Academic Information (Upon which you base your request for admission)

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Academic Information (Upon which you base your request for admission)


Highest Qualification Obtained Name of School/ Institution Attended and Address Telephone Number Website Address Year of Completion

Is English your first language? You must select an answer



If no, please specify your first language Required field


IELTS / TOEFL Score or other English Language proof of competence (please attach certificate) Required field

Date Passed Date Passed must be selected

Test Score Required field


4) Work Experience Information (If applicable)*


Name of Company Employment Date (From Date) Employment Date (To Date) Company Contact Details (address, telephone, etc.) Job Title and Responsibilities

Course(s) applied for (please tick where appropriate)


Diploma in Business
Diploma in Hotel Management
Diploma in Information Systems
Diploma in Information Technology
BSc in Business Administration [University of Wales/Greenwich]
BSc in Computing, awarded by University of Wales



Advanced Professional Certificate in Management Studies
Masters in Business Administration [University of Wales, Newport]
MSc in International Business (1 year) [University of London]
Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Business IT [EdExcel]


Start Dates:

(*) please refer to our website or ask an Education Consultant for specific programme commencement dates. Start Date is required

Housing Arrangements During Your Study

LSBM work with a number of different providers to assist students find their perfect accommodation. If you require assistance with securing accommodation please tick here.

If no, what are your accommodation arrangements going to be on arrival in the UK?


Additional Personal Information

Do you consider yourself to have any physical or mental disability, health problem, and/or a specific learning difficulty that might affect your studies and for which you may need support from LSBM?

*If you have answered yes to the above question, please specify your needs:


Mandatory Documents

Copy of Passport (*) Copy of Passport is required

Most Recent Qualification (*) Most Recent Qualification is required

Proof of English Language abilities (*) Proof of English Language abilities is required


Other Supporting Documents

Personal Statement

Further academic documents

Letters of recommendation


Other supporting documents

Other supporting documents can be emailed or posted to LSBM before application close date

Agree to Terms and Conditions

I certify that all of the information I have submitted as part of this application is truthful, complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I have read, I understand, and I agree with the terms and conditions of LSBM as printed above. I understand that LSBM can admit or refuse a student entry to a programme or revoke an acceptance on a programme based on its judgement of suitability. I authorise LSBM to contact my references for the purpose of evaluating my application. If accepted, I agree to abide by the rules of behaviour as stated in the Student Handbook.

I agree (*) You must agree to the terms and conditions



Vocabulary List 2.

Check what you know.

a lecture лекция
a lecturer лектор, преподаватель
to give a lecture читать лекцию
to attend a lecture посещать лекцию
to take notes делать записи
to participate in academic seminars and discussions участвовать в учебных семинарах и обсуждениях
to ask questions задавать вопросы
to answer questions отвечать на вопросы
to write a course paper писать курсовую работу
to write a report писать доклад
to make a presentation делать презентацию
take examinations сдавать экзамены
pass examinations сдать экзамены
do/study subjects изучать предметы
Law юриспруденция (как учебная дисциплина)
Management менеджмент
Economics экономика
Psychology психология
Mathematics математика
Accounting бухгалтерский учет
Sociology социология
Customs Business таможенное дело
Philosophy философия
Sports спорт, физкультура (как учебная дисциплина)


Exercise 28

Write a letter to your friend about your student life. Answer the following:

1. How many lectures do you attend a day?

2. Do you participate in academic seminars? How often?

3. What subjects do you study?

4. Do you have to write a course paper this semester?

5. How many exams do you have to take this semester?

6. Which of the exams do you think will be difficult for you?


Vocabulary List 3.

Check what you know.


history of the University история университета
was founded был основан
institutes институты
a department отделение
faculties факультеты
a campus университетский городок
a hostel (Hall of Residence) общежитие
facilities оснащение
a library библиотека
a reading hall читальный зал
a sport centre спортивный центр
a computer classroom компьютерный класс
the internet access доступ в интернет
a cafeteria кафетерий
a canteen столовая
laboratories лаборатории
equipment оборудование


Exercise 29

Visit the website of Tyumen State University (English version) and read about the history of Tyumen State University. Be ready to speak about it.


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