Working Day and Responsibilities.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Working Day and Responsibilities.

Working Day.

Vocabulary list.

Check what you know.

regular (normal) working hours обычный график работы
to work from 9 to 5 работать с 9 до 5
to have flexi-time иметь гибкий график
to do shift work работать по сменам
to work overtime работать сверхурочно
salary (wages) зарплата
to receive holiday pay получать «отпускные»
to receive sick pay получать оплату по «больничному листу»



Vocabulary list.

Check what you know.

What does your (his, her, their) job involve? Что включает ваша работа?
What do you do in your job? Что вы делаете на работе?
I am responsible for…….. я отвечаю за…
a department отдел
some people людей
sales продажи
accounts счета
customer service обслуживание клиентов
insurance страхование
security безопасность
finance финансы
personnel персонал
delivery доставка
complaints жалобы
My job involves meeting a lot of people. Моя работа включает встречи со многими людьми
I am in charge of ……… Я во главе (возглавляю, отвечаю за…)
I have to deal with………. Мне приходится заниматься (чем-либо)….
I run a restaurant (a shop, a company etc.) Я управляю рестораном…..
I have to go /attend a lot of meetings. Мне приходится посещать…
I visit clients. Я посещаю клиентов
I advise clients. Я даю советы клиентам
I do paperwork (write letters, fill in forms). выполняю бумажную работу (пишу письма, заполняю бланки)
I maintain computers. Я обслуживаю компьютеры
I work at a computer. Работаю за компьютером
Input information into a computer ввожу информацию в компьютер
answer phone calls отвечаю на телефонные звонки
make phone calls делаю телефонные звонки
arrange meetings организовываю встречи
welcome clients встречаю клиентов
send invoices посылаю счета
write reports пишу отчеты


Exercise 14

Correct the sentences where they are false.

Regular (normal) working hours in Russia are from 11a.m. to 17p.m.

Most people work 10 hours a day in Russia.

In Russia women start their work at 8 a.m., while men start their work at 8.30 a.m.

Any employee at any work can work flexi-time.

It’s your choice whether to have normal working hours or to do shift work in your job.

If you work overtime you must receive extra pay.

According to the Russian legislation, employees who get sick receive sick pay.

Most people receive their salaries in cash.


Exercise 15

Work in pairs with your group mate: tell each other about your parent’s (sister’s, friend’s etc.) working hours; use the following vocabulary:

· regular (normal) working hours

· to work ….. hours a day

· start one’s work at ….. a.m.

· work flexi-time

· to do shift work

· work overtime


My mother works regular working hours.

She works 8 hours a day.

She starts her work at 9 a.m. and finishes at 6 p.m. (1 hour for lunch).

She doesn’t work flexi-time.

She never does shift work.

Sometimes she works overtime.

Make notes and be ready to present the information you hear to the class.

Exercise 16

Do you know what responsibilities the following jobs involve? Work in pairs and complete the sentences, using Vocabulary list:


The job of a secretary involves the following: she welcomes clients, makes and answers phone calls. Besides, she does a lot of paperwork.

The job of a manager involves the following:…

The job of an accountant involves the following:….

The job of a lawyer involves the following:….

Exercise 17

Think about your future work. What would you like to be responsible for?

What duties would you like to have in your future work?

Make up the list of them.

Write about the duties you would not like to have.

Make notes and be ready to present the information to the class.

Exercise 18

Work in pairs with your group mate: find out about his/her future responsibilities and duties at work.

For homework:

Exercise 19

Go to the website WORKSMART (or any other site) which giveslegal advice to emloyees who have problems related to working hours in GB.

Find the answers to the following questions:

· My employer does not keep records of my working hours. Is this permitted? more...

· The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) inspector is coming to investigate our compliance with the Working Time Regulations. What should I do if he or she calls me in? more...

· What are my working hours rights in a nutshell? more...

· Which groups of workers are not covered by working time rules, or treated as a special case? more...

· What counts as working time? more...

· What unpaid overtime counts as working time? more...

· How is my average working week calculated? more...

· Can the period over which my average hours are calculated be varied? more...

· Can I opt out of the 48-hour limit? more...

· Can I opt back into the 48-hour limit? more...

· Can I be made to sign an opt-out? more...

· How do I reverse a working time opt-out? more...

· What does my employer mean when they say my working time is 'unmeasured'? more...

In the office.

Vocabulary list.

Check what you know.

office equipment оборудование для офиса
stationery канцелярские товары
paper clips скрепки
punch дырокол
stapler степлер
staples скобы для степлера
felt tip pen фломастер
correction pen «штрих», замазка
calculator калькулятор
pencil sharpener точилка
ruler линейка
file папка
filing cabinet шкаф для папок
drawers выдвижные полки (в столе)
tray лоток
wastepaper bin (basket) корзина для мусора
rubber (eraser) ластик
note pad блокнот
scissors ножницы
hardware «машины» в офисе
photocopier копировальный аппарат
fax machine факс
printer принтер
computer компьютер
monitor монитор
screen экран
keyboard клавиатура
mouse «мышь»
hard disc жесткий диск
software программное обеспечение
open a document открыть документ
save the data in the document сохранить данные в документе
cut вырезать
copy копировать
paste вставить
print распечатать

Exercise 20

Describe an office employee’s working place (the desk). What does he (she) usually need for office work?

Exercise 21

You work in an office. Think what stationery should your secretary order every month, every half a year, every year? Make the lists of them.

Exercise 22

You are opening a new office for 10 employees. Together with your group mate (your assistant) write down an order for all the stationery you may need for a month.

Exercise 23

You are creating a Word document. What are the common operations?

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