Jobs and Professional Qualities.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Jobs and Professional Qualities.

Jobs and Posts.


Vocabulary list.

Check what you know.

manager менеджер
bank manager менеджер банка
finance manager финансовый менеджер
sales manager менеджер по продажам
marketing manager менеджер по маркетингу
personnel manager менеджер по персоналу
customer service manager менеджер по обслуживанию клиентов
PR (public relations) manager менеджер по связям с общественностью
advertising manager менеджер по рекламе
office manager офис-менеджер
accountant бухгалтер
assistant помощник
banker банкир
clerk служащий
consultant консультант
economist экономист
electrician электрик
firefighter пожарный
lawyer юрист
MD (Managing Director) генеральный директор
mechanic механик
police officer полицейский
receptionist администратор
secretary секретарь
security guard охранник
shop-assistant продавец (в магазине)
stock broker биржевой брокер
travel agent агент по туризму
university lecturer преподаватель университета

How to ask and answer about one’s job:

- What do you do? Чем Вы занимаетесь?
- What’s your job? Какая у Вас работа?
- I’m an economist. I work in a bank (with ‘in’ say about place or general area, industry). Я экономист. Я работаю в банке.
- I work for Gazprom (with ‘for’ use the name of a company). Я работаю в «Газпроме».


Exercise 1

Match the jobs and the definitions.

lawyer shop-assistant electrician receptionist

manager university lecturer stock broker mechanic


Someone whose job is to organize and control the work
someone who repairs (ремонтирует) cars
someone who teaches university students
someone who buys and sells stocks (акции)
someone whose job is to provide (предоставлять) people with legal services
someone whose job is to serve (обслуживать) people in a shop
someone whose job is to welcome and help visitors in a hotel or office
someone who fits and repairs electrical things



Exercise 2

You are planning to open a small shop. Your assistant has made a list of vacancies. Do you agree with the list? Do you really need all the people?


List of vacancies:

Director, 2-3 Shop-Assistants, Sales Manager, Customer Service Manager, Accountant, Personnel Manager, Cleaner, Security Guard.

Exercise 3

Think about at least one job that is impossible for the following people.


People who understand nothing about cars.

The job of a mechanic is impossible for such people.

- people who are afraid of dogs;

- people who didn’t go to the university;

- people who are terrible at numbers and figures;

- people who will not work in the evening or at weekends.

Exercise 4

Look at the vocabulary list and say what professionals you will need in the followingsituations:

- you are planning to open a travel agency;

- you are recruiting the staff for a bank;

- you are the Personnel Manager and are recruiting all the necessary staff for a factory.


Vocabulary list.

Check what you know.

hard-working трудолюбивый
lazy ленивый
punctual пунктуальный
late опаздывающий
reliable надежный
unreliable ненадежный
clever умный
flexible гибкий
inflexible негибкий
ambitious амбициозный
unambitious не амбициозный
sensible разумный
stupid глупый
friendly дружелюбный
unfriendly недружелюбный
kind добрый
nice милый
pleasant приятный
optimistic оптимистичный
cheerful жизнерадостный
pessimistic пессимистичный
generous щедрый
mean скупой
sensitive чувствительный
insensitive нечувствительный, равнодушный
honest честный
dishonest нечестный
self-confident уверенный
helpful готовый помочь, отзывчивый
shy застенчивый
use one’s initiative инициативный
easy-going легкий, общительный
emotional эмоциональный
responsible ответственный


Exercise 5

Delete the qualities of character which, in your opinion, the people below should not have:


Personal assistant (hard-working, punctual, flexible, reliable, clever, talkative, friendly).

Bank manager (honest, clever, ambitious, cheerful, generous, emotional, sensible).

Stock broker (hard-working, flexible, reliable, clever, emotional).

Write your own (1-2) similar tasks.

Exercise 6

Complete the sentences:

Your receptionist is very helpful and (дружелюбная).

The accountant is (честный и пунктуальный).

The stock broker is (умный, амбициозный и трудолюбивый).

This manager is (надежный и инициативный).

This girl is too (застенчивая) to work as Sales Manager.


Work in pairs and make up 3 similar sentences for your group mate.


Exercise 7

Which qualities do you find positive? Negative?Write twocolumns of 7-8 qualities.

Exercise 8

Try to guess about your group mate’s character, write 5-6 leading qualities. Let him (her) write his (her) own list. Compare your lists. Now change the roles.


Exercise 9

Write 2-3 descriptions or situations for a quality of character; let your group mates to guess the quality.


He often promises to do things and forgets about it (unreliable).

He can work with different people, both in a team and on his own (flexible).

Exercise 10

Make up a list of 3-4 qualities necessary for the following professions:

- an accountant

- a manager in a bank

- a receptionist

- a stock broker

- a lawyer

- a PR manager.


Exercise 11

Add prefixes to form the opposites of the following words:

- pleasant

- honest

- kind

- friendly

- reliable

- flexible

- sensitive

- ambitious.

Exercise 12

Discuss the following with your group mate; present briefly your common conclusion:

1 What, in your opinion, is the worst quality (from the Vocabulary list)?

2 What qualities, in your opinion, should most people in a society have?

3 Which qualities, in your opinion, are born and which can be developed?

4 Have you ever heard about cross-cultural differences in management? How different, in your opinion, are qualities of American, German, Japanese, Chinese and other managers?


Exercise 13

Write a short essay on the topic:

Are there any qualities you do not have but would like to have? Why do you want to have them? How are you going to develop the qualities if that is possible?

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