II. Read the dialogue, answer the questions

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


II. Read the dialogue, answer the questions

Ann to her girl friend Jane:

Ann to her girl-friend: Jane, I want new shoes. Let’s go to the shoe shop. (Ann and Jane come up to the shoe counter.)
Shop-assistant: What can I do for you?
Ann: I want leather-evening shoes.
Shop-assistant: What’s your shoe size?
Ann: Thirty-six.
Shop-assistant: I’d recommend you this pair. (Ann tries them on.)
Ann: So sorry. They are tight on me. Show me another pair, dark brown color.
Shop-assistant: Here you are.
Ann: That’s just my size. (She pays the money and takes the box. The girls go to the perfumery.)
Jane: I’d like to buy face cream, lipstick, nail varnish, powder and perfume. (The girls come up to the perfumery counter.)
Shop-assistant: What can I do for you?
Jane I want face cream for dry skin, lipstick, nail varnish, powder for dry skin and some French perfume.
Shop-assistant: What color would you like for lipstick and nail varnish?
Jane: One crimson, the other brownish, the same for nail varnish. I think this perfume suits me.
Shop-assistant: Here you are.(The salesgirl wraps up the face cream, lipstick, nail varnish, face powder and scents. Jane pays the money to the cash desk, gives the check to the salesgirl, gets her package and the girls go out of the shop pleased with their shopping.)



1. What does Ann want to buy?

2. What is her size?

3. Are the shoes loose or tight on her?


III. Give English equivalents for the following:

Я хочу кожаные туфли. Какой ваш размер обуви? Туфли мне жмут. Это как раз мой размер.

IV.“At the shoe department”

Customer: I’d like a pair of shoes, please.
Assistant: What color would you like?
Customer: Brown.
Assistant: Moreover, what size are you?
Customer: Seven. Cab I try them on?
Assistant: Of course.
Customer: They fit well. I’ll take them.

V. Fill in the missing parts of the dialogue:

VI. Read, translate and answer the questions:



Shop Assistant: Are you being served, gentleman? What can I do for you?
Winter: First, I want a pair of strong shoes for hiking in the mountains.
Shop Assistant: What size do you take, sir?
Winter: Size seven.
Shop Assistant: Try this one, please, - How is it? Does it pinch anywhere?
Winter: No, it does not pinch.
Simon: It seems to be a perfect fit. – How much is this pair?
Shop Assistant: 3/5 pounds.
Simon: That’s rather expensive, isn’t it?
Shop Assistant: No, sir, it’s not expensive, it’s cheap!
Winter: All right, we’ll take it.
Shop Assistant: Anything else, gentlemen?
Simon: Yes, my friend also wants a shoehorn, polish, blacking-brush and a polishing-brush.
Shop Assistant: Here you are, shoehorn, and polish, blacking-brush and polishing-brush. - Will that be all?
Winter: Yes, thank you.
Shop Assistant: Thank you gentlemen. Will you pay at the desk please?
Simon: Now, let’s go to the hosiery-department.
Winter: For a pair of socks to mach.
Shop Assistant: To the hosiery-department. This way, please! – Well, what can we do for you here?
Winter: A pair of socks, please, to match these shoes.
Shop Assistant: Very well, sir. Do you prefer light or dark ones? We have many patterns and shades to choose from. Which of them do you like best?
Simon: I like these best.
Winter: Yes. Please give me one pair of this shade and one pair of that.
Shop Assistant: Thank you, gentlemen.


  1. What shoes does Mr. Winter want to buy?
  2. What is his shoes size?
  3. How much is this pair of to buy?
  4. What else does Mr. Winter want to buy at the Footwear department?
  5. What does he want to buy at the Hosiery department?

Find in the text English equivalents for the following:

1. Я хотел бы пару крепких туфель.

  1. Какой размер вы носите?
  2. Жмёт где-нибудь?
  3. Сколько стоит пара.
  4. Это дорого.
  5. Заплатите в кассу, пожалуйста.
  6. Мне нужны носки, которые подходили бы мне по цвету к туфлям.
  7. Вы предпочитаете светлые или тёмные носки?

