ late _________ night.


16. I started learning English _________ the age of five.


17. It was quite a short book and easy to read. I read it _________ a day.


18. We travelled overnight to Paris and arrived _________ 5 o’clock _________ Friday morning.


19. They go out _________ every Wednesday _________ the evening.


20. The train service isn’t very good. The trains are rarely _________ time.



Test 2. Insert prepositions where necessary.


1. I was playing computer games _________ 5 _________ 6 o’clock yesterday.


2. Jazz became popular in the United States _________ the 1920s.


3. I’ll see you _________ next Friday _________ the evening.


4. It’s difficult to listen if everyone is speaking _________ the same time.


5. _________ Saturday night I went to bed _________ 11 o’clock.


6. I don’t know this man, but he seems to be _________ his forties.


7. The bus was late this morning but it’s usually _________ time.


8. I hope the weather will be nice _________ the weekend.


9. I haven’t seen you _________ ages! Where have you been _________ all this time.


10. In Britain most people do not work _________ Sundays.


11. _________ last year we went to France.


12. Jenny’s brother is an engineer, but he’s out of work _________ the moment.


13. I had translated this article _________ 6 o’clock yesterday.


14. Bob is a very fast runner. He can run 100 metres _________ 11 seconds.


15. I went to school _________ the age of 6, so I’ve already been studying _________ 9 years.


16. Pauline got married _________ 18 May 1991.


17. It took me long to find a job. _________ the end I got a job in a hotel.


18. I haven’t met him _________ last Friday.


19. I normally get paid the end of the month.


20. I nearly forgot about Jack’s birthday. Fortunately I remembered just _________ time.


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