ТОП 10:

The implantation may be performed if there is enough bone tissue.

A. должен

B. мог

C. следует

D. может


The patient can’t come for the follow-up.

A. не следует

B. не может

C. не нужно

D. не должен


Pulpitis can be easily diagnosed by tenderness on percussion.

А. могло бы

В. могло

С. должно

D. может


Any diagnosis must be based on the results of objective examinations.

A. должен

B. не должен

C. может

D. возможен


98. There may be different kinds of cancer.

A. могут быть

B. должны быть

C. могли быть

D. могли бы быть


Teeth should be cleaned twice a day.

A. должны

B. будут

C. следует

D. могут


There may be numerous complications after dental implantation.

A. могли быть

B. могут быть

C. должны быть

D. могли бы


Подберите модальный глагол:

101. Тhе child… (должен) bе isolated from other children.

А. can

В. must

С. had to

D. could


102. You … (следует) take an analgin for your toothache.

A. could

B. can

С. must

D. should


103. There … (могут, возможны) be numerous complications after implantation.

A. may

B. might

C. should

D. could


104. Because of severe toothache I … (не мог) fall asleep.

A. can’t

B. needn’t

C. couldn’t

D. mustn’t


105. The patient … (не может) be operated on because his temperature is high.

A. could not

B. cannot

C. may not

D. must not


106. There are a lot of factors which … (могут) cause cancer of the lip.

А. should

В. might

С. must

D. may


107. The tooth … (должен) be extracted under local anaesthesia.

A .must

B. can

C. may

D. could


108. The wisdom teeth … (могут) erupt at all.

A. may not

B. must not

C. might not

D. could not



109. You … (следует) rinse your mouth after meals.

A. must

B. shouldn’t

C. should

D. can



110. The patient … (пришлось) undergo some additional analyses.

A. had

B. had to

C. has to

D. have to


111. Professor N. … (должен) perform this operation in our clinic.

А. can

В. must

С. might

D. had to


112. How … (может) a young man become a dentist?

A. can

B. need

С. could

D. should


The surgeon (сможет) to perform the operation under local anaesthesia.

A. were able

B. was able

C. will be able

D. will can


114. Parents … (следует) teach their children how to clean their teeth in the right way.

A. must

B. might

C. ought

D. should


115. The patient … (не нужно) keep to any diet.

A. oughtn’t

B. needn’t

C. can’t

D. mustn’t



116. The homeostat is a device which … (может) simulate any disease in any organ.

А. might

В. could

С. must

D. can


117. You … (должен) use this new device in your experiment.

A. must

B. mustn’t

C. can

D. could


118. There … (могут быть, возможны) different techniques of making prostheses.

A. may be

B. might be

C. can be

D. could be

119. Any research programme … (следует, рекомендуется) include experiments.

A. need

B. can

C. should

D. may


120. The patient … (должен) come to the clinic in two days.

A. can

B. is to

C. was to

D. will be able to


Задание: Выберите перевод степени сравнения:

121. The patient felt much better after the course of treatment.

А. лучше

В. очень хорошо

С. наилучший

D. намного лучше


122. The problem is less complicated than we at first thought.

A. самая сложная

B. более сложная

C. наименее сложная

D. менее сложная


123. One of the most fundamental properties is the ability of a living cell to produce motion.

A. намного более существенные

B. более существенные

C. наименее существенные

D. самые существенные


124. If you need further information ask the doctor on duty.

A. дальнейшая

B. дальше

C. очень далеко

D. дальше всего


125. This is the most difficult task in the control work.

A. трудное

B. самое трудное

C. труднее

D. наименее трудное

126. Caries is more common in the developing countries than in the developed ones.

A. менее распространенный

B. самый распространенный

C. более распространенный

D. намного более распространенный


127. It is usually difficult to diagnose a disease at its earliest stage.

A. наименее ранняя

B. более ранняя

C. самая ранняя

D. самая поздняя


128. Cleaning the teeth after meals is more useful than rinsing.

A. более полезные

B. очень полезные

C. наименее полезные

D. самые полезные


129. The doctor said that the pain was always worse at night.

A. сильная

B. сильнее

C. намного сильнее

D. самая сильная


130. The least difficulty diagnosing is caries in an advanced stage.

A. меньше

B. наименьшая

C. маленькая

D. наибольшая


Выберите нужную форму степени сравнения:

131. Send for an ambulance if hе feels … (хуже).

А. better

В. badly

С. worst

D. worse


132. The doctors must be … (более ответственными) for their work than the people of other professions.

A. responsible

B. more responsible

C. less responsible

D. most responsible


133. … (самое распространенное) disease in the world is caries.

