ТОП 10:

Блок тестов на знание базовой грамматики и разговорной лексики

Заполните пропуски:

1. Her current interest was______ and development, but she has changed fields.

A)resistance B) research

C) residence D) reputation


2. Please pay _____________ to what I’m saying.

A) attention B) meaning

C) knowledge D) model


3. A(n) _________________ is usually more expensive than dictionary because it is in several volumes.

A) publication B) encyclopedia

C) journal D) report


4. A student __________________ a four-year college in the US today normally receives Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science.

A) ending B) completing

C) graduating from D) finishing


5. I got some good ________________ in my continuous assessment this term.

A) exams B) grants

C) marks D) notes

6. Did you make your______ by phone or by fax?

A)reservation B) transition

C) institution D) impression


7. Being able to use a computer is an important ______ nowadays.

A) license B) degree

C) skill D) qualification


8. I’ve been given ____________ to go to London.

A) a decision B) an opportunity

C) a choice D) a need


9. The person who gives information to the press for a company is a _______________.

A) economist B) supervisor

C) public relations officer D) receptionist


10. Applicants should have at least two years’ post in high school education or work _______________.

A) experience B) position

C) abilities D) performance

11. А___ consists of long cells that contract when stimulated and produce motion.

A) hand B) body

C) rib D) muscle


12. The contraction and expansion of the____________ are controlled by the vasomotor nerves.

A) blood vessels B) bladder

C) cell D) pupil


13. Surgeons transplanted kidneys, livers, and hearts in animals before attempting these procedures on______________.

A) monkeys B) clones

C) rats D) patients


14. New discoveries in biochemistry and ____________ opened the way for more precise diagnostic tests and more effective therapies.

A) gynaecology B) psychology

C) physiology D) anatomy


15. ____________ liberated the patient from the pain of surgery and enabled the surgeon to perform more extensive operations.

A) Immunity B) Antibiotics

C) Anaesthesia D) Anabolics

16. _________ means tending to produce death or deterioration.

A) Shivering B) Malignant

C) Healthy D) Aching


17. _______________ is the fluid that circulates in the heart, arteries, capillaries and veins of a vertebrate animal.

A) Saliva B) Water

C) Urine D) Blood


18. A _________ is a substance intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, treatment or prevention of disease.

A) drug B) component

C) matter D) tissue


19. ______________ is a disordered, weakened or emotional condition.

A) Hydrophobia B) Hysteria

C) Sickness D) Tetanus


20. A _________________ is a short glass tube with a rubber bulb and used to measure liquids.

A) retort B) measuring glass

C) syringe D) dropper


21. _________________ is localized physical suffering associated with bodily disorder.

A) Nervousness B) Sleepiness

C) Delirium D) Pain

22. A shorter, more____ meeting leaves time for work.

A) productivity B) productive

C) productiveness D) production


23. ____________ is designed to inform, influence or persuade people.

A) Preadvertise B) Advertise

C) Advertising D) Advertiser


24. Cable TV and work desk with ____________ telephone lines are available in each room.

A) modernization B) modernism

C) modernist D) modernized


25. The last year has shown a slight _____________ in the economy.

A) improvement B) improvable

C) improved D) improve


26. Traditional homes have been ______________ by big blocks

A) placement B) replaced

C) displaceable D) place


27. My alarm clock didn’t go off, and so I ________________ this morning.

A) underslept B) overslept

C) outslept D) reslept

28. It was a good idea of_____ to go swimming this afternoon.

A) your B) you

C) yourself D) yours


29. _____________city is bigger, London or Paris?

A) Where B) Who

C) When D) Which


30. “How did you get my sister’s book?”

“She gave it to me ___________!”


A) myself B) themselves

C) ourselves D) herself


31. He drove so slowly that it took _________________ three hours to get there.

A) we B) us

C) our D) ourselves


32. That isn’t my key. __________ is here.

A) Me B) Mine

C) My D) Myself



33. The grass there was much______ than on the upper field.

A) longer B) long

C) the longest D) more long


34. Sinking of the Titanic was the ____________ disaster of that time.

A) more large B) largest

C) large D) larger


35. If you use pictures your report will be much _____________________.

A) the most interesting B) most interesting

C) interesting D) more interesting


36. This house is _____________ of all the buildings in the street.

A) as old as B) old

C) older than D) the oldest


37. Karen is the _________ girl in the class.

A) more pretty B) prettier

C) prettiest D) much pretty


38. Some car engines are _____________ than others.

A) more efficient B) the most efficient

C) more efficiently D) most efficiently

39. The oldest living tree in the world grows in_______ California.

A)- B)the

C)an D)a


40. Jeff comes from a small town in ______________ Texas.

A) an B) –

C) the D) a


41. _________________ bananas are a good source of energy.

A) A B) An

C) The D) –


42. __________ Coca-cola is enjoyed all over the world.

A) the B) a

C) an D) –


43. ____________ book you gave me is very interesting.

