ТОП 10:

Нарушение пищеварения) is usually reflected on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.

A. incoordination

B. indigestion

C. irritation

D. introduction


Увеличение) of the lymph nodes usually accompanies cancer.

A. enlargement

B. environment

C. entertainment

D. employment


The pain usually arises (внезапно).

A. all over the body

B. already

C. all the rest

D. all of a sudden


Gingival (отёк) may be caused by some kind of infection.

A. edge

B. edema

C. exhale

D. effort


27. Symptoms of caries include discoloration of the tooth and (образование) of cavities.

A. fibrillation

B. filtration

C. formation

D. foundation


Cancer of the oral cavity is most often seen on the lip, (язык) or soft tissues under it.

A. tongue

B. lung

C. lingual

D. lipid


Due to this research it may become possible (излечивать) some types of cancer.

A. to continue

B. to care

C. to confirm

D. to cure


The use of this drug has helped (предотвратить) the inflammatory process.

A. to present

B. to prevent

C. to predict

D. to prove


Выберите правильную форму перевода сказуемого:

31. Caries treatment methods are based on cleaning and filling the cavities and regular toothbrushing.

А. основались

В. основали

С. основаны

D. были основаны


32. She complained of severe toothache.

А. жаловалась

В. жалуется

С. жалуются

D. пожаловались



33. The term “calculosis” means formation of tartar on the teeth.

А. означают

В. означает

С. обозначил

D. был обозначен


34. The dentist was drilling the tooth when I came in.

А. сверлит

В. сверлили

С. сверлят

D. сверлил


35. The patient had felt a severe toothache for two hours before he went to the dentist.

А. чувствовал

В. почувствовал

С. имел самочувствие

D. почувствует

36. Soon afterwards the patient felt a little better.

A. чувствует себя

В. почувствует себя

С. почувствовал себя

D. будет чувствовать себя


37. The temperature is decreasing gradually.

А. понижается

В. понизилась

С. понижалась

D. низкая


38. Has your child ever been ill with stomatitis?

A. заболел

B. болел

C. болеет

D. болен


39. Loosening of the teeth was caused by periodontal disease.

A. была вызвано

B. вызвало

C. вызывала

D. вызывается


40. The roentgenogram shows no pathology.

A. не показала

B. показала

C. не показывает

D. показывает


41. Inflammation of the periodontal tissues is known as periodontitis.

А. знает

В. известно

С. было известно

D. известность


42. The patient was recovering after implantation of the teeth.

А. выздоравливал

В. выздоровели

С. выздоравливают

D. выздоравливали


43. Dentists don’t recommend eating food rich in carbohydrates.

А. не рекомендуется

В. не рекомендовался

С. не рекомендуют

D. не рекомендовали


44. Later in the day the appetite usually improves.

А. улучшался

В. улучшается

С. улучшает

D. улучшился


45. The corrective operation was required because of fracture of the mandible.

A. требуется

B. потребуется

C. требовались

D. требовалась


46. The process of infection is developing for two weeks.

А. развивался

В. развился

С. развивается

D. будет развиваться


47.Тhе necrotic tissue will be removed as soon as possible.

A. была удалена

B. будет удалена

C. удалит

D. будет удалять


48. Тhе abscess has not formed yet.

А. не формировался

В. не сформировался

С. не формируется

D. не имеет формирования


49. I’ll examine the patient’s oral cavity immediately.

А. меня осмотрят

В. осматриваю

С. осмотрю

D. меня осматривают


50. Antibacterial therapy is always administered in case of infection.

A. была назначена

B. назначена

C. назначалась

D. назначается



Выберите правильную форму сказуемого:

51. Soon after admission the patient … (был прооперирован).

А. was operating on

В. were operating on

С. was operated оп

D. operated on


52. She… (продолжает) to complain of pain.

А. continues

В. has continued

С. will continue

D. is continue


Тhе doctor (выписал) а prescription for injections of nicotinic acid.

А. was writing out

В. writed out

С. write out

D. wrote out

54. Cancer … already … (распространился) all over the body.

А. spread

В. has spreading

С. was spreading

D. has spread


55. Now the surgeon … (выполняет) a tooth implantation.

А. performs

В. is performing

С. had performed

D. performed


56. Yesterday the surgeon… (выполнил) a very complicated operation on the maxilla.

А. performs

В. performed

С. was performed

D. perform


57. – Where is doctor N. now? – He… (осматривает) the patient.

