Ех. 1. Act as an interviewer. Let the rest of the group speak about why and how they decided to study Economics (Marketing, Finance, Accounting)

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Ех. 1. Act as an interviewer. Let the rest of the group speak about why and how they decided to study Economics (Marketing, Finance, Accounting)

1) if anybody or anything influenced their choice;

2) when they finally made up their minds;

3) what attracts them in the work;

4) what they consider its advantages and disadvantages;

5) how long his father (any relatives/friends) has been in business (trade, tourism, banking, public catering, etc.);

6) if they ever regretted having taken up the job;

7) what is the most rewarding feature of their job;

8) what advice she or he can give to young people taking up their career;

9) what is his/her line.

Ex. 2. Say what you have learnt about:

1) the subject matter of economics;

2) the demand and supply as economic terms;

3) fields of activity economists, managers, marketers, entrepreneurs deal with

4) their duties and responsibilities

5) the functions performed by top management;

6) the role and importance of finance and accounting;

7) the specialists who are in charge of finance, accounting, auditing;

8) accounting as an information system;

9) the role of accounting in the decision making process;

10) the services offered by commercial banks to businesses and individuals;

11) the role of financial institutions as financial intermediaries;

12) the specialists engaged in public catering, hotel management and tourism;

13) the services offered by hotels, restaurants, and travel agencies;

14) the duties and responsibilities of commodity experts;

15) wholesale and retail trade;

16) the ways of protecting consumers' rights;

17) customs control and clearance.

Ex. 3. Translate the following sentences paying special attention to economic terms:

1. Economics is the most important subject at the University of Trade and Economics.

2. Those engines consume so much energy that they are not economical.

3. Our economists note economic growth in Ukraine.

4. The national economy is in transition now.

5. He economized by decreasing day-to-day spending.

6. In the long run it is an economy to buy goods from a wholesaler.

7. I think they sell their house at an economic price.

Питання для самоконтролю

1. In what sectors do most Ukrainians work?

2. What did nuclear plants begin providing?

3. What branches of industry can be called as the old and what branches can be called the new ?

4. Where are the main centres of cotton and woolen industry situated?

5. What products of British economy are exported to many countries of the world?

6. How many levels of management do you know?

7. What are the functions performed by top management?

8. What are middle managers responsible for?

9. What is marketing?

10. What is marketing concept?

11. What is the key to successful marketing?

12. Describe the responsibilities of financial managers.

13. Outline the steps in financial planning by explaining the process of forecasting financial needs, developing budgets, and establishing financial controls.

14. Name three finance functions important to the firm’s overall operations and performance?

15. Why is accounting considered an information system?

16. What is the role of accounting in the decision-making process, and what broad business goals and activities does it help management to achieve and manage?

17. Distinguish between management accounting and financial accounting,

18. What is the difference between accounting and bookkeeping?

19. What banks were the first to appear?

20. What has given the impetus to the formation of cooperative banks?

21. What initiated the creation of the joint-stock commercial Electro-Bank?

22. What services do commercial banks offer to their customers?

23. Give the definition of a budget.

24. What is called budgeting?

25. What does the budget system of Ukraine consist of?

26. What part has been played by transport in the development of national economy?

27. What advantages do other modes of transport have comparing with railways (pipelines, airplanes, trucks, ships)?

28. How have these modes of transport changed the role of the railroad?

29. What kind of transport moves large volumes of finished merchandise economically?

30. How are “ unit” or “ block” trains composed?

31. What does an economist deal with?

32. What is the aim of economists?

33. What economic must the managers have?

34. What do the marketers plan?

35. Is marketing management one of the leading branches of modern activity?

36. Who is in charge of finance?

37. What do the accountants design?

38. What do the auditors prepare and analyze?

39. What role do banks and other financial institutions fulfill?

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