Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!




Record player – магнитофон

It’s worth the money – это стоит денег

Deposit – вклад (в банк), взнос

To buy on installments – покупать в рассрочку

Reliable – надежный

Petrol – бензин

Coffee grinder кофемолка–

Coffee maker – кофеварка

Iron – утюг

Mixer – миксер

Vacuum cleaner - пылесос

Washing machine – стиральная машина

Microwave oven – микроволновая печь

Toaster – тостер

Refrigerator/fridge - холодильник

Electric shaver – бритва электрическая

Electric cooker – электроплита

Hairdryer – фен

Bargain - торговаться


I. Read the text:


In Britain shops have fixed prices , but you can bargain in street markets.Shops have sales in January and again in the summer, when a lot of items are cheaper. Superstores have special offers on some items every week. Shops don’ t usually give a discount for cash. The British usually bargain when they buy houses and cars, or anything that is second-hand.


Answer the questions:

1. Which things can you bargain for in our country?

2. Where can you bargain in our country?

II. Fill in the gaps with prepositions where necessary:

Mr. Jackson: Excuse me, how do I get … the man’s department?
Woman: Over there … the left, sir.
Mr. Jackson Thank you.
Shop Assistant: What can I do … you
Mr. Jackson: I need … a suit … everyday wear. Can I have a look … that grey suit? What size is it?
Shop Assistant: 16.
Mr. Jackson: Can I try it …?
Shop Assistant: Certainly.
Mr. Jackson: I’m afraid this suit is too loose … me.
Shop Assistant: Don’t think so. It’s just … your size.
Mr. Jackson: All right. I’ll take it.  

III.Name as many things as possible that you can buy:


At the haberdashery

At the perfumery department

At the ready-made clothes department

At the footwear department


Use the models: At the …. one can find …..


The following goods are for sale at the …..


III. Read the dialogue and answer the questions.

You are not a Millionaire.


Mr. Frith: I like this record player very much. How much does it cost, please?
Assistant: It’s the most expensive model in the shop. It costs 34 pounds.
Mrs. Frith: That’s too expensive for us. We can’t afford all that money.
Assistant: This model’s less expensive than that. It’s only 28 pounds.
Mr. Frith: I don’t like this model. The other model’s more expensive. However, it’s worth the money. Can we buy it on installments?
Assistant: Of course. You can pay a deposit of ten pounds, and then one pound a week for sixty weeks.
Mr. Frith: Do you like it, dear?
Mrs. Frith: I certainly do, but I don’t like this price. You always want the best but we can’t afford it. Sometimes you think you are the millionaire!
Mr. Frith: Millionaires don’t buy things of installments.



  1. How much does the record player Mr. Frith like cost?
  2. Can he afford buying it?

IV. Look through the conversation once more and reproduce the phrases with the adjectives in the comparative and superlatives degrees.

V. Give a brief account of the conversation.

VI. Act out the conversation.

VII. Situation: you are at a radio shop. You need a radio-set. You want it to be both cheap and reliable.

VIII. Read the dialogue:

At a car shop.

The sale is now trying to sell a customer a second-hand Lotus Elan but the customer thinks to prefer a Jaguar.

Man: I think l rather like-the look of that Jaguar.
Salesman: But Lotus is a much better car.
Man: Well, yes, but.
Salesman: It’s smaller and easier to park.
Man: Perhaps, but I need room. Moreover, Jaguar is a good, fast car.
Salesman: But the Lotus has better acceleration. In fact, it’s much faster alto longer.
Man: Yes, I know, but I do like the red and black interior of the Jaguar.
Salesman: But the Lotus has seats that are more comfortable.
Man: Mmm. However, I want a quiet car.
Salesman: Well, the Lotus is much quieter than the Jaguar. It makes far less noise.
Man: Yes, but you see …
Salesman: It’s a smaller, better, more comfortable car.
Man: Yes, yes. I know it’s a fantastic car because I sold it to you altogether … last week, remember?
  1. What car does the man want to buy?
  2. What car does sales man want to sell?
  3. What does sales man say about the Lotus?

IX. Find in the text phrases with the adjectives in the comparative and superlative degrees.

X. Give a brief account of the conversation.

XI. Read, translate the following dialogue. Make up your own by analogy.

At a car shop

A: Well, what do you think?

B: I think we should buy a Ford.

A: I still don’t know.

B: They are very reliable.

A: Yes, I suppose so. Moreover, they don’t use much petrol.

B: No. They don’t cost very much.

A: It was cheapest car we looked at.

B: What do you think?

A: Well, I rather liked the Austin.

B: Yes, I liked it, too. But it was a bit more expensive.

A: Not much.

B: Well, more than we can afford

A: Not really. And it was a pretty color.

B: The color doesn’t matter, darling.

A: It matters to me.

B: Well, I think of the extra money.

A: Well, I can’t see you’ve made up your mind so there’s not much point arguing

XII. Read the text “The super Save Department Store” and answer the questions:

The Super Saver Department Store.

The Super Saver Department Store is the most popular in town. It isn’t the cheapest, and it isn’t the most expensive. It doesn’t have the best products and it doesn’t have the worst.

The furniture isn’t the most comfortable you can buy, but it’s more comfortable than the furniture at many other stores.

The appliances are not the most dependable you can buy but they are more dependable than the appliances at many other stores.

And record players and tape records are not (he best you can buy, but they are better than the record players and tape records at many other stores)

In addition, the location is convenient, and the salespeople are very helpful.

You can see why the Super Saver Department Stare is the most popular I town. The prices are reasonable and the products are good. That’s why people like to shop there.



Which is the cheapest store in town? Why isn’t it the most popular one? Which store sells the best products? What else is the Lord and Lady Department store famous for? Why don’t people often shop there? Which store is the most popular in town? Why?


XIII. Read the joke:

- Do you save money for a rainy day, dear?

- Oh no, I never go shopping when it rains.

XIV. Make up your story about your visit to the department for electrical appliances.




List of words



Warranty – гарантия

Manufacturer – производитель

Fix – ремонтировать

Item – товар

Repair – ремонтировать

Receipt – квитанция

Persistent – настойчивый

To refund – возмещать убыток, возвращать деньги

Bargain – выгодная покупка

Value – ценность


I. Imagine that you are a shop- assistant:

  1. Спросите покупателя, чем вы можете ему помочь.
  2. Спросите, какой размер ему нужен.
  3. Скажите, что вы можете предложить другой цвет.
  4. Предложите покупателю пройти в примерочную.
  5. Скажите, что ему ещё показать.

II. Say to what section of the department store you go if you want to buy:

A skirt and a blouse

Fashionable shoes

A souvenir

A tooth-brush and a soup

Jeans and a sport shirt

Gloves and umbrella

A ring or earings

Eye shadows and mascara

Use the model: If I need …. , I go to the …..

III. Read and translate the text.

Returning a small appliance.

Sometimes you buy an appliance that doesn’t work or that breaks soon after you buy it. Most things come with a warranty or guarantee, which is a promise by the manufacturer or the seller that they will fix the item if it breaks within a certain period. You should return the item as soon as possible to the store where you bought it; the store will either repair or replace it with a new one. Sometimes you have to send the appliance directly to the manufacturer.

When you return something, it is important to describe the problem clearly. Take the sales receipt and the guarantee with you. If you have to send the broken appliance back, write a letter explaining the problem. Also send a copy of the sales receipt, but keep the original receipt.

If you are clear, firm and persistent, you will be able to solve the problem.

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