Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!




Ready-made clothes department – отдел готовой одежды

Haberdashery – галантерея

Hosiery – чулочные изделия

Department for electrical appliances – отдел электроприборов

Jeweller’s – ювелирный

Perfumer’s – парфюмерный отдел

Footwear – обувной отдел

Millinery – женские головные уборы

Drapery/Textiles – отдел тканей

Stationary – канцтовары

To buy – покупать

To sell – продавать

II. Read and translate the text

The Baxters go shopping"

The other day my wife took me on usual shopping round. In fact, I hate going to the butcher’s, grocer’s and shops of this sort but of course, I have to help my wife about the house.

First, we bought some pork and beef at the butcher’s. Then we dropped in at grocery and greengrocery. Jill wanted to buy sugar, salt, tomatoes and cucumbers. We also called at the baker’s where we bought a loaf of brown bread, some buns and biscuits.

On our way home, we were passing Selfridge’s. “Let’s drop in here for a while. You need a suit for everyday wear”, my wife said. I agreed.

Selfridge’s is still one of the biggest and most popular stores in London. They sell everything here. All the things for sale are on the counters. The customers walk round and choose what they want. The store has several departments: women’s clothes, men’s clothes, shoes, toys, sports goods, and umbrellas, leather goods, china and glass, food and so on.

When we entered the shop, we went straight to the men’s department. A salesgirl showed us a number of suits but we didn’t like any of them. One of them was a bit loose on me, another was a bit loose on me, and another was too tight. As to the third, our opinions were quite different. I like the suit. My wife found it too expensive. She wanted a suit as good as that one but less expensive. The salesgirl showed us a cheaper suit. It was of good quality but I did not like the style. We were about to leave the counter when they delivered a new selection of goods. They were not only suits but also different kinds of clothes: coats, raincoats, shirts, jackets and trousers. I tried on two or three suits. The last was all right. It was just my size and fitted me perfectly. We both liked the suit and the price was not high. “We’ll take it, wrap it up, please!” I said to the salesgirl.

After we left the men’s department, my wife spent the rest of the morning trying on hats. She wanted a pink straw hat to match one of her summer frocks. There was such s good selection of hats in the shop that in the end Jill bought two.

III. Answer the questions:


1. Does Mr. Baxter help his wife about the house?

2. What food shops did the Baxters go to?

3. Why did they go to Selfridge’s?

4. What departments does Selfridge have?

5. Did the Baxters choose the right suit at once?

6. What did Jill buy for herself?



IV. Agree or disagree with the statements, using the following phrases:

That is right…

I quite agree with it…

I don’t agree with it…

On the contrary…

I am afraid it is not quite so…

1. Mr. Baxter is very fond of shopping. 2. The Baxters started their shopping with the baker’s. 3. Selfridge’s is one of the biggest and most popular stores in London. 4. The men’s department had a good selection of goods and it was not difficult to choose the right suit. 5. Finally, the Baxters bought the right suit. 6. Jill didn’t buy anything for herself.



V. Speak on the Baxter’s shopping round. Retell the text one by one.

VI. Read the conversation “At department store” and answer the questions.

List of words:

Gloves – перчатки

Purse – кошелёк

Price – цена

Wear – носить

Cost – стоить

How much does it cost – Сколько это стоит?