A) - B) The

C) An D) A


44. I live in _____________ Nelson Road, in Cambridge.

A) the B) –

C) a D) an

45. The Pyramids were built_____ people who lived a long time ago.

A)by B)of

C) with D) after


46. Which band is playing at the Hippodrome ____________ Sunday?

A) by B) at

C) on D) in


47. The Great Wall of China is a long way _____________ any major city.

A) from B) by

C) - D) under


48. Many people today are worried ______________ global warming.

A) to B) from

C) with D) about


49. Dad, can I stay _______________ Sue’s house tonight, please?

A) in B) at

C) from D) on


50. Begin with a minute_____ two of small talk.

A)or B)but

C) and D)if


51. I love tennis ____________ I love swimming too.

A) for B) as

C) if D) but


52. This car is fast _____________ very noisy.

A) as B) since

C) but D) despite


53. This rule is _________ difficult ___________ the one you’ve already learnt.

A) neither/nor B) either/or

C) not so/as D) both/and


54. Ann is a very good singer, _______________ she is going to take part in the school concert.

A) that’s why B) because

C) that D) although


55. Ask him ____________ he can do it tomorrow.

A) though B) while

C) for D) whether

56. Do you want a sandwich? - No, thanks. I_______ just_______ lunch.

A)was_______ having B) had______ had

C) have_______ had D) am______ having


57. My course ___________ on Monday at 9.30.

A) starts B) are starting

C) shall start D) have started


58. Mother will cook dinner when she ____________ home from work.

A) comes B) come

C) has come D) will come


59. Don’t you know that Alex ___________ next month?

A) got married B) have got married

C) is getting married D) gets married


60. -Are you going shopping tonight?

- No, I ____________ yesterday.

A) had went B) went

C) had been going D) had gone


61. __ ______________of her arrival, I went to see her.

A) Being told B) Told

C) Telling D) To tell


62. I want you ____________ me some information.

A) gives B) give

C) to give D) giving


63. That car is not worth _________________.

A) repairing B) to be repaired

C) having repaired D) to repair


64. Would you mind ______________ just now?

A) to be examined B) having examined

C) to have examined D) being examined

65. Paul__________________visiting his parents.

A) insisted of B) insisted to

C) insisted - D) insisted on


66. Chris is trying to ___________ smoking.

A) give from B) give out

C) give down D) give up


67. It took the firemen three hours to ___________________ the fire.

A) put on B) put out

C) put down D) put off


68. Sam spent half an hour ______________ his keys.

A) looking for B) looking after

C) looking through D) looking into


69. Mary always ______________ my children when I’m away.

A) looks after B) looks for

C) looks at D) looks up

70. Your face seems familiar to me. We_______ have met somewhere.

A) need B) must

C) should D) ought



71. You ___________ go on a diet.

A) has to B) am able to

C) should D) is to


72. I _______________ come to your party tomorrow. I’m going to prepare for my exam.

A) shouldn’t B) needn’t

C) can’t D) mustn’t


73. -Did you deliver that parcel for me?

- No. I ___________ find the house, so I’ve come back to get a map.

A) had not to B) could

C) couldn’t D) can


74. I ______________ swim when I was a boy of 6.

A) might B) may

C) can D) could


75. ________________ I speak to Jane, please?

A) Must B) Need

C) Can D) Ought

Выберите реплику, наиболее соответствующую ситуации общения:

76. Guest: "______________ "

Hostess: "Oh, I'm glad you enjoyed it."

A) Enjoy your meal. B) The meal wasn't as bad as I expected.

C) The meal was rather good. D) The meal was absolutely delicious


77. John: “I have been waiting for you for two hours!”

Ann: “________________”

A) Never mind! B) I don’t think so.

C) Sorry. It was wrong of me. D) That’s all right.


78. You: Can I borrow your mobile phone? I need to make a quick call to my mother.

Your friend: _____________________

A) You’ll do me a favour. B) What do you want?

C) OK. Here you are. D) I am pleased to hear it.


79. Daughter: “_______________________”

Mother: “You’d better return home now.”

A) I want to do the shopping just now.

B) It is great to be at home again.

C) I am going back home.

D) It looks like raining. I don’t know what to do.


80. Your friend: Would you like to come to our house on Sunday?

You: ________________________

A) Really? B) Thanks. I’d love to. That’s great.

C) Will you repeat it, please? D) No, I wouldn’t.


81. Your friend: “I’m sure we’ll have a great time at Joan’s party tomorrow night.”

You: “Yes, ______________________”

A) I disagree. All our friends will be there. B) I am not sure. All our friends will be there.

C) I agree. All our friends will be there. D) I’m afraid. All our friends will be there.


82. Shop assistant: "Can I help you?"

Customer: "________________________ "

A) Fine. B) No, it's all right, thanks, I'm just looking.

C) Oh, good. I'm so glad to have met you. D) No, that's not necessary.


83. Boss: “What is your opinion about this?”

Employee: “_____________________”

A) I don’t know B) I definitely agree with your arguments.

C) You are crazy. I don’t agree with you. D) I am thinking about it.


84. Caller: “Can I speak to the manager, please?”

Secretary: “______________________”

A) Why can’t you do it? B) This is the manager’s office. Can I help you?

