A. All products have a very long lifespan.

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A. All products have a very long lifespan.

B. The product life cycle is the path of a product from the very beginning through to withdrawal from the market, with six connected stages.

c. Research and development (R&D) - market development.

d. Decline - sales of the product have fallen.

E. Competition may become very slow when we talk about maturity.

F. The price may be increased or advertising might be reduced at times when sales are declining.

Знайдіть в тексті (1) синоніми до поданих нижче слів.

a. life (§1)

b. to combine (§1)

c. marketplace (§2)

d. experiment (§2)

e. to introduce (§2)

f. increase (§2)

g. experience (§2)

h. glut (§2)

i. refuse (§2)

j. manufacture (§2)



4. Поясніть своїми словами на англійській мові значення наступних слів і виразів:

a. products lifespan

b. separate stages

c. market research

d. to create a desire to buy a product

e. business



Заповніть пропуски в реченнях за зразком. Речення запишіть. Перекладіть речення українською мовою.

Зразок: Youlive with _______ sister

You live with your sister.


1. My mother came home late. _______ was very tired.

2. Taras is a student. I’m a friend of _______.

3. Ihave _______ own flat.

4. Our teacher told _______ a very interesting story.

5. Olga can’t give me this device. It’s not _______, it’s her father’s.


6. Вставте дієслово to be у відповідній формі. Речення запишіть.


1. Which sport do you think _______ the most dangerous?

2. Chess and aerobics _______ not as exciting as sky diving and figure skating.

3. It _______ late when we came home yesterday.

4. I _______ at my cottage house next weekend.

5. Do you have any idea where he _______?



7. Вставте дієслово to have, вибравши вірний варіант (A, B або С). Речення запишіть.


1. I _______ dinner with my parents yesterday.

A have B has C had

2. They ______ a good rest next weekends.

A will have B has C had

3. My friend _______ a lovely cottage on the bank of the sea.

A has B had C have

4. My father ______ a good command of English when he was young.

A has B had C have

5. Anna _______ 6 lessons a day. She is always very tired.

A have B has C had



Розкрийте дужки, поставивши дієслово у потрібному часі (Present/Past/Future Simple, Active Voice). Речення запишіть. Перекладіть речення українською мовою.


1. Every morning to the way to the university I (to meet) my friends.

2. I (not to watch) TV yesterday.

3. At the first lesson we (to write) a test paper.

4. Where he (to spend) next summer?

5. She (to have) 3 English lessons a week.



9. Вставте потрібні модальні дієслова can, may, must, should, have to. Речення запишіть. Перекладіть речення українською мовою.


1. _______ you type?

2. You _______ know how to do this exercise. It’s very easy.

3. It _______ rain, you' d better take а coat.

4. She _______ leave home at eight every morning at present.

5. Не sees very badly; he _______ wear glasses all the time.

Поставте до наступних речень всі види (5) запитань: загальне, спеціальне до підмета, спеціальне до іншого члена речення, альтернативне, розділове.


1. It takes me an hour to get to the university.

2. He felt too sick to work very fast.

3. We shall write a composition next lesson.

Перекладіть речення англійською мовою.


1. Де ваші діти зараз? – Вони вдома.

2. Я напишу їй листа завтра.

3. Він змушений звернутися за допомогою до лікаря.

4. Вони були дуже здивовані коли побачили свого вчителя.

5. Можна мені читати текст?

Контрольна робота № 2

Варіант 1

Прочитайте поданий нижче текст. Дайте письмовий переклад 1, 2 та 3 абзаців.

Types of businesses

(1) Business organizations are established to meet wants in society. These organizations can be either private businesses or government organizations. The most common forms of private business organizations are sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations.


(2) Asole proprietorship is a business owned and controlled by one person. Sole proprietorships are the oldest, simplest, and the most common of all types of business. Because the financial resources available to one person often are limited, sole proprietors tend to be enterprises that require small amounts of capital to start and operate. Examples of sole trader businesses include small retailers, plumbers, builders, internet entrepreneurs, beauticians, dentists, lawyers, market traders, grocers, butchers etc.


(3) A partnership is a business that is owned and controlled by two or more people. A partnership begins when two or more people agree to operate a business together. Partnership can be general or limited. In order to avoid later conflicts, the partners usually formulate a written agreement called a partnership contract. It outlines the contributions of partners, the distribution of profits and losses. It details the specific responsibilities of each partner and includes provision for adding or dropping partners and dissolving the partnership. The advantages of a partnership over a sole trader is that resources, whether money, expertise or skills is often greater than that of a sole trader. This is because there is more than one person contributing to the business.


(4) A corporation is a business organization that is treated by law as if it were an individual person. A corporation can do everything that a sole proprietorship or a partnership can do. It can, for example, buy property and resources, hire workers, make contracts, pay taxes, sue others and be sued and produce and sell products. A corporation, however, is owned by stockholders. Stockholders are individuals who invest in a corporation by buying shares of stock. Stocks are the certificates of ownership in the corporation. Stockholders invest in a corporation in order to make a profit.


(5) A corporation may be either publicly owned or closed. A publicly owned corporation allows its shares to be purchased by anyone who chooses to invest in the business. Most corporations today are publicly owned. A closed corporation is owned by a limited number of shareholders. People outside of this limited group may not buy shares in the corporation.

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