A. most wide-spread

B. more wide-spread

C. very wide-spread

D. the most wide-spread


134. You must come to the lecture… (раньше) than usual.

A. earlier

B. more early

C. earliest

D. early


135. The temperature was rising … (выше) with every hour.

A. high

B. highest


D. more high


136. Caries develops … (чаще) on the posterior teeth than the anterior ones.

A. less frequent

B. most frequent

C. more frequent

D. much more frequent


137. It is … (самая большая) hospital in our town.

A. more big

B. bigger

C. the biggest

D. very big


138. The examination in Histology is … (самый трудный) in the second year.

A. more difficult

B. difficult

C. the difficultest

D.the most difficult


139. The lecturer said that the molars are … (больше) than the premolars.

A. bigger

B. the biggest

C. more bigger

D. biger


140. … (сильнейший) attack of pain made her go to the doctor.

A. worse

B. the worst

C. the bad

D. very bad


141. The patient felt … (намного лучше) after the course of treatment.

А. much better

В. much worse

С. much the best

D. much more better


142. At the end of the 20th century dental implantation was … (менее популярная) than it is now.

A. the most popular

B. more popular

C. the least popular

D. less popular


143. The General Dental Council is … (высший) authority in the UK.

A. much higher

B. more higher

C. higher

D. the highest


144. The enamel is … (твёрже) than the dentin.

A. harder

B. hardly

C. more hard

D. hardest


145. Often in case of periodontal disease gingival hemorrhage is … (самый важный) sign.

A. much more important

B. the most important

C. much important

D. the more important


146. Correcting malocclusion in adults is … (труднее) than in children.

A. much difficult

B. the most difficult

C. more difficult

D. the difficultest


147. It is usually difficult to diagnose a disease at its … (самая ранняя) stage.

A. more early

B. earlier

C. earliest

D. most early


148. Rinsing the mouth with water after meals is … (более полезно) than chewing gum.

A. more useful

B. the more useful

C. the most useful

D. very useful


149. The doctor said that this pain was always … (сильнее) at night.

A. worst

B. worse

C. much worse

D. very bad


Самая лучшая) prophylaxis of caries consists in good oral hygiene.

A. the better

B. the best

C. good

D. best


Подберите правильный перевод причастия:

The deposit forming on the teeth may give rise to periodontal disease.

А. формировался

В. формировавшийся

С. формирующийся

D. сформированный


The doctor examined the patient’s mouth cavity and saw bilaterally enlarged tonsils.

А. увеличенный

В. увеличился

С. увеличивающий

D. увеличивавший


The arterial blood coming from the lungs by two pulmonary veins enters the left atrium

A. поступившая

B. поступающая

C. поступила

D. поступает



He took a tablet of baralgin administered by the doctor and the pain subsided.

A. назначил

B. назначавший

C. назначенный

D. назначающий


Sometimes the pain may radiate to the ear simulating acute otitis.

A. дающий картину

B. давая картину

C. дает картину

D. дававший картину


The disease is characterized by slight discoloration accompanied by formation of cavities.

A. сопровождающийся

B. сопровождавший

C. сопровождая

D. сопровождавшийся


When admitted to the hospital, he complained of a severe pain in the upper jaw.

A. при госпитализации

B. после госпитализации

C. госпитализируя

D. когда госпитализирует


Not all tumors found in the body are cancerous.

A. обнаруживающие

B. обнаруживая

C. обнаружили

D. обнаруживаемые


Задание: Подберите правильную форму причастия:

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