IV. Read each Sentence. If it is true, write T. if it is False-write F.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


IV. Read each Sentence. If it is true, write T. if it is False-write F.

  1. You always return broken items to the store as soon as possible.
  2. If your TV breaks soon after you buy it, the store or manufacturer will usually fix it free._______
  3. You keep all receipt and guarantee papers when you buy an appliance._______
  4. The seller or manufacturer will always give you new appliance if your breaks.______
  5. You send the original receipt and guarantee to the manufacturer when you return a broken appliance._____

V. Read and learn the dialogues by heart.

A) Mrs. West: I bought this blender here last month. But it doesn’t work right.

Salesperson: What’s the problem?

Mrs. West: The low speed doesn’t work

Salesperson: We’ll send it back to the manufacturer and give you a new one

Mrs. West: Thank you

B) A: Sorry, I bought this sweater last week. This is large and was supposed to be the medium.

B: Oh. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do about it, I’m afraid.

A: Could I have my receipt.

B: All right. We’ll getting some new ones next week.

A: Ok, I’ll look in then.

VI. Read the following dialogue. Try to understand it. Then do ex. 7

- Excurse me, I bought this color TV here last week and I’m not satisfied with the picture. I’d like to have my money back, please.

- I’m sorry sir, but I’m afraid we don’t give refunds. May I see your receipt? We can give you a credit note for this amount, sir, or you can exchange it for something of equal value.

- All right, I’ll take the exchange.

- Actually, sir, you are very lucky. We have a sale this week.

We have some great bargains. Now this Zandy 3000 is a great deal. It’s 40 per cent off normal retail price. It has remote control and it has a one-year guarantee.

- It still seems expensive to me.

- No, no, sir, that’s a fantastic price. It’s cheap, believe me.

We’ve sold hundreds of them and this, I believe, is the last one?

- The last one? O.K. I will take it. How much extra do I owe?

- Just 125 pounds.

- And can I pay by credit card or …

- Credit card will be fine, thank you .

- … Bring out another Zandy 3000, will you?

VII.Decide if the following statements are true or false according to the dialogue:

  1. The man returned the TV because it was broken.
  2. The man wanted a refund.
  3. The salesperson offered him a credit note.
  4. Every TV in the store was reduced.
  5. The Zandy 3000 was being sold at half price.
  6. If the Zandy 3000 breaks in the next year, the man will get his money back.
  7. The Zandy 3000 cost more than the TV that the man had returned.
  8. The man paid by card.
  9. The man bought the last good at his job.

VIII.Answer the following questions:

  1. What small appliances do you have in your home?
  2. Which of your appliances are still under warranty or guarantee?
  3. Did you ever return as mall appliances to the store? If so, why?
  4. Did the store replace or repair it?



Обобщающее занятие

“At the Department store”

What departments are there in the department store?

I.a) Here are some departments of a department store and beside them a list of goods. Discuss in which department you would buy them.



  1. hardware
  2. electrical goods
  3. haberdashery
  4. stationary
  5. leather goods
  6. ladies underwear
  7. jewellery
  8. men’s wear
  9. footwear
10. cosmetics
a. ribbon b. panties c. hole punch d. evening suit e. hair conditioner f. vacuum cleaner g. trainers h. sauce pan i. necklace j. wallet


b) Where would you go to buy trousers, a pair of stocking, microwave oven, shaving cream, two meters of satin, shopping bag, slippers?

c) Where can you buy purse, fur coat, fridge, socks, necklace?


II. Complete the shopping dialogue.

Assistant 1:Can I help you?

Customer: Yes, I’m … a blouse like this, but in blue.

Assistant 1:I see. And what … are you looking for?

Customer: 14 usually.

Assistant 1:Oh, I’ll just go and see if we have got any.

Customer: Thank you.

Assistant 1:Can I help you?

Customer:No, it’s OK. I’m … thanks.

Assistant 1:Here we are. The last one in stock.

Customer:Great. Can I try it on?

Assistant 1:Yes, of course. The … is just over there.

Assistant 1:How was it?

Customer:Fine. I’ll …

Assistant 1:Right. Would you like to pay over there at the …

(Being served, take it, size, fitting room, looking for, cash desk)


III. Translate into English.

Assistant 1:Могу ли я вам помочь?

