Ех. 1. Read and retell the text.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Ех. 1. Read and retell the text.

Ex. 2. Say what you have learnt about:

1) the organization chart of national economy of a country;

2) such field of national economy as Commerce. What does it consist of and deal with?

3) the difference between wholesale and retail trade;

4) such sectors of Commerce as Insurance, Transportation, and Communications;

5) the role of banking as financial intermediary;

6) the tasks of warehousing

7) financial services of auditors, accountants, etc;

8) services of hotels and tourist agencies, public catering.

Ex. 3. Find English equivalents (column B) of the Ukrainian ones (column A):

а) Постачати, (забезпечувати); промисловість, торгівля, послуги; будівельні матеріали; доставляти товар залізницею, автомобілем, літаком

або морем; товари та послуги; внутрішня і зовнішня торгівля; експортні та імпортні угоди (операції); оптова торгівля, торгівля у роздріб; давати знижку; товар на перепродаж; покриття ризику; складування товару; банківські послуги; методи платежу та платіжного врегулювання.

b) Commodities (goods, merchandise) and services; Home Trade and Foreign Trade; Industry, Commerce, Direct Services; export and import transactions; warehousing of goods; wholesale and retail trade; covering risk; Banking; to deliver goods by rail, road, air or ship; construction materials; for resale; methods of payment and settlement; to give a discount; to supply.

Ex. 4. Think and answer:

1. What do you mean when you use the words 'economy', 'economies', and 'national economy'? What is the difference?

2. In what way are the three principal fields of national economy connected ?

3. What fields and sectors of national economy of Ukraine does the University of Trade and Economics train students for?

Ex. 5. a) Comment on the meaning of the words underlined. Translate them.

b) Put the following sentences into the interrogative, negative and negative-interrogative forms. Make the necessary changes:

1. She is a highly qualified economist who can advice you on any business matter. 2. She is in red (фінансове неспроможна) and spends her money very economically. 3. Let's economize a little and buy a new car. 4. National economy of Ukraine is in its way to a market-based one. 5. He usually economizes by using local trains instead of driving himself 6. The government tries to stop the growth of the black economy. 7. Unfortunately the rate of economic growth in our country isn't stable. 8. Economic advantage of well-developed countries gives rise to international trade.

Ex.6.Insert articles where necessary. Translate the letter.

Make up your own application letter:

Dear Sir,

With reference to ... advertisement in ... Times I'd like to apply for ... position of... saleswoman at your London Food Centre.

I have ... two-years' experience in ... food department of... big Brighton I store, and five-years' experience as ... saleswoman.

I have some knowledge of bookkeeping which I'd like to improve. I am ... young woman of 25, single, and, I believe, attractive. If you are interested in my application, would you kindly give ... details as to working hours,... traveling expenses and ... wages. ( Yours faithfully …).



Read and memorize the following words and word combinations:

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