To match – подходить под пару, гармонировать

To wrap up – обёртывать, завёртывать

Elevator – лифт

Expensive – дорогой

Cheap – дешёвый

To try on – примерять

To fit – подходить, быть впору

Betty: Let’s do all our shopping here at the Kaufman department store. Then we can have lunch and go to the movies in the afternoon.
Mrs. Black: That’s a good idea. I want to buy some gloves and a purse at this counter. There is the clerk. Are you busy? Can you wait on us?
Shop Assistant: Certainly. What can I show you?
Mrs. Black: I want a pair of brown gloves, size 6. What’s the price of this pair?
Shop Assistant: They are 3.50. They wear very well.
Mrs. Black: I’ll take one pair. Can you show me a brown purse to match gloves?
Shop Assistant: Here’s a nice one. It’s the latest style.
Mrs. Black: How much does it cost?
Shop Assistant: It’s ten dollars.
Betty: Do you want a larger purse? I like that one, mother. Why don’t you buy it?
Mrs. Black: All right, Betty. Please, wrap the purse and gloves together.
Shop Assistant: I will write a check for them.
Betty: Let’s take this elevator to the fourth floor. I want to look at a suit.
Shop Assistant: Good morning. May I help you?
Betty: Yes, I am looking for a grey suit, size 12.
Shop Assistant: We have several your size. Do you want to try on one of these?  
Betty: Yes. Oh, I like this one. How much is it?
Shop Assistant: It is 75 dollars.
Betty: That’s too expensive. Do you have a cheaper suit?
Shop Assistant: Yes, this grey flannel is cheaper than the gabardine. It is on sale today for 47.50. Do you want to try it on?
Betty: It’s fits perfectly. I’ll take it.


1. What does Mrs. Black want to buy at the Department store? 2. Is the shop assistant helpful? 3. What is Betty looking for? 4. Do they have a good choice of suit at the Department store? 5. What size does Betty wear? 6. How much did the suit Betty bought cost?



VII. Find in the text appropriate English phrases for the following:

Хорошая идея. Вам помочь? Я ищу серый костюм, размер 12. Они хорошо носятся. Вы не можете показать мне коричневый кошелёк, который бы подходил по цвету к перчаткам? Это последняя мода. Вы можете нас обслужить? Сколько стоит эта пара перчаток? Ты не хочешь кошелёк больше? Почему бы тебе не купить его? Вы не хотите примерить один … из этих костюмов? Качество отличное. У вас есть костюм дешевле? Он (костюм) сегодня в продаже за 47 долларов. Костюм лежит на мне хорошо.


VIII. Give a brief account of the conversation.

IX. Act out the conversation.

At the Ready – made clothes department.



List of words:

Dress, frock – платье

Smart – нарядный, элегантный

It suits me – это мне идёт

Fashionable – модный

Tight – узкий

Loose – широкий

What can I do for you? – чем могу помочь?

Can you wait on us? – не могли бы нас обслужить

Cash desk – касса

Cashier – кассир

Change – сдача

Fitting-room – примерочная

Sweater – свитер

Goods – товар

Coat – пальто

Raincoat – плащ

Trousers – брюки

Fur coat – шуба

Jacket – куртка

Blouse – блузка

Shirt – рубашка

T-shirt – футболка

Denim suit – джинсовый костюм

Tracksuit – спортивный костюм

Double-breasted suit – двубортный костюм

I. A) Answer the questions.

1. What is shop with many departments called?

2. What are the shops without shop assistants called?

3. Where can we buy clothes?

B) Write the missing shop in the sentences below:

1. You can buy card at the ….

2. You can buy a new sofa or bed at the …

3. You can buy almost everything at Harrods in London/ it’s a very big …

4. You can buy a pair of boots at the ….

5. You can buy a hammer at the …

6. You can buy a bunch of roses at the …

7. You can buy a ring at the ….

(Furniture shop, jeweler’s, department store, shoe shop, florist’s, supermarket, newsagent’s)

II. Read the text:

The ready-made clothes department offers articles of home and foreign production. Clothes in different styles, colours and sizes are for sale here. At this department women can buy dresses, shirts, blouses, coats, jackets and jeans. The shop-assistant is always ready to serve the customers politely and will help everybody to choose the thing which will fit the person well.

For men the ready-made clothes department offers suits, shirts, trousers, jeans, sport shirts. If you liked something that you intend to buy, you may try it in the fitting room.

Answer the questions:

  1. What goods can women buy at the ready-made clothes department?
  2. What articles of clothes can men buy at the ready-made clothes department?
  3. Where can you try the things on?

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