L. Who celebrates Thanksgiving in November?

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


L. Who celebrates Thanksgiving in November?

a. People of all countries

b. People all over the world

c. People of all faiths celebrate

d. People of all Trade Unions


Which holiday was proclaimed a national day of observance by Congress in 1941?

a. Independence Day

b. New Year’s Day

c. Veterans Day

d. Thanksgiving Day


What kind of organizations send food to the needy and elderly?

A. Trade unions

B. Charitable organizations

C. Military organizations

D. Libraries


2. Выберите предложения, соответствующие тексту:


1. It is traditional to make turkey with stuffing on Thanksgiving

2. Some people like to prepare tomatoes with tuna and mayonnaise inside them.

3. You can find people from many different religions in the United States.

4. Congress decided to have a day of observance for Thanksgiving in 1941.

5. After the Indians taught the Pilgrims how to plant, they had a good harvest.

3. Выберите необходимое по смыслу слово:


l. On Thanksgiving some organizations prepare food for the needy and the … .

a. stores

b. faiths

c elderly


2. It is traditional to make turkey with … on Thanksgiving.

a. wreaths

b. feasts

c. stuffing


3. People of all … celebrate this holiday.

a. survive

b. faiths

c. harvests


4. The Pilgrims organized a … to celebrate that they were alive.

a. feast

b. wreath

c. faith


5. Thanksgiving is an … holiday celebrated by people of all faiths.

a. annual

b. observance

c. elderly


6. After the Indians taught the Pilgrims how to plant, they had a good … .

a. survival

b. harvest

c. wreath


7. Congress decided to have a day of … for Thanksgiving in 1941.

a. annual

b. survival

c. observance


8. The first year that the Pilgrims were in America many died of … .

a. starvation

b. stuffing

c. harvest


9. Thanks to the Indians, the Pilgrims learned to … .

a. feast

b. annual

c. survive


10. It is traditional to decorate stores and homes with turkeys and … of dried flowers and plants.

a. wreaths

b. stuffing

c. elderly




1. Переведите с английского на русский:


To mean nothing

а. что-то означать

b. ничего не означать

c. значить все

d. ничего не иметь

To manufacture car engines

а. производить машины

b. производить двигатели для машин

c. производить транспорт

d. двигать производство

Nuclear device

а. ядерное устройство

b. ядерная кнопка

c. ядерное оружие

d. атомная станция

A chief engineer

а. главный механик

b заместитель инженера

c. главный инженер

d. помощник инженера

Atomic weight

а. атомные весы

b вес нетто

c. общая масса

d. атомный вес


2. Выберите правильный вариант:


Переднее колесо

a. front wheel

b. middle wheel

c. above wheel

d. back circle.

Расширять дорогу

a. to deepen a road

b. to dig a road

c. to widen a road

d. to stretch a road.

Несколько слов

a. few words

b. a few words

c. little words

d. less words

Оказаться эффективным

a. to become efficient

b. to turn efficient

c. to prove important

d. to prove efficient

Груженная баржа

a. a loaded yacht

b. an unloaded ship

c. a loaded barge

d. an empty barge



1. Выберите правильный вариант:


1. They were happy … part at our conference.

a. to take

b. to be taken

c. to taking

d. to have been taken


2. The theory … is very important for future inventions.

a. to discuss

b. to be discussed

c. to have discussed

d. to have been discussing


3. I expect … … me a letter.

a. she to send

b. her send

c. her to send

d. she to sent


4. Mother made … … the soup.

a. I eat

b. me eat

c. me to eat

d. me to be eaten


5. You are supposed … in four years.

a. to graduate

b. to have graduated

c. to be graduated

d. graduate


6. If my friend … to see me, I shall be very glad.

a. came

b. come

c. comes

d. is coming


7. If my father returns early, we … TV together.

a. watch

b. shall watch

c. should watch

d. watches


8. If you … the train, you would have arrived in time.

a. didn’t miss

b. haven’t missed

c. hadn’t missed

d. wouldn’t missed


9. If my friend … in my office we should meet every day.

a. worked

b. works

c. had worked

d. has worked


10. If you spoke English every day, you … your language skills.

a. will improve

b. improves

c. would have improved

d. would improve


11. … he known the subject better, he wouldn’t have failed in his exam.

a. Were

b. Was

c. Had

d. Has


12. He has given me … of his English books.

a. ones

b. that

c. those

d. one


13. I will show you the engine … we must test.

a. ones

b. that

c. those

d. one


14. Give me … textbooks.

a. ones

b. that

c. those

d. one


15. These texts are too long, we need shorter … .

a. ones

b. that

c. those

d. one





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