ТОП 10:

Test 3. Fill in the correct possessive pronouns.


1. This book belongs to me. This is ______book.

2. The man put______ hand into pocket.

3. The cat ate______ food.

4. She took out______ purse and gave it to me.

5. My husband never wears______ glasses.

6. This is their car. That other car is______ too.

7. May I introduce to you one of______ colleagues?

8. There were a lot of people coming back from ______work.

9. Every season is beautiful in ______own way.

10. They would like a house of______ own.

11. I’ll try______ best, I promise.

12. Each country has______ own customs.

13. He cut______ finger this evening.

14. Lend me______ pen, I’ve lost ______.

15. They’re going to London with some students of ______.

16. This is not my pencil, ______is red.

17. I haven’t got a pen. Can you give me ______?

18. Take off______ coat, please.

19. I saw them. This is______ car.

20. Ann is married.______ husband works in a bank.


Test 4. Fill in the correct possessive pronouns.


1. They have two children but I don’t remember______ names.

2. I often see that man but I don’t know______ name.

3. Pete is a teacher but______ sister is a nurse.

4. Do you like______ job?

5. Do you think that most people are happy in ______jobs?

6. Put on______ hat when you go out.

7. We are going to invite all______ friends to the party.

8. ______favourite sport is tennis. She plays a lot in summer.

9. He didn’t have an umbrella, so she gave him ______.

10. He was very happy because we invited him to stay with us in______ house.

11. You’ll give me your address and I’ll give you ______.

12. I gave him my address and he gave me ______.

13. I saw Liz and Philip with______ son, Bill.

14. He invited Ann with ______parents.

15. We live with ______parents.

16. Oxford is famous for______ university.

17. I can’t find ______ticket.

18. The County of Kent is famous for______ gardens.

19. My sister plays tennis too but______ favourite sport is basketball.

20. Mr and Mrs Brown live in Paris but______ son lives in London.


Test 5. Fill in my, your, his, her, our.


Dear Sally,


Thank you for ______(1) letter. I’m fine and I hope that you and ______(2) parents are fine too. In your letter you ask me who helps me with ______(3) homework. I’ve got a brother, but he never helps me with ______(4) homework. My friend Joan has got a brother too and he always helps her with ______(5) homework, but then she helps him with cleaning ______(6) room. We do a lot of homework because ______(7) Maths teacher and ______(8) English teacher are very strict. ______(9) parents think it is okay to have a lot of homework. They always say, ‘ ______(10) teachers were strict too, and so we learned a lot.’ Well, so what can I do? Joan’s parents say that she needs some free time so that she can play or meet ______(11) friends. Thank you for ______(12) photo. I think you look so sweet.


Bye. I hope to hear from you soon.







Test 6. Fill in the correct reflexive pronouns.


1. What will you do with______ this morning?

2. They were whispering among ______.

3. We should seldom speak of ______.

4. I drive the car ______.

5. Did you see the manager ______?

6. I often walk by ______.

7. His grandmother lives by ______.

8. The house______ is not worth much.

9. He has the habit of talking to ______.

10. He cut ______.

11. She told me the news ______.

12. The machine works by ______.

13. He______ told me that story.

14. They are making fools of ______.

15. She stretched______ out on the sofa.

16. She is interested only in ______.

17. She lives by ______.

18. Help______ to coffee.

19. Make______ at home!

20. He______ conducted the interview.


Test 7. Fill in the correct reflexive pronouns.


1. The girl decorated the room ______.

2. The winner looked very proud of ______.

3. She brought up her children by ______.

4. The cat is washing ______.

5. The children enjoyed______ when they visited Disneyland.

6. She was afraid of spiders, so she didn’t go into the room by ______.

7. She decided to do all the cooking ______.

8. He was asked to behave______ at school.

9. He shouted loudly to make______ understood.

10. Cats are very clean animals: they are always washing ______.

11. Doctors advised us that we have to exercise ______regularly in order to keep healthy.

12. In ______your problem is nothing to worry about.

13. She loves looking at______ in the mirror.

14. If you don’t behave ______, I shall put you all to bed early.

15. The music was so loud that I had to shout to make ______heard.

16. The teacher tried to make______ understood but she failed to get the class to understand.

17. We painted the room ______.

18. She was very pleased with ______when she got such a good job.

19. I think I’d go back to France. We really enjoyed______ there.

20. I don’t feel______ today. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.




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