А. examines

В. examine

С. is examining

D. is examined


58. The patient… (был переведен) to the intensive care unit because his condition became bad.

A. was transfer

B. were transferred

C. was transferring

D. was transferred


59. The doctor on duty… (делает) the round of wards every morning.

A. makes

B. has made

C. is making

D. make


60. The assistants… just … (подготовили) everything for the operation.

A. has prepared

B. have prepared

C. had prepared

D. have been prepared


61. Inflammation of the gums (называется) gingivitis.

А. calls

В. is called

С. call

D. is call


62. Sometimes both jaws … (вовлекаются) in the inflammatory process.

А. is involving

В. involve

С. involved

D. are involved


63.Тhen the formation of cavities … (начинается).

А. begin

В. began

С. begins

D. is begun


64. If the tooth cavity … (остается) unclosed, the process can involve the pulp.

А. remained

В. remains

С. remain

D. is remained


65. The patient … (жалуется) of a slight pain in the left lower canine.

A. complains

B. complaints

C. had complained

D. complain


66. I … (поступил) Krasnoyarsk Medical University two years ago.

А. was entering

В. enter

С. entered

D. was entered


67.Тhе children … (спят) now.

A. is sleeping

B. were sleeping

C. slept

D. are sleeping


68.Тhе bоу … (будет госпитализирован) tomorrow.

А. will hospitalize

В. will hospitalized

С. will be hospitalize

D. will bе hospitalized


69. Тhе Professor … (осмотрит) him tomorrow.

А. will be examining

В. will have examined

С. will examine

D. will be examined


70. Chemotherapy … often … (используется) in cancer treatment.

A. is using

B. are used

C. use

D. is used


71. Caries prophylaxis methods … (основаны) on good oral cavity hygiene.

А. is basing

В. based

С. are based

D. were based


72. She … (жаловалась) of gingival hemorrhage.

А. complain

В. complains

С. complained

D. is complaint


73. The term “cancer” … (обозначает) a group of malignant diseases.

А. meant

В. means

С. meaning

D. mean


74. After implantation the patient’s oral cavity … (осматривают) regularly.

А. is examined

В. are examined

С. examines

D. examined


75. Ten days before admission to the dental department of the hospital he … (перенёс) pneumonia.

А. had

В. had been having

С. had had

D. has had


76. Soon afterwards the patient … (почувствовал) a little better.

A. is feeling

В. feels

С. felt

D. was feeling


77. The temperature … (понижается) gradually.

А. is decreasing

В. decreases

С. decreasing

D. is decreased


78. … you ever … (болел) with stomatitis?

A. has be ill

B. have been ill

C. were ill

D. was ill


79. Loosening of the teeth … (было вызвано) by periodontal disease.

A. was caused

B. caused

C. were caused

D. was causing


80. The X-ray examination … (не показала) any changes.

A. doesn’t shows

B. don’t shows

C. didn’t show

D. don’t show


81. Inflammation of the gums … (известно) as gingivitis.

А. known

В. is known

С. was known

D. is knew


82. The patient … (выздоравливает) after a serious operation.

А. were recovering

В. has recovered

С. is recovering

D. are recovered


83. Тhe doctor … (не рекомендовал) any additional examinations.

А. hadn’t recommend

В. didn’t recommend

С. don’t recommend

D. weren’t recommend


84. The appetite usually … (улучшается) when the patient recovers.

А. improves

В. improved

С. improve

D. was improved


85. Implantation … (будет проведена) in two weeks.

A. will be performed

B. will perform

C. were performed

D. was performed


86. The inflammatory process … (развивался) for two weeks.

А. was developing

В. was developed

С. were developing

D. are developing


87. Тhе necrotized pulp … (была удалена).

A. removed

B. was being removed

C. was removing

D. was removed


88. Тhе abscess … (не сформировался) yet.

А. is not forming

В. has not formed

С. is not formed

D. had not formed


89. When he comes, I … (осмотрю) him immediately.

А. shall have examined

В. shall be examining

С. shall examine

D. shall be examined


90. Antibacterial therapy … (назначается) in case of inflammation.

A. administering

B. administers

C. was administered

D. is administered


Подберите перевод модального глагола:

Тhе dentist must use an X-ray examination to make a correct diagnosis.

А. может

В. должен

С. возможно

D. был должен


Untreated ulcer can lead to cancer.

A. может

B. должна

С. могла

D. следовало бы


The woman could not remember when the pain appeared for the first time.

A. не может

B. не могут

C. не могла

D. не должна


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