VII. Situation: You are a shoe department. You want to buy a pair of good summer walking shoes. The shop assistant is very helpful




Satin – сатин

Velvet – вельвет

Loath of cloth – отрез ткани

The lining does not match well – подкладка плохо сочетается

Shade – оттенок

Solid color – однотонная окраска

Silk – шелк (натуральный)

Rayon – шелк (искусственный)

Pattern – узор

Plain – одноцветный

Poplin – поплин

Purchase – покупка

Shawl – шаль, платок

Crocheted lace – вышитое кружево

Looking glass – очки

Handkerchief – носовой платок

Perfume – духи


I. A) Ask at which department you can buy the following: trousers, suit, raincoat, microwave oven, and pair of gloves.

B) What do you say if: 1. you cannot buy the thing because it’s too expensive? 12. You want to know the price of the thing. 3. You want to buy a pair of shoes with flat heels.


II. Match the questions with the answers:

1. Are you ready to order? A) I don’t know. I’ll go and check for you.

2. Can I help you? B) Sure. The changing room’s over there.

3. Have you got one of this extra-large? D) No, thanks, I’m just looking.

4. Can I try this on? E) Not yet. I’m waiting for someone.

5. Can I have one of those, please? F) Certainly, madam. Would you like to pay?
II. Read, translate the dialogue:

Shop Assistant: What can I do for you, gentlemen?
Simon: My friend wants material for a woman’s suit.
Shop Assistant: May I ask you for which season?
Winter: A suit for spring and autumn.
Shop Assistant: All right. May I show you light or dark colors? Self-colored, striped or checked material? – If I may ask – has the lady fair or dark hair?
Winter: She is tall and dark hair and a fresh complexion.
Simon: I would prefer a self-colored material.
Shop Assistant: Here you have several shades of brown. Perhaps you would like one of these.
Winter: I will take this one.
Simon: How much do you need for suit? Three meters?
Shop Assistant: If I may advise you, I think three yards – that means about two meters seventy-five centimeters – will do, as rather short skirts are the latest fashion.
Winter: Will you please give ma a small sample? I want to buy a handbag to match.
Shop Assistant: With pleasure, sir. – Here is a nice sand-colored handbag of kid. This green one is also fashionable.
Simon: We’ll take this one. It is particularly nice.
Shop Assistant: Inside you will also find a purse and a small looking glass.
Simon: But one important thing is still missing: a handkerchief.
Shop Assistant: Oh, here are some handkerchiefs with narrow crocheted lace and others with comers crocheted in.
Winter: I rather like this one. How much is it?
Shop Assistant: Three shillings.
Winter: I will take it. – Can we also get a shawl?
Shop Assistant: Certainly. At that counter, please.
Simon: I would like this pale green one.
Shop Assistant: Wouldn’t you also like some perfume?
Winter: Of course, I would.
Simon: I don’t think it will take us long to choose a typical English perfume.
Shop Assistant: Perhaps you would like “Violets from Kent”.
Winter: Could I have a sniff, please? – Hmm, delightful! I’ll take it.
Shop Assistant: You are right. It is delightful.
Simon: Well, miss, we are now at the end of our purchases. However, you see, my friend wants to send these things away, and he needs a cardboard-box, packing-paper and some string. – Would you, please …
Shop Assistant: I’ll get it packed for you.

Answer the question:

  1. Where is the scene taking place?
  2. What does Mr. Winter want to buy?
  3. What material does Winter prefer?
  4. How much does he need for a suit?
  5. What else does shop assistant recommend?
  6. How much is a handbag?
  7. What else and where do the customers want to buy?


III. Find English equivalents in the text:

Моему другу нужен материал для женского костюма, на весну и лето. Сколько вам необходимо на костюм? Зеленый цвет в моде. Вот несколько носовых платков с вышитыми кружевами. Я хотел бы эту бледно-зеленую шаль. Вы не хотели бы духи? Могу я понюхать духи?
IV.Give a brief account of the conversation
V.Translate into English.
1. Покажи мне, пожалуйста, двубортный костюм на лето.

2. Я бы вам посоветовал выбрать однобортный костюм. Они сейчас в моде.

3. Покажите мне что-нибудь в ярких тонах.

4. Какой размер вы носите?

5. Мне нравится покрой костюма.

6. Разрешите примерить это платье.

7. Оно узковато мне.

8. Покажите мне перчатки. Сколько они стоят?

VII. Read the joke:
Customer: I want to try on that in the window.

Shop Assistant: Sorry, sir but you’ll have to use fitting room.

VIII. Situation: You are shopping in the Haberdashery department. The shop assistant helps you to choose the items.




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