C) Do you really need to do so? D) What do you want?


85. Your business partner: “I’d like you to meet Mr. White.”

You: “____________________”

A) Would you like something to drink?

B) What is your first impression of me?

C) Glad to meet you, Mr. White.

D) Let’s get down to business.

86. Student: "Have you had time to mark my composition?"

Teacher: "____________________________ "

A) Oh, dear, you look awful, what’s the matter with you?

B) Yes, and I do hope you don't mind my saying this but you’ve made one or two tiny mistakes.

C) Yes, it was quite good, and I've underlined the mistakes you've made.

D) Yes, I have.


87. Teacher: Read the passages and match the names with.

Student: ___________________

A) Could you repeat that please? B) What?

C) Slow down! D) What does that mean?


88. Your teacher: “You don’t seem to be making any progress.”

You: “___________________ “

A) Glad to hear it from you. B) Really?

C) Oh! I will work harder. D) It’s your fault!


89. Student 1: “I’ve failed my first exam.”

Student 2: “_________________”

A) That’s your opinion, not mine.

B) I think you should prepare better for the next one.

C) Thank you very much.

D) Think nothing of it.


90. Student: “Can you explain what the problem was with my composition?”

Teacher: “_____________________”

A) No, I can’t. B) Very bad.

C) I do hope you don’t mind my saying this but you’ve had some problems.

D) I’m afraid your handwriting wasn’t very good.


91. Boss: "Do you see what I mean?"

Employee: "_____________________________ "

A) Idon't think so. B) Yes, do, please.

C) Yes, and I don't agree with you. D) Yes, but I'm not sure I quite agree.


92. Nurse: Health Helpline, how can I help you?

Patient: _______________________

A) I don’t know it for sure.

B) Help!

C) I’m not feeling well. I wonder if you might be able to help me.

D) Look here! I need some help.


93. Waiter: “Would you like something to drink?”

Customer: “ ______________________”

A) Can I have a cup of coffee, please? B) You must bring me a cup of coffee.

C) Give me coffee. D) I wonder if I could have a cup of coffee, please.


94. Visitor: ________________________

Local resident: Oh, you can get a bus. Any bus will take you there.

A) I’m looking for Central Station. B) Central Station.

C) Excuse me…How can I get to Central Station, please? D) Where is Central Station?


95. Manager: “His results are of no practical importance”

Subordinate: “________________________”

A) You are quite right. I agree with you. B) His results are the best.

C) Really?

D) You see, we don’t need to carry out any tests of practical importance.


Заполните пропуск:

96. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland consists of_________ .

A)five parts B) three parts

C) four parts D) two parts


97. London is situated on _________________.

A) the Severn B) the Hudson River

C) the Thames D) the Mississippi


98. The Royal family lives in ________________

A) Buckingham Palace B) 10 Downing Street

C) Tower of London D) Westminster Palace


99. The oldest university in Britain is _______________.

A) London B) Cambridge

C) Edinburgh D) Oxford


100. The official residence of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is ______________.

A) Buckingham Palace B) Scotland Yard

C) the West End D) 10 Downing Street


101. The USA consists of 50____ .

A)states B) counties

C) republics D) districts


102. The USA is a federal republic consisting of ___________ states.

A) 52 B) 54

C) 50 D) 48


103. The Library of Congress is situated in ______________.

A) Washington B) London

C) Oxford D) Boston


104. The New York underground is called ______________

A) the tube B) the downland

C) the metro D) the subway


105. The Statue of Liberty stands on an islabd in ______________ Harbour.

A) Washington B) New York

C) Philadelphia D) Boston


106. ______________ is not an American writer.

A) Agatha Christie B) O’Henry

C) Mark Twain D) Salinger


107. French is an official language in_____ .

A)Canada B) New Zealand

C) India D) Sweden


108. The capital of Canada is ____________.

A) Toronto B) Ottawa

C) Montreal D) Quebec

109. Janue Sale and David Pelletier are the Canadian ______________ who won gold medals at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City in 2002.

A) bobsledders B) figure skaters

C) alpine skiers D) hockey-players


110. Canadian native people are _____________

A) British B) French

C) Americans D) Indians



111. Bill Gates is a founder of____ .

A)The Metropolitan Museum B) the largest automobile corporation

C) The Microsoft Corporation D) the first entertainment theme park


112. What was Martin Luther King famous for?

A) He was a bright student and a talented teacher.

B) He was an outstanding military man.

C) He aroused American people to protest against racial discrimination.

D) He was born in Atlanta in a large family.


113. A member of the Beatles who was murdered in the USA is ______________.

A) Stevenson B) Paul Mc Cartney

C) Rowling D) Lennon


114. The Beatles started their career in ______________

A) Birmingham B) London

C) Liverpool D) Oxford


115. Marilyn Monroe was a major US ____________ of the fifties.

A) sportsman B) dancer

C) musician D) movie-star


116. The telephone was invented by ________________

A) Isaac Newton B) Alexander Bell

C) Michael Faraday D) James Watt

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