To move or be moved through the air by means of wings.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


To move or be moved through the air by means of wings.

a. to fly

b. to run

c. to swim

A piece of land surrounded by water.

a. lake

b. ground

c. island

A period of 100 years

a. month

b. decade

c. century

To change one thing or person for another.

a. to smile

b. to promote

to replace

The act of keeping safe by guarding.

a. protection

b. difference

c. prosecution

The degree of bigness or smallness.

a. norm

b. standard

c. size




1. Выберите правильный вариант сложного дополнения:


1. We expect writers … the issues of the modern world.

a. deal with

b. to deal with

c. to be dealt with


2. They do not expect the President … taxes as he has promised.

a. to cut

b. cut

c. to be cutting


3. The local authorities did not want their housing scheme … .

a. to be failed

b. fail

c. to fail


4. One can hardly expect a true scientist … within the limits of one’s narrow field.

a. to be kept

b. keep

c. to keep


5. We expected the partners … on a number of issues.

a. agree

b. to agree

c. to be agreed


6. They believed him … by the invitation to the international congress.

a. to be honored

b. to honour

c. honour


7. Harris didn’t want his wife … off the bike.

a. to have jumped

b. jump

c. to jump


8. Tom was a very diligent pupil and soon he made everybody … him.

a. to respect

b. respect

c. to be respected


9. “I want the floor … by the evening” – mother said.

a. to wash

b. to be washed

c. wash


10. Mother wanted the potatoes … at the market.

a. to buy

b. to be bought

c. buy


11. I know her grandmother … a ballet-dancer.

a. to be

b. to have been

c. be


12. The woman wanted her daughter … to a theatre school.

a. to go

b. go

c. to be gone


13. I do not want the work … in a hurry.

a. to do

b. do

c. to be done


14. The driver expected the passenger … at the next stop and opened the door.

a. to get off

b. get off

c. to be got off


15. I saw the stranger … round the corner.

a. to disappear

b. disappear

c. to be disappeared


2. Перефразируйте следующие предложения, употребляя сложное подлежащее:


1. It appeared that they had lost the way. They appeared to have lost the way.

2. They know that helium atom has two electrons. Helium atom is known to have two electrons.

2. It happened that I was present at the opening session. _____________________

3. It turned out that my prediction was correct. ____________________________

4. It seemed that the house had not been lived in for a long time. ______________

5. It turned out that the language of the article was quite easy. _________________

6. Scientists consider that electricity exists throughout space. _________________

7. They say that he is a good translator._________________________________

8. Newspapers report that the number of unemployment is increasing with every year. __________________________

9. It is said that the weather in Russia was extremely cold last winter. ______________________


3. Выберите правильный перевод сложного подлежащего:

She is unlikely to change her opinion.

a. Она не изменит свое мнение.

b. Вряд ли она изменит свое мнение.

c. Похоже, что она изменит свое мнение.


The article is likely to appear in the next issue of the journal.

a. Едва ли статья появится в следующем номере журнала.

b. Завтра статья появится в следующем номере журнала.

c. Похоже, что статья появится в следующем номере журнала.


She appeared to be an excellent actress.

a. Знаешь, она отличная актриса.

b. Вероятно она отличная актриса.

c. Оказалось, что она отличная актриса.


This work seems to take much time.

a. Работа заняла много времени.

b. Оказывается, что эта работа занимает много времени.

c. Похоже, что работа занимает много времени.


5. This device was known to have been designed in that laboratory.

a. Было известно, что этот прибор был спроектирован в той лаборатории.

b. Известно, что этот прибор будет спроектирован в той лаборатории.

c. Этот прибор был спроектирован в той лаборатории.


She was considered to be an honest and hard-working girl.

a. Считали, что она ленивая и балованная девочка.

b. Говорят, что она честная и трудолюбивая девочка.

c. Считали, что она честная и трудолюбивая девочка.


7. He is thought to have been a very good singer.

a. Думают, что он был очень хорошим певцом.

b. Его считают очень хорошим певцом.

c. Говорят, что он хороший певец.


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