Customer:Да, я бы хотела купить платье.

Assistant 1:Какой ваш размер?

Customer:Я ношу 12 размер.

Assistant 1:Какой вам нужен цвет?

Customer:Зеленый или коричневатый.

Assistant 1:Я могу предложить вам это платье.

Customer:Какой это материал?

Assistant 1:Стопроцентный хлопок. Это самая последняя мода.

Customer:Да, оно очень хорошее. Я возьму его.

Assistant 1:Очень хорошо, мадам. Можете заплатить в кассу.


IV. Fill in the gaps with prepositions where necessary.

Mr. Jackson:Excuse me, how I get … the men’s department?

Woman:Over there … the left, sir.

Mr. Jackson:Thank you.

Shop assistant:What can I do … you?

Mr. Jackson:I need … a suit … every day wear. Can I have a look … that grey suit? What size is it?

Shop assistant:16.

Mr. Jackson:Can I try it …?

Shop assistant:Certainly.

Mr. Jackson:I am afraid this suit is too loose … me.

Shop assistant:I don’t think so. It’s just … your size.

Mr. Jackson:All right. I’ll take it.


V. Situation. You are at the Ready-made clothes department.

1) Попросите продавца показать вам платье.

2) Спросите, какой это материал.

3) Спросите, сколько оно стоит.

4) Спросите, где находится касса.

5) Скажите, что вы хотели бы купить костюм.

6) Попросите показать вам костюм коричневого цвета.

7) Скажите, что вы бы хотели примерить его.

8) Спросите, где находится примерочная.


VI. Choose the right word:

1. His clothes … poor

a) was b) were

2. He took his clothes and put … in the wardrobe

a)it b)them

3. The suit is a little tight … you

a)for b)on


VII. Match the following phrases with the correct responses:

1. What size do you take?   2. Will that be cash or change?   3. Excuse me. I’m looking for a suit.   4. Excuse me, where’s the changing room?   5. Can I help you?   6. Anything else?   7. Do you have any others?   8. They’re a little baggy. a) What size are you?   b) No, that’s all. Thank you.   c) I’m size 14   d) Sorry, we’ve sold out.   e) Cash please.   f) Yes, you need a size smaller.   g) It’s over there.   h) It’s all right. Thank you. I’m just looking.


baggy – мешковатые


VIII. Answer the questions:

Do you often go shopping? Is there a department store not far from your house? What is it like? When did you last go to the department store? What did you buy there? Which is the biggest department store in Kaliningrad? Where is it? Do you sometimes do shopping there? When did you last go to the department store? Will you describe your shopping there? (Do you usually go to the department store if you want to buy a present? What present did you buy there? Did it take long to choose the present? Were the shop-assistant helpful? What department did you buy it in?)


IX. Complete the dialogue and act it out.

Assistant:What can I do for you?


Assistant:What kind of shoes do you want madam?


Assistant:What size are you?

Customer: …

Assistant:Here is a pair of your size. Try them on.

Customer: …

Assistant:Here is another pair. Do they fit will?

Customer: …

Assistant: Three pounds, seven pence, madam.

Customer: …

Assistant:You can pay at the cash desk.


X. Read about shopping in London. Fill in the spaces de choosing the correct word from the box. Be careful - there are two extra words.

Ready markets visitors crowded certain souvenir bargains wallet

Information cities pavement

London is one of the world’s great shopping …… and many …… even come to London especially to go shopping. On the whole you’ll find Londoners friendly and …... to help you if you need directions or ..... . Oxford Street is the main shopping street in central London but it can be very …… and extremely tiring to walk up and down. Ignore the …. shops for tourists , which are often too expensive. Try to find ordinary shops where British people go if you want to find the best …… . Fortunately you can find ….. kinds of shops together in one area. For a example Charing Cross Road is well-known for it’s bookshops. If you just want to look round, the London street ……. For the best value and for the best show in town- Londoners going about their daily business.



XI. Memorize these proverbs:

Much coin, much care – лишние деньги – лишние хлопоты

To buy for a song – купить за бесценок

To sell like hot cakes – продаваться нарасхват.

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